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Full text of "Green Years : Westwood High School yearbook"

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Westwood Public Library 

668 High Street 
Westwood, MA 02090 


3 3018 00215 0731 



WeitJuiood hiigli ^cJuooi 

200 Nahatan Street 
Westwood, MA 02090 

Green Years 1994 Staff 


Meg Earls 
Kurt Tondorf 
Associate Editors 
Rob Kaufman 
Sushma Komakula 
Eileen Neville 
Matt Turk 

Business Managers 
Beth Lynch 
Carol Wan 
Sports Editors 
P.J. McGrail 
Rebecca Tremble 

Activities Editors 

Patricia Darcy 

Maureen Ittig 

Elizabeth Sullivan 

Senior Activities Editors 

Leanne Little 

Saumya Sharma 

Biography Editors 

Andy Corbett 

Kim Dennis 

Faculty Advisor 

Frances H. Petrakos 

Wow! These fumes are great 


Sammy the Physics Bear 


.« ^ 

"WHS has been an 
enriching and fulfill- 
ing experience that 
has prepared me in 
the best way possible 
for all of my future 
endeavors. However, 
the overall academic 
atmosphere at WHS 
could be further en- 
hanced by the diver- 
sification of the 

This Is The 

Time To 


Meg, they're laughing at you, not with you! 

D wwM cng 





Fast Times 

At Westwood 


Rex Barbiera after finally being recognized 
as a teacher by faculty 

"WHS is a comfortable 
place; things don't 
change a lot from year 
to year. WHS has pro- 
vided me the opportu- 
nity to forge friend- 
ships which will last 
forever; for this I'm 
eternally grateful." 

-Rebecca Tremble 


"I am a chameleon in a 
kingdom of lizards." 

-Brian Moore 

"Ha, Ha! I did it! I 
graduated from high 
school without know- 
ing how to read or 
write. I fooled you all!" 

-Jim Hunter 

"Let me out of this 
desert of strife; I'm a 
bad camel." 


Did you ever know tliat you're my hero? 

Testosterone Night at the school store. 

I cannot create art with you peons breathing 
down my neck. 

Air Maione . . . with non-stop flights to Italy! 


The Times - 

They Are 


It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you look after the game. 

Let's just give peace a chance. 

What's the matter, girls ... no dates? 


Ain't Just 



"I was lost at West- 
wood High School, but 
in the last four years 
I've finally found my 
way. Many of my 
friends have been my 
guides, and experiences 
with them have made a 
path for my future." 

— Irv-Anne Paul 


As 2:15 approached, 
beads of sweat begin to 
accumulate on the fur- 
rowed brows of 
drained and exhausted 
students and teachers 
ahke as all eyes focus 
expectantly on the 
clock. Hark! Is that the 
bell? Yes, the revered 
moment arrives. 
Hordes of students 
swarm towards the 
mecca of after-school 
snacks we fondly call 
The School Store. Re- 
plenished and refreshed 
high schoolers head 
home with another day 
behind them. 

Out Of 

Most pictures say a thousand words, but here only two are necessary: Girls Win. 



Mr. Thomas DelSignore 
Art Director 

Mr. Thomas DelSignore 
honored by Class of 1994 

For the members of the graduating class of 1994, the one thing 
that we all crave and respect, perhaps more now than ever, is 
freedom. In Westwood High over the last four years, our freedom 
to create, our freedom to express ourselves, has sometimes been 
stifled. That is why many of us have cherished the opportunity to 
be students of this individual, this class's Green Years dedication 

Over the course of a staggering thirty-seven year career in the 
Art Department here at Westwood High, this man's own inimitable 
style has always endured and has never conformed. Although he 
will be taking off the smock after the completion of this, his 
farewell year, his presence will forever haunt the corridor outside 
of Room 132 — his infamous stomping grounds. 

Creative freedom hangs like a cloud in that room, a place which 
fosters his principle that each student has artistic potential within, 
and it is simply up to the individual to recognize and exploit it. As 
peerless class artist Pete Cafarella reflects: "He doesn't tell you 
what to draw or how to think.... He believes that while technique 
can be taught, expression must come from inside." At WHS, the 
art student's learning environment is very relaxed, very open, a 
virtual even flow of the pupil's questions and his answers. There 
have been few complaints from either side. 

Even the most ignorant WHS art student could learn a thing or 
two from him, who rarely fails to get his point across and 
frequently finds young men and women in his class who have the 
sole intention of merely filling their dreaded art requirement 
(namely these writers). But that's no problem for our man of 
honor, since he has the uncanny ability to seek out these 
individuals and plaster their faces with various colored acrylics. To 
be successful in baseball, you have to "be the ball." To be 
successful in his art class, you must be the canvas — whether you 
like it or not. 

Perhaps his value to our class does not wholly reside in his 
talents as an art mentor, for he is not only the institutions's resident 
art sage, but also a fine stand-up comedian as well. 

When passing from class to class in the art corridor, the 
anonymous WHS learner could be: a) the recipient of a warm 
greeting; b) the victim of a somewhat kind-hearted verbal lashing; 
or c) chased by a frantic white-haired man yielding either a brush 
or, even worse, a refined carving instrument. 

But in seriousness, he is and has been one of this school's finest 
educators and an even better role model for the students of the 
Class of 1994. His professionalism is unrivaled, his ability as yet 
unmatched, and his wry sense of humor much appreciated. He 
will forever hold a place in all of our palettes, and in our hearts as 

Mr. DelSignore, the Class of 1994 is proud to name you as this 
year's recipient of the Green Years dedication! 

Kurt Tondorf 

Meg Earls 

Green Years Co-Editors 











Directing the school system throughout the year 
is the responsibility of the superintendents and the 
School Committee. Meetings, open to the public, 
are held every other week either at the school 
administration building or at the various schools. 
Garrett Domina, student liaison, and Mr. Donald 
Beurman, Westwood Teachers" Association liaison, 
attended all meetings and represented the interests 
and concerns of WHS students and of the staff. The 
School Committee this year was capably chaired by 
Mrs. Karen Coffey. 

Dr. Robert J. Mon.son 

Mr. Leo Crowe 
Assistant Superintendent 

Mr. Donald Beurman 
Wesn\ood Teachers' Association Liaison 

Garrett Domina 
Student Liaison 

As students, we are fortunate 
that our state allows one of 
us to serve as a liaison to the 
School Committee. Although 
the bi-weekly meetings were 
not always the action- 
packed, virtual-reality type 
thrills our generation has 

grown to love, I still 

managed to find most of 

them quite interesting and 

was happy to see that our 

voice was (usually) heard. 

— Garrett Domina 

Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Mary Feeley, Mrs. Karen Coffey (Chairperson), Back Row: Mrs. Josepha 
Jowdy. Dr. Andrew Onderdonk. Mrs. Anne Christian. 



The Class of 1994 has distinguished itself in many ways during its four years 
in Westwood High School. Academic honors ha\-e been bestowed on many 
members of the class and scholarships totalling in the himdreds of thousands 
of dollars have been conferred. In athletics, the class was instrumental in 
bringing state championships, league championships and individual top 
performances to the school. The class' social events were unifonnly successful 
throughout and their senior week was exceptionally pleasant. 

Perhaps the most common expressions heard relative to the Class of 1994 
referred to their being "good people who enjoyed each other" and were fun 
to work with and teach. This accolade may well be the most important of all. 
indicating as it does the ability of the class members to strive toward a common 
goal and help meet the needs of others. 

It is my sincere wish that this good fortune will follow the members of the 
class in their future activities, both in school and later life. You have 
contributed much to Westwood High School and we all wish you the greatest 
possible success. 

-Phillip F. Flaherty 

Mr. Phillip V. Flaherty 

Principals Of The Year 

L toR: Mr. Charles Flahive. Ma.s.sachu.setts A.ssi.stant Principal of the Yei 
1993 and Mr. Phillip Flaherty Massachu.setts Principal of the Year 199 

From the time you arrived just four short years ago. it was apparent that you 
were a talented class — ready to seize upon the many opportunities available 
at Westwood High School. Challenges in the classroom and the pursuit of 
excellence in all areas became the mission of the entire class. You soon 
excelled in the athletic arena, the performing arts, and in a large number of 
extra-curricular activities. You gave freely of your time and talents — you got 
involved, and displayed a genuine concern for your classmates and commu- 

On a personal note, I sincerely appreciate all the support received from the 
Class of '94 and the friendships built with so many wonderful and gifted 

You are now members of our highly respected alumni! Keep your 
"Westwood Spirit," stay in contact with each other, and maintain your ties with 
this administration and faculty. Best wishes and happiness wherever you go. 

"Age Quod Agus" 

Charles W. Flahive 

Mr. Charles W" Flahive 
Assistant Principal 

Dr. Carol Kerrissey, Director Mrs. Carol AiTnstrong, Counselor Mrs. Mary Levangie, Counselor 

Mr. Thomas Huohes, Counselor 

Mrs. Sheiyl Goodloe, Metco 

Ms. Leigh Hardy, Secretary 


The Guidance Department 

They sit at their desks to guide you, 
If you need help, they'll never turn you 

To college you go, with so much to do. 
The counselors are there just to help you. 

Mrs. Levangie is there to guide you with 

With hopes that you will have a happy 

school year. 
Mrs. Amistrong's the one to meet your 

She's always around, with peer counselors 

on hand. 

She'll give you assistance even when you 

are tardy, 
(If you need a free pass go see Mrs. Hardy.) 
You want a good recommendation go see 

Mr. Hughes, 
Soon from a college you will hear good 


The METCO director is quite a show. 
She's funny, she's sweet, it's Mrs. Goodloe. 
When everyone is busy she's the one you 

•will need, 
Mrs. Bornstein will do you a good deed. 

If you're having trouble she'll be on her 

Dr. Kerrissey 's the one who will save your 

Aren't you glad we have this dynamic crew? 
Without them you surely wouldn't know 

what to do. 


Mrs. Marjorie U. Hall, Secretary 

Mrs. Cassie Macdonald, Secretary- Mrs. Eileen Kallenberg, Secretary 

Stepping foot into this illustrious build- 
ing, the first area one is directed to is the 
CENTRAL OFFICE where the heart and soul 
of Westwood High is run by three power- 
houses, our three secretaries. Here, a stu- 
dent can expect to be greeted with smiles 
and a cheery "Hello!" Their confident man- 
ner and pleasant dispositions entice anyone 
to step into their abode. 

But don't misjudge these secretaries. 

They are not just smiles and pleasant faces. 
These women are strong, efficient workers. 
Mrs. Hall is always seen in her office typing 
away and working hard, but she is never too 
tired to greet anyone walking her way. Mrs. 
Macdonald's skills in handling all those 
administrative affairs cannot be matched by 
anyone else. Also, keeping track of 450 
students is not an easy task! Mrs. Kallenberg, 
what else can I say except, 'Where w^ould 

Mr, Flahive be without you?!" 

We, the class of 1994, would like to 
thank each and every one of you for all that 
yoLi've done for us, for this school, and for 
this community. We will miss those smiles 
and those pleasant faces you always offer, 
no matter how busy or tired you are, Mrs. 
Hall, Mrs. Kallenberg, and Mrs. Macdonald 





"The English De- 
partment has help my 
English skills to be- 
come good." 

— ^Andy Corbett 

"You just haven't 
experienced an En- 
glish class until you 
experience Milan." 

— Kurt Tondorf 

Westwood Higli School's 
English Department, headed by 
Dr. Terrence Earls, consists of a 
group of dedicated and talented 
individuals. These teachers, burn- 
ing to share their passionate love 
of literature and language, suc- 
ceed in helping students better 
understand themselves and the 
world around them. 

These zealous revolutionar- 
ies we call teachers are deter- 
mined to extract creativity from 
students through classes such as 
Creative Writing. Humanities, AP 
English, and Youth in the Twenti- 
eth Century. Along with these 
thought — provoking courses, Oral 
English, Reading, vc:)cabulary tests, 
grammar, lots of writing-all are a 
way of life in the English Depart- 
ment and must be passed if a 
student wishes to don cap and 

Westwood's English Depart- 
ment expects much from its stu- 
dents, and in forcing us to push 
ourselves, has taught us well. We 
extend our sincere thanks for the 
knowledge and skills you have 
given us, which are bound to serve 
us well in years to come. 

Mr. Wavne Chatterton 

Ms. H. Joan Dillon 

Mr.s. Gail Haves 

Mrs. Linda Hanlon 

Mrs. Stephanie Kelsch 

Ms. Elizabetli Mclnryre 

Mr. Michael .Milan 

Mrs. Frances Petrakos 


Mr. Thomas Brown, Chairperson 

Mr. Brendan Dillon 

&)cial (Studies 

The Social Studies Department of 
Westwood High School serves as the 
The outstanding faculty allows its 
students to examine the failures of 
the past in the hope of avoiding 
future repetitions. The leader of this 
mighty force - Mr. Thomas J. Brown 
- stands as a beacon of hope for the 
unenliglitened. Mr. Brown is ably 
assisted by a nun±)er of learned 
scholars, including recent additions 
Mr. Dillon and Mr. Dore, who teach 
the continuing saga of Europe's 
progress from ancient tirnes to recent 
upheavals. Tlie curriculum offers a 
broad spectrum of mind-expanding 
courses for the WHS student in such 
diverse subjects as World Culaires 
and Compitrative Government. Tlie 
key feature of tlie department is tlie 
junior year United States history 
course, which provides a solid back- 
ground on our nation's rise to promi- 
nence amidst a series of divisive 
issues. These faculty members have 
helped us see the past and liave 
prepared us for the future. Look 
upon tiieir faces and be proud. 



"You know you're 
a senior when you 
hear Mr. Brown 
screaming at the new- 
est batch of under- 
classmen in the his- 
tory hallway." 

— Anonymous WHS 
"Mr. Dore doesn't 
just teach — he per- 

— Sushma Komakula 

"~1bh J>f 

Mrs. Nancy Walsh-Saumsiegle 

Mr. Donald Beurman, a member of the Social Studies Department, retired this year. Theresa and Amy say "Good-bye" 
to him at the Senior Class Banquet. 






The dedicated few 
of W.H.S.'s Math De- 
partment have taught 
and many have 

"Math problems 
aren't always as easy 
as 1, 2, 3, but with 
time and effort your 
solution you will see." 
— Ir\'-Anne Paul 

I saw them all at 
Bertucci's one night; 
they really enjoy their 

— Rob Kaufman 

Recent studies indicate tliat math 
youtli. West^'ood Higli. houever. has 
no such problem. Under tlie watchful 
eye of Dep;irtment Cliaimian J;imes 
Pender. X^iUS students learn tlie skills 
that o\hers may sorely lack. From geom- 
etry to calailus, the Math Depiirtment 
challenges iLs students to think iinalyti- 
cxilly and logicxilly. In an age of ad\-anc- 
ing teclinology, our matli friends are on 
tlie aitting edge. Gnapliing calculators 
;ind relevant applications fomi an im- 
portiint part of tlie cTirriailum. Mr. Pender 
is not a one-man gang in prep-aring for 
tlie new century as he receives support 
and assistance fiDm a talented group of 
indi\'iduaLs witli a knack for nunilxrs. 
Tl"iis line faailt\' helps to instill in X^il-IS 
students an affection for math tliat is 
seldom seen. While scanning these 
faces, consider the impact math has on 
all our li\'es and wliat a valuable contri- 
bution tliis departinent lias made. Hope 
you were Irstcning to tliem! 


• - IT 


Mr. James Pender, Chairperson 

-Mr. Richard Hargreaves 

Mr. Edward Baker 

Mrs. Karen Tosca 

MLss Chri.stine Kellev 


We promise you we won't forget our math equations. 


Dr. John Griffin, Chairperson 

Mr. Raymond Kecgan 

Mr. Wavne Relleva 

Mrs. JoAnn Staiti 

Mr. Kevin Burke 

Mr. Peter Gear\' 

"No! Don't throw the eggs 
there!" - Mr. Babiera's Physics 

"Mr. Burke, is tongue rolling 

"Rellava, a toll? You"\e got to 
be kidding!" 

In what other department 
can one attend classes like this? 
None other than SCIENCE! Led 
by Dr. Griffin, the Science De- 
partment at Westwood High pro- 
duces some extraordinary' re- 
sults. In addition to lectures and 
labs, the teachers in the Science 
Department have made science 
come to life. Who can ever 
forget the dissections in Biol- 
ogy, the roller blading in Phys- 
ics, and the explosion of chemi- 
cals in Chemistry? 

These demonstrations 
have shown us how fascinating 
science can be, but the teachers 
of the Science Department have 
also brought science into our 
ever\'day lives. They have taught 
us that science is not merely a 
subject in school, it is a part of 

We, the Class of 1994, 
would like to thank each and 
every one of you for all that 
you've done. You have broad- 
ened our interests and who 
knows, maybe someday one of 
us will be teaching science, 
combining chemicals in a lab, 
or perfomiing heart surgery. This 
year's Senior Class thanks you 
for all that you've taught us, and 
most importantly, all the sup- 
port you've given us. 

Mr. Rex Babiera 

Science teachers do know how to 
ha\e fun — on occasion. 




The most tempting 
part of school is far 
and away the Science 
Department. Fire 
blankets, safety show- 
ers, dangerous chemi- 
cals — with so much 
opportimity, it's no 
wonder that rooms 
catch on fire, teach- 
ers spend the night at 
the school huddled in 
fire blankets, and be- 
sides we learn to 
make poisonous 
candy canes. 

— Courtnev Patterson 



The Foreign Language Department is one through 
which almost every Westwood student passes. The lan- 
guage of love, French, can be experienced here with the 
help of Monsieur Ducheneau, Madame Rice, and Madame 
Chereski; the suave sounds of Spanish are found in the 
classrooms administered by Sehora Perry, Senora Lannon 
and Sehor Nocito; and the classic calls of the Latin tongue 
are controlled by Magistra Tieri. The annual international 
Foods Festival, hosted by the department under the 
guidance of Ms. Hollis Perry', was once again a school 
sensation as hundreds of hungn,' students were drawn to 
the fantastic array of fine foods representing more than a 
dozen cultures. In a world of increasing cultural diversity, 
the foreign language specialists of Westw'ood Fiigh School 
have been more than willing to fill the educational needs 
of the high school student. 

Mrs. Holli.s Perry-, Chairperson 

Ms. Chereski 




"Tlie Foreign Language 
Department is filled with 
cultural diversity and gera- 

— -Joanna Michelson 

"They are ethusiastic and 
devoted to the various cul- 
tures they teach." 

— Sam Jones 

"The Foreign Language 
Department has provided 
us with a good basis for all 
of our future endeavors." 

— Nancy McLaughlin 

Miss .Ann Marie Tieri 

"Please get it right, it's 4'11! 

Mr. William I. Ducheneau 

Mrs. Diane Rice 


6pecial (Services 

Mrs. Susan Bomstein, Chaiiperson Mrs. Carol Rosengarten 




Mrs. Anna Runci 

Mrs. Lorraine Brinton. 

Getting to know one's own 
learning sryie and the best way 
to study are some of the impor- 
tant things that students with 
special needs learn at Westwood 
High School, especially with 
the help of the Special Services 
Department. WHS prides itself 
on an innovative and almost 
fully integrated program in 
which students with special 
needs are placed in courses of 
all levels. Regular and Special 
Education teachers team up in 
many classes to address the 
needs of students. The Special 
Services Department also ad- 
dresses the pyschological and 
physical needs of students, com- 
pleting the care of the student 
as a whole. 



"The Learning Cen- 
ter is like home." 

"Thank God for the 

"The Alternative 
Program gave me sup- 
port when I needed 


Business And 
Industrial Technology 

Once again, not only have the 
Business and Industrial Technology 
Departments successfully prepared 
students for college and careers, but 
they have also provided students with 
the raw skills necessary in today's 
grueling work world . . . like 
"tYPpigN." (Not to mention account- 
ing, business law, economics, draft- 
ing, graphic art, etc.) 

Championed by Chairperson 
Rettman, Mrs. Furber, and Mrs. Dhosi, 
the Business and Industrial Technol- 
ogy Departments pride themselves 
on their fine reputation and skill in 
giving to its students the necessities 
of life in this crazy business-oriented 
wind tunnel we call "the world." 

Physical Education 

An ankle to be taped? New uniforms to be ordered? Or do 
you just want to know how to lose that extra flab on your tush? All 
these and more are in the realm of physical education. 

West\v^ood High — sports mecca that it is — places a high 
demand on its physical education staff. But Athletic Director Dr. 
Joseph Gearon keeps the department running like a finely-oiled 
machine. There is no one among us who has not witnessed first 
hand what this dedicated bunch can do . . . from Jeff's advice on 
how to help your aching shoulder to Dr. Gearon's wisdom in 
hiring coaches. 

Members of the Class of '94 have for two years been denied 
the joys of that sweaty frolic known as "gym class" but that does 
not mean that we are not forever indebted for all the health- 
oriented knowledge and power imparted to us by physical 
education guRis Susan Peters and Paul Tucelli. Thank you, and 
may fitness reign! 


Mr. Lawrence E. Rettman. 

.Mrs. Irene R. 



"t**»* i 

"Wlien I consid- 
ered those invaluable 
life-skills which I have 
accumulated over the 
years, I'd liave to say 
tliat typing with all ten 
fingers rates at the top. 
Thank you, Mrs. 

— Anonymous Senior 

Mrs. Mars- Furber 

Dr. Joseph Gearon, Athletic 

Ms. Susan Peters 

Mr. Paul Tucelli 

Mr. Jeff Baker. Athletic Trainer 


Mr. Thomas DelSignore, Director Mr. James M. Giurleo. Director of 
of Visual Alls Perfomiing Arts 

Visual And 
Performing Arts 

Mrs. Judith DesPres 

Ms. Karen M. Hal 

Wise Men say that the ability to create iirt Ls wliat truly separates man 
from lesser beings — that, and opposable tluimbs. However, while any 
common orangutan can create the "tliumbs up" signal, he is feign to boast 
such achievements as Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award winning pieces, 
a myriad of talented musical groups, or delightfully entertaining plays and 
musicals (altliough he can work wonders with a ball of r^ine). Rather, 
tliese projects are some of the many breathtaking achievements of the 
West^ood High School Visual and Perfomiing Arts Departments. 

Nobly headed by Mr. Thomas DelSignore and Mr. James Giurleo, 
tliese departments valiantly battle to keep artistry alive in this Age of 
Reason. infiLsing in students a passion and penchant for art echoed in 
eirlier centviries in tlie young Beethoven, Shakespeare and Da Vinci. Mrs. 
JudidT DesPres toUs at the kilns, teaching technique and molding st^de so 
tliat a new Michelangelo might emerge; meinwhile, Mrs. Karen Hall 
brings tlie stage and all its wonders to her students, that Broadway will 
someday be fore\er changed by her work here. 

The aspiring artists, sculptors, musicians and actors of Westwood 
Higli thank this dedicated faculty for tlieir guidance and support in aiding 
arts students on dieir endless quest to acl"iie\e dieir fuU artistic potential. 

Mr. Eugene Swezey 



"Mr. Swezey is 
cool . . . but I just 
wonder w^hy he 
gets to have his 
own hidden luxury' 
lounge in the up- 
per media center." 

— Kurt Tondorf 

there's a problem, 
Mr. Sw^eezy is there, 
Rishing to the res- 
cue of anyone in 
media-oriented dis- 
tress. That"s real 

— Eileen Nexille 

Media Center 

Westwood High School has 
been blessed with a wonderful media 
center complete with many and var- 
ied media resources. Mrs. Mary 
Bishop, who oversees the lower me- 
dia center, a tight ship yet is 
always ready to help a student re- 
search a project or find an elusive 
book. Upstairs, Mr. Eugene Swezey, 
who oversees the audio-visual aspect 
of WHS media, is always on hand to 
assist a teacher in operating a VCR, 
changing a burnt-out projector light- 
bulb, or lending a needy student 
some markers. (If you're lucky, he 
may even laminate "it" for you!) 

These fine individuals add a 
whole new dimension to the concept 
of learning. 

Mrs. Mar\- Bishop 



Farewell And Good Luck . . . 

"Not only is there an art in knowing a thing, but also a certain art 
in teaching it." - Cicero 

Five very special teachers retired at the end of this iia\e liad such dedicated and caring teachers. We, 

year: Mr. Donald Beurman, Mr. Thomas DelSignore, the class of 1994. ^vish them good kick, gocjd healtli. 

Mr. Thomas Hughes, Mr. Robert Jackson, and Mrs. and happiness in the years ahead. 
Virginia McCoubrey. WHS was very fortunate to 

High School Social Studies 

English teacher - eight years 

Sei"ved as Senior Class Advisor, 

chess Coach 

Director of Driver Education 

Speakers" Program Coordinator 

President - Westwood Teachers' Association 

31 years as an educator 


Mr. Donald Bcurnian 

Director of Art 

High School Art 

Junior High Art - 17 years 

Photography Club 

Portfolio Independent Study Coordinator 

"In - Residence Professional Sign Painter" 

37 years as an educator 

Mr. Thomas DelSignore 


Thomas More: "Why not be a teacher? You'd be a fine teacher, perhaps even a great one." 

Young Man: "And if I was, who would know it?" 

Thomas More: "You, your pupils, your friends, God. Not a bad public, that!" 

-from A Man for All Seasons 

Mr. Thoma.s Hughes 

High School Guidance Counselor 
Ninth Grade Team Counselor 
TEC Career Night Coordinator 
27 years as an educator 

High School Social Studies 
Junior High Social Studies - 25 years 
Ninth Grade Team 
35 years as an educator 

Mr. Robert lackson 

High School Librarian - 18 years 

Middle School Librarian 

Downey School Librarian 

American Foreign Service Advisor 

German Cultural Exchange Program Coordinator 

20 years as an educator 

Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey 




-,<;g- -■v---^'-.,\--£ -Jt^. 



L to R: Anne Cloherty (Sec), Joyce Wagner 
(Pres.), Mrs. Carol Rosengarten (Advisor), An- 
drew Corbett ( Vice-Pres. ), Carolyn Miner (Treas.\ 

t.:* ■ .'s -■. ' -:;.•:•. A' %■/■ 

38 Waumbeck Street, Dorchest4er 02121 

Dania Axde 
20 Blue Hill Drive 

Jennifer babcock 
16 Cobleigh Street 

Jcmca l.eah f)ai>-araian 
149 Porter Street 

t1u*.4^in 5ayal 
159 Whitewoo'd Road 

Elise Kathleen burgess 
498 Oak Street 

Peter Timothy Cafarella 
147 Forbes Road 

Julie Marie Chiofolo 
4 Briarwood Road, Norfolk 

JefFrey A. Churwin 
100 Brookfield Road 


i\nne [lizabclh Cloherty 
76 Aran Road 

6am T. Cotfev 
391 High Street 

Todd C. Collier 
27 Salisbury Drive 

Dohert. J. Collins 
30 Lancaster Drive 

Dvan J. Collins 
30 Lancaster Drive 

Andrew Diehard Corhelt 
53 Magaletta Drive 

Denise Ann Cullinane 
454 Oal< Street 

There=sa Ann Curran 
407 Gay Street 

ChricsLopher J. DanieLs 
118 Mayfair Drive 



Paliicia Ann Darcy 
78 Wlllard Circle 

Kiriibcilyn Luann Denni*^ 
9 Woodville Street, Roxbury 02119 

Dobert. J. Di&baLo 
145 Cobleigh Street 

Meghan Dolan 
49 Fairview Street 

GarreLl rancell Domina 
95 Fox Hill Street 

Andrew Q. Dore 
7 High Street. So. Easton 02375 

11. Kdward Duffy 
52 Salisbury Drive 

Carolyn Marie Dunn 
34 Pond Plain Road 

Margaret M. EarU 
31 Sterling Road 




James McKenzie Fitzgerald 
1 1 Kingswood Road 

Kathleen Anne Gallagher 
45 Steams Street 

Nichola.*^ Ganson 
193 Gay Street 

Carl Dobert Crelormini 
90 Carroll Avenue 

Darci Ann C^rgone 
755 Alder Road 

Ellen Gorman 
66 Loring Street 

Elizabeth Veronica Guroski 
16 Waldo Way 

Christopher J. Harrington 
1 134 High Street' 

Kevin M. Harrington 
1 14 Gay Street 


CaLhleen Haverty 
117 Sunrise Road 

5enson Ho 
171 Carroll Avenue 

Dyun Hee Hong 
2 Briarwood Drive 

Ellen M. Houlc 
6 Arcadia Road. Norwood 02062 

Jacob Thomas Hou-se 
52 Partridge Drive 

Amy HoTard 
265 Dover Road 

Amily tlo'X'land 
103 High Rock Lane 

James Erik HunLer 
140 Sunrise Road 

Maureen ItUs, 
108 Bay Colony Drive 



Kimberly Jacobson 
8 Sunrise Road 

Joshua L. Jones 
63 Oxford Road 

6amuel E. Jones 
63 Oxford Road 

Ja^cph Jo-x-'d}- 
24 Wellington Drive 

Sean Kane 
14 Spruce Drive 

Doberl Wolf Kaufman 
33 Ridgewood Road 

6u=shnia Komakula 
85 Tamarack Road 

Jean Marie Ladouceur 
61 Glandore Road 

6arah Elinor Lanninc; 
27 Wildwood Drive 




Crika Maria Larch 
257 Alder Road 

Victoria l.ehmann 
107 Hartford Street 

Nicole Heaphy LeVan^ie 
67 Indian Trail, Scituate 02066 

Ronnie Lee Levin^K'^n 
21 Palomino Lane 

Leanne A. Lillle 
211 Forbes Road 

Elizabeth Dipley Lynch 
148 Forbes Road 

Amv Lli7,aLx"lli Mat;nuson 
^118 School Street 

Qaffaeic A. Maione 
39 Porter Street 

Philip A. Malool 
48 Juniper Ridge Road 


Michael Philip Mancuso 
36 Woodridge Road 

Magdala Mar^^eille 
29 Ayles Road. Hyde Park 02136 

Deborah Kellv Martin 
4 1 Westview Terrace 

Jennifer Do?e McDonald 
166 Forbes Road 

Paul J. McGrail 
64 Bayley Street 

David W. McKijvsock 
67 Sterling Road 






Barbara Helene Miller 
116 Sunrise Road 

Carolvn Hilmer Miner 
453 Dover Road 

brian T. Moore 
168 Mill Street 


(Sean P. Mullen 
36 Woodridge Road 

Donald Murphy 
68 Lake Shore Drive 

Cyan Murphy 
93 Colburn Street 

Laurie May Nalhandian 
6 Millbrook Road 

Cara Dachel Nasisi 
687 Gay Street 

Eileen Catherine Neville 
47 Green Hill Road 

Kcllie Ann Noumi 
51 Lull Street 

Amy Kathleen OImicu 
86 Clapboardtree Street 

Paul D. O'Connor 
414 East Street 


Jenifer Dove Pari.? 
34 Woodland Road 

Courtney Elizabeth Patterson 
26 Magaletta Drive 

ir\'-Annc M. Paul 
68 Stanley Street. Boston 02125 

Mark Philbrick 
323 Dover Road 

Rebecca Ann Prout 
50 Spellman Road 

Christophei' ftrian Queally 
135 Arcadia Road 

Eric J. Dainey 
34 Weld Street, W. Roxbury 02132 

Mark Warren Dandlett 
10 Robin Road 

Nathaniel D. Dazza 
63 Woodridge Road 


William Joseph Qiley V 
135 Nahatan Street 

Rcrrin Ann I2obertAon 
25 Hampton Road 

Dosanna Dodriguez 
120 Hemlock Drive 

Peter N. Samioles 
185 Briar Lane 

Jill L. 6antopieLro 
53 Clearwater Drive 

6aumya C. 6harnia 
44 Martha Jones Road 

Fccderic 6haT 
71 Buckboard Lane 

David (Siege 1 
34 York Way 

6hakira tSoberanis 
70 Rockland Street. Roxbury 02119 

Elizabeth AlloTay &peros 
234 Briar Lane 

Christina Marie 6piniello 
132 Church Street 

Michael Stanhope 
6 Ambler Court, Natick 01760 

Ben Stephen Stuart 
290 East Street 

Andre A. Succscun 
377 Oak Street 

Elizabeth V. Sullivan 
334 Weatherbee Drive 

Dennis JamecS Svkes 
44 Lull Street 

Carmen Tille* 
125 Sunrise Road 

Kurl M. Tondorl 
36 Circuit Road 

Debecca C. Tremble 
808 Gay Street 

Matlhew &. Turk 
51 Salisbury Drive 

KeiTY Ann Vogelge-sang 
15 Putting Drive 

Joyce Wagner 
119 Farm Lane 

Carol Me-Lc Wan 
22 Westdale Road 

Doberl b. White Jr. 
55 Rocl<meadow Road 

I^rooke bernadetle Wire 
68 Pine Lane 

Christopher Woodley 
90 Rockmeadow Road 

Photos not available: 

Danielle Coserove 
20 Card Avenue 

Michael Lee 
23 Connors Street 

Corev 6ander;S 
64 Kensington Parkway, Roxbury 02119 

Christine Dae York 
72 Burgess Avenue 

Ian W. Zafft 
25 Parker Street 




# ^ 



w ,.;^^.^; 



A line of fading silhouettes lean against the wall. 
The shadows seem dark, vet look so distinct. 
From where I stand I can see the hands slowly link, 
iw^atch as the silhouettes stand motionless and tall. 

The silhouettes move slowly, hands tightly clasped. 

Their feet in motion with a common desire, 

to light each flame of a neverending fire. 

Yet, I watch their minds circle in ringlets of the past. 


As the silhouettes w^alk on, theiRhadows are slowly fading. 
The shadows turn to dust, the dust to wind and rain. 
And forever there will be memories to reclaim. 
So I w-ill keep w^atching and watching and waiting. 

Anne Cloherty 


^%-g; ^•.•^<K'im 

Rani a AiVde 

It takes a long time to grow an old friend. 
Owie, Ronyea, Renee... curly hair, hyper, 
a smile. .."What was the question?", 
"Purple!", "I love you!", "All righty 
then. "...Likes: Arizona Ice tea, P guys, 
rubber chicken. ..Pet Peeves: troll, 
inlectione, odor. ..Favorite People: Deb, 
Ryun, Liz, Amy, Ellen, Irv, Bobo.. .Where 
Found: Physics parties, Paperama, Rama, 
special appointments, blue bomber. 
Colorguard 1,2; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Safe 
Rides 4; Winterguard 1,2. 

Jenn Babcock 

You look at where you're going and where 
you are and it never makes sense but then 
you look back at where you've been and a 
pattern seems to emerge. 
"What'sgoingon?","Oohhyeh! "...Booga, 
Big-Pida, Big-girl. ..Likes: parties, clubs, 
causing upset, my car... Pet Peeves: san- 
dals with sweat socks... Favorite People: 
Boog, the bathroom crew. . .Where Found: 
Bathroom, parties, D&D's. 
Quebec '91; Cape Cod '90; NHS 3,4; 
Soccer 1 ; Vice-President 3; Student Coun- 
cil 3. 


"I'm not going home the same way I 
came, but I'll see you tomorrow on an- 
other brand new day." 
Likes: cuddling with my bear, sharing 
minds, late nights at D&D, the survivors, 
spoonfulls. Woods Hole, skiing with JJ, 
adventures at Hale, candlelight w/ 
MD... Favorite People: Josh, Meg, Betsy, 
Sarah, Sammy, Mish, AM, CK..."I know 
I'll never lose affection for people and 
things that went before, I know I'll often 
stop and think about them, in my life I 
love you more." Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Baba, Jen, Mish. Love you. 

The difference between persons is not in 
wisdom but in art. 

Elisa, Bourgese..."And your point? ", "If it 
makes you happy"...Likes: art, "princess", 
" Dan Day" , REM, writing, "On my own" , 
real people, S.H.Y.F...Pet Peeves: "Are 
you as smart as?", height w/o being coor- 
dinated, "Do youeat anything?". ..Favorite 
People: Prout, CW, MI, CD, RM, AM, 
SA, and "The get- along gang"... Where 
Found: Roaming the halls, someone's 

Drama 1 ,2,3; Eco 2,3; Chorale 2,3; Unicef 
2,3; pres. Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Pete "Speedi^" 

Once I had this really big mosquito bite 
on my forehead and I scratched it until it 
bled. I had to wipe off the blood, but a 
nice woman whom I wanted to impress 
was standing near the tissue box. I pre- 
tended the blood wasn't there and I said 
"Hello" to her. She offered me a Sprite 
and I began to drink it. Suddenly, because 
of my neglect, blood ran down my nose 
and into my beverage. The woman 
thought I was shot and ran for help. I lost 
the woman and my dignity, and my Sprite 
was pink. Four soft tacos. Bye. 

This had nothing to do with what you 
think, if you ever think at all. 
Good: Sessions, Regal, Pearl Jam, parties, 
late nights, sleeping late, fish, Bahamas, 
Toyotas, Todd, Bud...Ungood: Norfolk, 
driving, watching tv w/ Kim, nothing to 
do, no money, the golf course, party fouls, 
Rexall. . .Where Found: w/ Todd, at Chris', 
in a Toyota, not home... Friends: Lou, 
Chris, Brooke, Kim, Maca, Jean, Todd, 
The Boys... Thanks for a great four years 
everyone!. ..I love you Mom, Dad, Chris 
and Todd! 








' -J 





St. Dilbert was walking one day when up 
staggered a Bozo asking his opinion about 
the king, who had been caught with his 
hand in the exchequer, ought to abdicate 
, be deposed, have his hand cut off, or be 
given a medal. Dilbert said, "You Bozos 
slay me. You pick a king who best repre- 
sents the sum of your own lameness to 
rule you, & then complain because he has 
a big red nose. " While pondering his reply 
the Bozo smelled smoke & realized that 
Dilbert had again placed a lighted match 
between his toes. -R. Hunter 


What lies behind us and what lies before 
us are small matters compared to what lies 
within us. 

Annie, Cloherty, The Woman... Likes: per- 
sonal days with BL, summer of '90, remi- 
niscing, the beach, my outbursts, Packard 
Manse, Anne Rd, hiking with KV, 
CYC.Pet Peeves: Xmas in a cup, posse 
fights, car accidents, Flybys, mopping at 
4:30 am, bumpies with BS, MF...Fav 
people: family, class of '94, The Posse et 
al, StCroixCrew, Peaches, Mr. M, special 
friends... Where Found: Lost on Briar 
Lane, WP, in Lou's basement, with the 
gang...Thanx Mom & Dad & 5. 

Sam Coffeif 

"School is simply an interruption of our 

Rules: No Heroes, no cliches, HOLMES', 
Danson V World, Rye's humor, Pete's 
creations, Sykes' trash, Corby's indiffer- 
ence, Riles is a man, PJ-friend & group- 
THE JEEP-Westwood Lawns- It all be- 
gan w/ Bickerton — Stowe trips- Warner, 
NH- Zip-a-dee-doo-da// Milan. Fluffy. 
Makin' movies- The Bears to Old Man- 
Beaches on Islands, KT: Bad 80's movie.. 
3 on 3. .Jurassic; Truk Niaboc- & Teddy 
football/ eddiebody would have a vedder 
time if ..2 hard, 2 soft, small drink- No, 
for in here. 

Tod{i Cottier 

Life planned out before my birth, nothing 
could I say, had no chance to see myself 
moulded day by day. 
Todd, Fudge.. ."Sessions?", "Yob", "Take 
care ofyourself... Likes: Julie, Road Trips, 
full length mirror, spout, white hots, 
weiner fests, sessions, parties... Hates: Pigs, 
skeeze, school, the system... People: Des 
Moines, Julie, Slugs, T, the two Juniors, 
the Y-crew... Found: Youlden's, Zap's, 
Suave's, Norfolk, not at home. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Dave. 


Life is like a box of chocolates; You never 
know what you're gonna get. 
Corby ... Likes: The Cure, Snapple, Talks 
w/ Sykes ... Pet Peeves: Taco Bell, Green, 
Pete's Hair, Buckner E-3, The Football 
Team, Vedder, Jeep incident ... People: 
The Holmes' - Riles, Ry, Sykes, Kurt, 
Sam, P.J., Hair (Pete) ... World Cup BBQ 
'94, Stowe Trip, Brawl after Bellingham 
game ... Where Found: tennis courts- 
losing, Duetchland! ... Time is but a win- 
dow, death is but a doorway, I'll be back. 


We can find tomorrow what we lost yes- 

Niecey... Strawberry blond... "This 
blows"... Likes: Prom party bus of no 
return. Virgin Islands, my sidekick EL, 
Anne's physics outbursts. New Years at 
Betsy's, HALE, Marshfieldsubs, Wednes- 
day nights. Royal Rumbles, Depressing 
tapes, Junior year. Sneaking in at 5:30 am 
w/ Betsy, VT w/ Russ, New Year's in 
NH...Pet Peeves: WW, KG's tuna, cur- 
few, theatre. ..Fav people: Erika, Amy, 
Meg, Vicki, Katie, Betsy, Russ, JF, CM, 
SL, BM, AC, BL, KV... Where Found: at 
Russ', w/ EL. 


Theresa Curran 

Doubt yourself and you doubt ever\'thing 
you see. Judge yourself and see judges 
everywhere. But if you listen to the sound 
of your voice, you can rise above doubt 
and judgement. And you can see forever. 
Tweet, Twee. ..Memories: 7/10/93, Cape, 
fresh, and soph, yr.w/ Amy, parties, Buck 
w/ M.M., 7/22/93, True friends.. .Pet 
Peeves: U know who U. R, Court, broken 
ankles. ..Fav. People: Nora, Amy OB, 
Katie G., Bathroom crew, Poppy-Girls, - 
Luv U all. 

Soccer l,2,3,Capt. 4; Track l,2,Capt. 
Mom and Dad thanx 4 evervthinEr 143. 


A real friend is one who walks in when the 
rest of the world walks out. 
it might be stale". ..Likes: Sunday runs, 
MB discussions, sunsets, "Pender", 
Packard Manse.. .Pet Peeves: "Pat", D=C, 
hypocrites, 2 mile runs on 2 hours 
sleep. . . Fav. People: TS, AC, BL, KV. . .The 
Gang, P.J., Calc Group, my family 
(Thanks!)... Where Found: in the box, my 
den, out to eat, in the trolley. 
Field Hockey: 1 ,2,3,4; SAB: 4; SHH 3,4; 
NFiS: 3,4; Peer Counselor 4; Yearbook 4. 


Whatever the mind can conceive, the 
body can achieve. 

Kimbo Wiggles, Boss. ..Short, Stacked, 
Caramel, Critical, Direct.. ."You're so stu- 
pid!", "Anyways!". ..Likes: Lexus, Penn, 
Trinidad, Pizza, Dancing.. .Pet Peeves: 
Messed up teeth, body odor, 
sloppiness...Fav People: DT, MG, LG, 
Bugsy, AO, SS, Ponyboy, SK, BL, 
SS2.. .Where Found: on the phone. 
Mem: Jr/Sr Prom 93&94, MASP 93, 2/ 

Thanx to all who were there for me and 
the MASP crew. Mom & Dad et all, I love 
vou. It's been real and I'm outta here. 

Bob biSabato 

Two heads are better than one. 
Bob, Bomb Sabby... long. .."It's too 
high "...Likes: Bad Girl, my woman, food 
stairwells, fingernails, Nelson's, hogs, 
plowing... Pet Peeves: knee problems. 
Hale.. .Favorite People: Jen, Des Moines 
and the slugs. ..Where Found: Not at 
home. Bad Girl, Ann's. 
Football 1,2,34; Baseball 1,2,34; Basket- 
ball 1. 

Meq Do(an 

Happiness is not having what you want 
but wanting what you have. 
Meg, meggie... cackle, late. ..Likes: Florida 
w/ Vikki, Marshfield subs, HALE, Virgin 
Islands, swings & slushes w/ BS, VL, KG, 
candles w/ Jess, Wednesday nights, Jr. 
Year, The prom party bus of no return, 
depressing tapes, Buckmaster, the Cape, 
bagels, Pre-game festivities... Pet Peeves: 
The Westwood Wire, tuna giz...Fav 
People: VL, KG, DC, MP, AH, 
EL. ..Where Found: w/ Vicki, at Denise's 


Garrett Domina 

Ideals and concepts are nothing com- 
pared to freshly baked rice-krispies treats — 
Kevin Arnold. 

I Thank Ms. Toska, Mrs. Kelsch, and 
Milan for your devotion, sincerit)', and 
inspiration; ICEP for your eternal love; 
Becker for your values; Mom and Dad for 
you guidance and unbridled love; Jeff for 
being more than a brother; and finally 
Ben, Chris, Eileen, Kate, and Lindsay for 
your love, support, creativity, and en- 
couragement to love who I am and who 
we have become. 
We dance. What else is there to do? 




Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean 
they're not after you. When I was an 
alien, cukures weren't opinions. I am so 
happy because today I found my friends, 
they're in my head. There is nothing I 
could say that I haven't thought before. 
I'm buried up to my neck in 
contradictionary flies. I'm not like them, 
but I can pretend. I am my own parasite, 
I don't need a host to live. Teenage angst 
has paid off well. I'm a negative creep. I'm 
a negative creep. 


A loser believes in fate; A winner believes 
he makes his own fate by what he does or 
does not do. 

Ted, Duff, Hank.. .Good: Bowl 92, 
Raynham, UNH, Pearl Jam 94, Coach 
Hill, ROTM, Danson bowl, Corby 
Holyfield, Vedder, BC Hoop, ND 
Football... Bad: Heroes, 8-2, Holliston, 
humped backs, 80 cents vouchers. ..Best 
People: Mom and Dad, Lynn, Rob, Boot, 
Shotgun Larry and The Link. 
Footballl-4(Capt), Hoop 2-4(Capt), Golf 

Thanks for everything. Mom and Dad. I 
love you. 

Carotin bunn 

We do not remember days, we remember 

Dunzo, CD. ..Short, cute, funny.. ."OK 
kid", "Loser", "Where do they learn to 
drive?". ..Likes: Sharpei's, Vegas, Disney, 
Pepsi and Z...Pet Peeves: Turtlenecks, 
liars. ..Favorite People: BL, CB, MT, CN, 
EB, DC, CW, Mickey Mouse.. .Where 
Found: Star market, DCs. 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Safe Rides 1,3,4; SAB 
1,2,3,4; Mentors 1,2,3,4; Key Club 4; 
Track 1;UNICEF 2,3. 

"..To know even one life has breathed 
easier because you have lived, this is to 
have succeeded." Emerson 
Peggy, Marge. ..Psalms 25: 3-7. ..Excellent: 
Lunch Bunches, shared minds, trips to 
the water's edge, the written word, 
survivors. ..Whatever: kitchen fires, 
Bigots... The Best: my love and thanks to: 
Jessie, Nev, Matt, Rob, Bill, JD, and 
anyone else who's ever made me stop and 
think... Mom, Dad, Tee, Mike- much 
love and appreciation. .."Keep your eyes 
wide for the chances that won't come 
again." It's been great... 


To live in wonder is to live in happiness 
for the world is what you make of it. Look 
beyond and scale all mountains and walls 
in your path. Dream often and much only 
looking back to benefit the future. Be- 
hold the moment for that is all we have left 
Where Found: Mountain tops, trees, 
Planet Reebok. . . Pet Peeves: slippery rocks, 
glassy water, falling crossbars.. .People: 
Mom & Dad, Bubka, Taz, Quad crew, 
Mags & Miner, Geeka, Amy, Jay & 
Drewba, Tunes, Jones Bros, Tom & Jerry, 
PK & Huge. 

Katie Ga((aqher 

Hear no ill of a friend, nor speak any of an 

Tuna Jiz, Katie-Bobilati..."What up yo!", 
"Can you itch my belly button?". ..Likes: 
The midnight run at the loaf, Davie Way, 
Virgin Islands, driving into the night, I 
love Ed Runs, the War Wagon, Royal 
Rumble of93...Pet Peeves: Getting kicked 
out of the library, mud and rocks, smelly 
plants, Limo vans AKA School 
bus. ..Favorite People: Geeks, Meggie, 
Nise, Vic, Howie, Bets, CM, Hero, JB, 
MC, SC, Just Eric, Mugga, Scotty, DA, 
RS, MP, ST, EG, RF, LR, DL, BV, psycho 
Fitz, Drewba, JH. 



A man of words and not of deeds is like a 
garden full of weeds. 
Hoss V. Danson v. Ganson... Corby being 
stalked. .."What's up Sykomes?"... 
Cafeldmanarella ... SM's impersonations 
... "Okay; I am a Mexican farmer."... 
Salad Boy's crackerstories... Mullen, Hoss 
and PJ's AcaDec, heroism. ..Chess defeats 
at the hands of Pete and Ryan..."3A 

National Honor Society 3,4; Football 4; 
French Honor Society 2,3,4; Jazz Band 
3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; AcaDec 4. 

^ «^ 


Take things day by day. 
Chalemi...Nice, calm, generous. .."Oh 
God", "Whatever". ..Likes: girls, my fam- 
ily, my dog, my car, Italian food, parties, 
cold Brew, sports.. .Pet Peeves: stupidity, 
gossip, annoyingpeople... Favorite People: 
ME, JR, TW, SC, AG, SC, NS, RR, MR, 
Kodzis, Mom, Dad thanx for everything, 
I love you both. Steve and Chris good 
luck in the future... Where Found: 
Raynham, Golf Course, Mac D's Home... 
94 Hockey, #6 E-MASS champs/State 
Finalists; 94 Golf. See ya all. 
Champs I'll always remember you. 


If a man does not keep pace with his 
companions, perhaps it is because he hears 
a different drummer. H.D.T. 
Darci... Funny, weird, generous. ..Likes: 
music, Pearl Jam, reading, movies, 
men. ..Pet Peeves: stupidity, ignorance, 
Westwood, and fiir... Favorite People: PJ 
Love, MB, JC, EG, JB, JP, CH, AM, LG, 
EV, AK, LN, TC, NC... Where Found: 
my house, PJ's house, Cathy's house — 
Thank you for listening. 

Ellen Gorman 

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so 
soon, but that we work so long to begin 

E-L-L-E-N, File, Elbow, Boog, Svellen, 
Big Girl, "I have to go to the bathroom", 
"Sinep", "Ohh Yehh", "I'm having a 
sophomore year flashback", "Oh my 
God ", "hey Big Girl", "No more for me 
Boog". ..Likes: Dunkin Donuts, Friday's, 
Good memories. ..Pet Peeves: Feet, most 
people, attitudes. ..Favorite People: Jen, 
Brenden, CH, JP, KR, NC, TC, AO, 
TM, MB, SK, JJ, Mom, Dad.. .Where 
Found: D&D, Bathroom, not here. 





Fasten your seatbelts. It's going t 
bumpy night. 

Liz, Lizard, Goober, Lizzy Borde 
hair, blue eyes, red glasses... "Oh 
"I'm not going to see hi 
weekend". ..Likes: chocolate cake, 
Arizona Ice Tea, Rubber Chicken, 
seek, food runs, getting lost... Pet 1 
trolls, buses, black ice... Favorite I 
Amy, Rania, Ryun, Deb, EUer 
Bonnie, Darci, Rich. ..Where F 
Rich's, Ryun's, Star. 
Safe Rides 1,4; Unicef 2; Key Glut 

be a 
m all 
my sis, 
1, Irv, 


Chris Harrington 

I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat, 

toil, and tears. 

Chris, Harry.. .tall, blond. .."Look at 

that!". ..Likes: lunch runs, free block, hey 

buddies... Pet Peeves: Detention, Losing, 

teachers... Favorite People: RC, Buddy, 

BM, Claud.. .Where Found: Bergson's pit 


Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3; Track 4; 

Amnesty International 4. 


The trouble with people is not that they 
don't know but that they know so much 
that isn't so. 

Kevin, Suave.. .tall. .."Okay!", "Come on 
over". ..Likes: Cape, parties, late night with 
the boys, summer, weekends, K- 
parties...Pet Peeves: trash, pigs, Ww Wire, 
fights, lies, getting busted. ..Favorite 
People: Des Moines, Slugs, Fam, and 
some others.. .Where Found: At the party, 
Bahamas 94...Thanks M & D. 


There were times we laughed; times we 
cried; time that we didn't know what to 
say, when silence replaced the words. 
Cathy.. . "Nora, whatever happened to your 
boyfriend, Sal?", "The pen is blue, 
guys". ..Likes: parties, friends. ..Pet Peeves: 
Liars, PR's. ..Favorite People: JC, EG, JB, 
JP, NC, TC, DG, NT, CT, AO, KR, CP, 
CH, KS, LL, PC, BL, WR, Mark, Jack, 
Grandma, thanks. Mom, I love you 
always... Where Found: Maggie's, Rome 
w/ JP, Poppyseeds w/ DG. 


Hi 1 

I only V 
and I w 
I want r 
a death 
DA. H 


ter Oh 


m Dr. 

son too! 

like my 
on of 
pizza or 
on you 

i- 1: _ 

' ' 1 

Benni^ Ho 

Iter Computer Compu 
Benny Benny 

-ii Ho Got it frc 

I am a person who gets 
ily. I am not a greedy per. 
.^ant to possess ten billion 
ill be pretty satisfied. I 

riend.-.My definiti 
..Too much liberty for mi 
neat loves' Pizza Give me 

curse will be placed up 
a! Ha! Hee! Hee! 

Ri^un Hee 

Imagination is more important than 

Ryun, Hee-Hee, weirdo, anything & Hee, 
Mom, God, young tree, dork.. .unique, 
weird, crazy, looks very Irish & Swedish, 
longhair..."Don't touch me!", "Porrrque", 
"Grathyas", "Huh?", "Ouch!", 
"What?"... Likes: Friends, Herbie, books, 
COS, Arizona Ice Tea, parties... Pet Peeves: 
flat tires, pot holes, worms.. .Fav People: 

I Deb, Ellen, Liz, Amy, Rania, Irv, 

■■Josh. . .Where Found: parties at my house, 

l^work, dentist. 

I' Ecolibrium 2,3,4; Chess 4. 


To the boots to the saddle to the horse and 

"Geeary"... Likes: horses Barney, Beau, 
MattyWinston etc.. Greyhounds, CU... Pet 
Peeves: trolls, bugs. Rutin's hat... Favorite 
People: DM, RA, RHH, LG, AM, IP, 
JMC, SRS, CH, SD, JT, JW, J.M. & the 
Barnrats, Rowe, Ryun's, Pen 1 5 club, driv- 
ing, BMA rubber chicken, Beaches, cake, 
hiding, Bryan Adams, polo, E.D.& Sherry. 
NHS 3,4;'fHS 2,3,4; UNICEF 2,3; Pow- 
der Puff 4 

Jake House 

Why go slow it you know where you're 

"Can't go hunting without a gun", "Gotta 
pay to play", "Farrellisms", "Irwin one- 
liners". ..Likes: parties, legs, sports, Yan- 
kees, track, passing for a rush, gambling, 
cards, pong with JJ, Spain 92, class with 
Jowdy...Pet Peeves: soccer records, 0-for 
debut coaching sesaon, "random" long 
rides home from Raynham... Where 
Found: sporting events. 
Soccer 1,2, 3(Capt); Baseball l,2,3(Capt); 
Student Advisory Board 3; Legislative 
Council 3; Mentors 3; Newspaper 3,4. 



Once in a while you get shown the light in 
the strangest of places if you look at it 

Ames, BJ, Amfeon, Abamyby, Silly 
Girl. .."Whatever!". ..Likes: 107, red bikes, 
pastafazul, 151, Mom, freakshows, "Rex", 
Q$, Mafia. ..Pet Peeves: Women in com- 
fortable shoes, Sunoco, lies. ..Favorite 
People: Trae, Jen, Raff, Habib, Chris, 
Rob, Ryan, Marisa, Meg, C, Bathroom 
crew.. .Where Found: Jen's, Peaks, out. 
Swimming 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; 
Softball 1,2,3,4-Captain. 

Live your life as an exclamation, not an 

"Word up!"... Likes: rain, platts. Cape butt 
w/ Erika & Katie, Virgin Islands, Royal 
Rumbles, midnight run, Utah w/ Erika, 
Cape signs, Fitzy's late night chats, hot 
muffins, tiny Elvis, oranges... Pet Peeves: 
Passenger 57 w/ Katie, the prom party 
bus. ..Favorite People: Geeka, Katie, Fitz, 
Denise, Meg, Vicki, the Fam. 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3. 

Jim "SvfJeeWater" 

How could I possibly be expected to handle 
school on a day like this. 
Catfish, Slacker.. ."You'll never take me 
alive!", "Rosebud". ..Likes: night swim- 
ming, night basketball, Kenmore Square 
with Bee, ofuation, running from the 
little flower ladies. The Pixies, scraping 
the cement from my teeth, The Stooges, 
cows, sausage. ..Favorite People: Dre, Bee, 
Harry, Bobkauf Amy-May, Nal, my lovely 
senior slave, Spanky, Fishbone boy, The 
Wizard of IZ, MBTA Fascists, Gallant, 
MR. Melryface, Benson S. Ho, I am Kevin 

I made 
don't n 
ably gc 
even th 
Red, ta 
late, da 
diets, b 
pulled c 
video s 
sports 1 
CW, C 
gang. ' 


a big decision a little while i 
-member what it was, which 
)es to show that many tii 
choice can prove to be ess 
ough it often might appear i 

11, relaxed. ..Likes: friends, c 
ncing, sappy movies. ..Pet P 
ad crushes, hair cuts... Reme 
eep curfues: Prom CK Cos. 
Dancing fun waiters ...Fav P 
N, CD, EB and the lunch 
I love/hate my life". 

igo. I 
Ties a 

>ip no 

I don't know whether I'm alive and dream- 
ing or dead and remembering. 
Zelda... "Don't throw it away unless it's 
empty". ..Nice: volleyball-Metro, trucks, 
parties, not working, late nights, Baha- 
mas, Fat-free, TREE, Suave's-Totally 
80's...Bad: facing, party fouls. ..Friends: 
Lou, Julie, Maca, Jean, Chris, Brooke, 
The Boys.. .Where Found: CVS, with my 

Volleyball 1,2,3 Capt. 4; Basketball 1,3. 
I love you Mom & Dad & Brett & Scott. 
Thanks for everything! 

Josh Jones 

CC Sam. ..Soccer: hot meals n' buddy 
Holly's, SwimTeam: wrestle mania n' cake 
lest, Track: Holliston, Kashman, Routhier, 
Win! JLB friends forever. ..Brookline 
"High on a mountain, that's where I'll be, 
down the river, through the stream. 
AJ...rm happy right here, so I just don't 
mind. BC & JJ @ H.S...I have loved: EL, 
VG, MD, NL, MR..."I would if I knew 
Woods Hole. ..Redeemer.. .Bears forever. 


Sam Jones 

"You skate... I skate.. .we skate."(BOD) 
"Even a blind man knows when the sun is 
shining."(GD) J. H. -Thanks for the 
lunches/hockey lessons. L.B.-"I see you 
crying in the sunshine I see you laughing 
in the rain. You can't tell the difference 
between the pleasure and the pain."(JH) 
A.R.-"You've been resting for a while. 
Now I see the thunder and the lightning 
in your smile. "(LH) Peace to my brother, 
JH.WC, AL, AS, ME, BC, Liza, all my 
family, AH, CQ-FP, PM, and all of you. 
It's been fun. Thanks. (M.I) "A day, 
drunk with the nectar of newness. . . " (MA) 

Joseph JoWdi^ 

Beauty lies but a light switch away. 
Joe. ..dark. .."Foul", "'Course ifuh Umps 
are watching me". ..Likes: afterhours, Bowl 
'92, the Parthenon, haircuts, food, yobs, 
DreaDogg...Pet Peeves: Stop Signs, au- 
thority, Holliston, broken up 
lunchbreaks... Favorite People: Mom, 
Dad, Ray, Phalex, The Boys, Jean, The 
Rags, Arcadians, Imposter.. .Where 
Found: Not Found, Arcadia, playing Sega. 
Football l,2,3,capt 4. 
Thanks Family. 


The rebels, they are there. 
Likes: Vlotar, master of the universe, Gama 
Rays, Star Wars, Road trips. Stores, par- 
ties, Larry Bird, 33, All you can eat, late 
nights, the Beast... Pet Peeves: cops, prac- 
tice, Westwood Wire, fights, 
toby... Favorite People: Lindsay, Pal, Roo, 
SB, CS, BM, Hago 13, JM, K,'PS, JJ, ZR, 
KY, Two, Liam Coen, Family... Where 
Found: Pete's or Liam's. 
"These last few lines are dedicated to the 
greatest to ever pick up a ball and put it 
through an iron hoop" 
Hockey 2,3,4. 

Rob Kaufman 

I'd rather be dead than cool. 
Kauf... bitter, angry, and just not 
nice. .."I'm bored", "Leave me 
alone". ..Likes: Nirvana (Kurt Cobain 
lives), the Clash, Pearl Jam, Duke, Fugazi, 
pizza... Pet Peeves: trends, bandwagon- 
jumpers. ..Favorite People: Dew 
crew... Where Found: the Grinder, the 
Orpheum, Newbury comics. 
Amnest}' International 1,2,3,4; Math team 
2,3,4;National Honor Society 3,4; French 
Honor Society 2,3,4; Green Year's Staff 4; 
Ecolibrium 3; Futures Committee 3; 
Mentors 3. 


I knew that one day I would look back on 

my tears and laugh, but I never thought 

that one day I would look back on my 

laughter and cry. 

There's nothing you can do about it, so 

GET OVER IT!...Donuts, tea w/ honey, 

summer NIGHTS. ..Pet Peeves: Mon. , 

whining.. .Where found: Anywhere but 

homc.Fav people: Calc grp. Anything 

Goes, KD, SR, CR. A smile can get you 

far! True? 

MOM, DAD, and SWAP-Thanks for all 

your support and encouragement. I 

couldn't have done this without you. Love 



"The human spirit is stronger than any- 
thing that can happen to it." 
Likes: parties, animals, horse shows, ski- 
ing, quality time, sport utilities. Coffee 
Grinder, sleeping, Kevin's, Zap's, my late 
nights, Winnipesaukee ... Pet Peeves: lack 
of freedom, invasion of privacy, being 
cold... Favorite People: Family, Joe, Jen, 
Chris, Laurie, Brooke, Julie, Kim, The 
Boys, Cindy, Smith, Nelson, Jessie ... 
Where Found: The writing lab. Saddle 
Rowe, Gunstock, sleeping. 



To thine own self be true, and it must 
follow, as night the day, thou canst then 
be talse to any man. 

Memories: candy runs; Fuji Mummas; 
Billy Joel; Duxbury with Tanya, Andy, 
Betsy; Survivors; Spoonfuls; Vermontwith 
BS, TD, CM, MT; Acadia with AH; St. 
Croix; Balderdash; Sugarloaf; BAD; luvies; 
JF; WCC... Favorite People: Family , 
friends, St. Croix crew, Peaches. 
Swim Team 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Tennis 1 , 2, 
3, 4; National Honor Society; French 
Honor Society; Mentors; LoveyouMom, 
Dad, Becca & Amy. 


If I had my life to live over, I'd do it all the 

Geeks ... "Muffins " ... Likes: Utah with 
A.H., Sugarloaf with all of Wesrwood, 
Larch Rd., Davie Way, Virgin Islands, 
Hale, Fitz, Mark, Miner, Meg, walks with 
Betsy, Techno with Vick & John, the 
Cape with the Howlands, my sidekick- 
D.C., Royal Rumbles, Anne's physics 
outbursts, singing with S.L., Marshfield 
subs, laughs with Kate ... Pet Peeves: 
Kate's Tuna . . . Where Found: with Denise 
and the crew. 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3. 


When you hug someone never be the first 
to let go. 

"He wants me", "Did you get those books ", 
"I was just curious" ... Likes: M.H., Taco 
Bell, block parties, PALKA, fly-bys, Hale, 
Swim Team Slumber parties, JFCMizner 
Park, pool posse, Babson (Mackie), junior 
girls. Summer Loving, Solid Gold, the 
trolley, Riles, Bio, Ft. Lauderdale ... Pet 
Peeves: X-mas in a cup, raves in Del Ray, 
el caminos, wait list, bureaus in highway, 
no pass area ... Thanks for everything 
Mom, Dad, Matt, and Jack, I love you. 


You may do foolish things, but do them 
with enthusiasm. Vicki, Vic, V ... loud, 
strange, talkative ... "What's happenin 
brother", ... Pet Peeves: Doc, Tuna Giz, 
being beat up by Mark ... likes: D-man, 
Marshfield Subs, swings, Florida w/ Meg, 
Virgin Islands, the prom party bus of no 
return, Ms. Mac's class, the wall w/ Laurie, 
screaming names in the hall ... Favorite 
People: Meg, Amy, Katie, Denise, Erika .. 
Where Found: with Meg, Burger King. 
Soccer 1-4; B-ball 1-3; Track 2. 


W.R. I will always love you. When all else 
fails try something new. Bonnie, Bo, 
Bonnie Lee, Sarah Lee, Bonnie-Boo ... 
Quiet, short, sweet ... "What?", "No Doc!", 
"Why?", "What happened?"... Likes: par- 
ties, dancing sports, sun, vacation ... Pet 
Peeves: rumors, bad drivers ... Favorite 
People: WR, LL, JL, ML, RL, CD, AM, 
LG, CH, JC, SK, SS, Mickey Mouse ... 
Where Found: Cape Cod, anyplace with 
sun, sand, and drinks with little umbrel- 
las. Mentors 3, 4; Peer Counseling 3, 4; 
Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Girls Ice Hockey 3, 
4; Soccer 1, 3. 


The most completely lost of all days is that 
on which one has not laughed. 
Lou, Big Lou, Grandma... "Lose your- 
self!", "Did you get the books?". ..Likes: 
BC, CYO, laughing, late night in my 
basement, Mitchell's, randomness, ski 
trips, Mandy, Taco Bell, Hale, summer 
93 (thanx Mark!), Yarmouth 93, Fla., 
cruising Mizner, "The Rat", photos. ..Pet 
Peeves: unnecessary uproars, "The bus", 
airline misconnections, posse wars, el 
caminos.. .Fav People: posse, lunch bunch, 
Jr. Girls, et al. 

"I get by w/ a little help from my friends." 
I love you Mom & Dad. 


Once in a while you get shown the hght in 
the strangest of places if you look at it 

Bethie, Lynchie, Bag... "Butum", "It was 
soo funny" ... Likes: 9/28/92, personal 
days w/ AC, AG's bash, summer of '90, 
Packard Manse ... Pet Peeves: VB, JIS, 
PDAs, car accidents, X-mas in a cup ... 
Favorite People: Joe, Peaches, Posse et al, 
St. Croix crew, Erin, Jon-o, Joe S., PJ, Bill 
S., & Jr. girls ... Where Found: w/ Joe, 
playing sports, in the dirger, Babson w/ 
Mackie & LeVang, trolley. 
Softball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Field Hockey 1, 
2, 3, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Thanks Mom & 


I am living my life the best way I know 

Ames, Aim, Pammy, Amy Fisher... blond 
hair, blue eyes ... "Wait, Can I ask you a 
question?", "Can I tell you something?", 
"What are you on?", "Because I'm awe- 
some! ... Likes: chocolate cake, my sis, 
getting lost, BMA ... Pet Peeves: reading 
out loud, trolls, straws ... Favorite People: 
Liz, Rania, Ryun, Deb, Ellen, Irv, Darci, 
Mary, Bonnie ... Where Found: NHD, 
Ryun's, B Mall. 
Safe-Rides 1,4; Unicef 2, 3; Key Club 4. 


"A great flame follows a little spark" 
Bula, Cus, Smartacus, Diego 
Mannacuso...Loose...SeeYa later, out the 
door, Ahh NO!. ..Likes: BK run. Parties, 
Hank, Rage, Pits, sessions. Hale, Baha- 
mas, DesMoines, the Girls, late nights.. .Pet 
Peeves: car accidents, room 111, require- 
ments, morning hockey practice. . . Favorite 
People: Christine, Segal, Zap, Pete, Brent, 
Kano, Guindy, Gundy, Maggs, T...^'Tiere 
Found: with friends, Chris'. 
Hockey 1,2,4, State Champs 1 , 2, EMASS 
Champs 4; Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4. 

And we find at the end of a perfect day the 
soul of a friend we've made. 
Debbie, Deb, Debs, Braugh, Doodles, 
Zeb...Darkhair, green eyes, quiet. .."Geary, 
nice sweater!", "Pammy". ..Likes: naming 
Ryun, jazz, skating, 7\rabic lessons, Pen 
1 5 Club, Physics parties, Casey, hats, COS, 
stalker, chocolate cake, white out.. .Pet 
Peeves: trolls, infections, muck, RC, Chia 
Pet... Favorite People: RA, RH, EH, AM, 
LG, IP. ..Where Found: Ryun's house, on 
the phone, driving with Pammy. 
Colorguard 1 , 2; Key Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Peer 


All the years that have come to pass and all 
the years that shall be, I see here right 
before me. 

Jen, Maca... "Wait!", "Doghouse!". ..Likes: 
Pearl Jam, great minds, sleeping, parties. 
Zap's, Kevin's, latenights, times, GH, the 
Cape.. .Dislikes: lack of freedom, crutches, 
curfew, ugly leg, no money... Favorite 
People: the family. Bob, Jean, Lou, Brooke, 
Julie, Chris, Kim, The Boys, 
Rettman... Where Found: in bed, on the 
court, P.T., missing the party. 
Soccer 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; 
Tennis 1, 2, 3. 

PJ. McGrait 

"The person who said 'Winning isn't ev- 
erything' never won a thing. 
P.J., Saladboy, Pa' Grail. .."Check me 
out"...Memories: banana fights at Packard 
Manse, Senior Skip Day, SM as Walsh, 
our little obsession, G/Danson battles. . .Pet 
Peeves: flirts, liberals, Murph eating ba- 
nanas, pointless committees... Fav People: 
Murph, Sammy, Moose, KT, Corby, Caf 
BL, JH, Riles, Pender, Gelda, NG, Hoss, 
Mitch, Trish, Mom. 
Football 1-4, Track 1-4, Academic Dec. 
4. Thanks to my family and friends. 
Good Luck Class of '94. 



All in all is all we are. 
Dave, Joe Blob. ..Cool. .."Dude", "Pack 
Another".. .Likes: V.T, Wood, D.C, Ben's 
garage. Cape, peaks, blonds, cliffs, CMC, 
Lollapalooza, Kim, Sacaboda, Utah, 
Chavez, Doug, Ford, Tree, Bucky, 
Boogs...Pet Peeves: fat old women, bud 
mud, crashing, death and dismember- 
ment, ME, N.H., the lottery.. .Favorite 
People: L.M, Stu, Donna, F.D, Brick, 
Sac, Dana, Wood, Nancy, F.G, Lisa, 
Doug... Where Found: work, peaks. Hale, 
work, Grossman's, Dana's, Ben's garage. 
Hockey 1, 2, 4. 

Barbara Milter 

It is important that people know what you 
stand for; it is equally important that they 
know what you won't stand for. 
Barb, Babs.. .Brown hair, Blueeyes... Likes: 
snowdays, free blocks w/ Nev, musicals. 
Soccer Dance-Oh What a Night, B.A.C. 
93-94. ..Pet Peeves: Girls Soccer record, 
cliques, 6th block, English... Favorite 
People: Patrick, Sarah, Eileen , T.T., M.R., 
and other various people... Where found: 
School Store, Music Room, Boston w/ 

Soccer 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Mentors; Perform- 
ing Arts 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; FNHS 2, 3, Sec. 


It is better to die on your feet than to live 
on your knees. 

MINER... Memories: Longwood, Ver- 
mont w/ Matt, Betsy, Sarah, Ted; The 
Track Team, Ski Team Belindas, April 
Break '94, U2 Concert, Heather and Mrs. 
Staiti, Late nights & track w/ Jim &Matt, 
The Expression!! Jess, Bets, Franki, and 
Lou &c Ted. Anne's, Betsy's Vick's Amy's 
Leanne's... Where Found: skiing, on the 
mats. ..Pet Peeves: Brown Ford Escort, 
Favorite People: You know who you are. 
Track 1,2,3 Capt 4; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; 
Newspaper 3,4; Thanks Mom, Dad, and 

B'Moore AqqressiOe 

It's better to burn out than to fade away. 
I miss the comfort of being sad. 
B, Joe Namath, odd, pig, very ape, food, 
tank, car stunts, Ms. Piggy, Harri, Goon, 
Rob K., Catfish, Les, V, Grinda runs. 
Stinky, Gallant, Cobain, Homer, the Pit, 
Mount Be, Flowerladies, Hildoskunk, 
dew, flats, Bosstones show, LC, dog, my 
eye, smashing chairs, headaches, freak 
shows, meatless! bandwagoners, trends, 
rednecks, heroesz, Bobby Brady?? society, 
Fugazi, punk, A TV fell on my head and 
I got McDonald's. The end. .bye. 

Sean Mutten 

Without risks you will suffer no defeats. 
But without risks you will win no victo- 

Mull, 50's Boy ..."Whoa Nick!", ... Likes: 
red, BC, lunch wars, Danson v. Ganson ... 
Dares for Jamal ... Pet Peeves: keggers, 
chicken, liberals, Gardner, banchies ... 
Favorite People: friends, family, Reagan, 
Bush ... Where Found: Carlo, Lunenberg, 
crematory w/ Reba, class w/ P.J., Nick 
and Sykes, impersonating teachers. 
Arbitration Council 3,4; Morning An- 
nouncer 4; Harvard Neg. 3,4; Acadec 4. 

Don Murphi^ 

I hope life isn't just one big practical joke, 
because I don' get it. 
Murph, Sassy, Casper ... Funny, tall, slen- 
der ... "guys like to cuddle" ... Likes: Cars, 
women, food, sports ... Pet Peeves: Judg- 
mental people, waking up ... Favorite 
People: Parents, Jess, Sassy, D.C, D.C, 
J.P., J.B., N.C ... Where Found: In Bed, 
driving around, B.K., Parties, Norwood. 
Soccer 1,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. 



The Holmes, Late nights w/ Bill, Pete & 
Sam at Degobah-Warner, NH-Danson's 
gum, B's fish, Riles via Niles-Blowing up 
the Deathstar 1 &2, "Oh No, Hey check 
me out, Did it work guy's? DAM!" AP 
Gov-Nope, ICUZ Pete-Guy's, Navy-Blue 
underwear, The Bear 1&2, Cheese 
Method, To Blajh, Different types of 
glazes, Mandypuppies, The Stowe trip/ 
Panama Corby, team Danson w/ Arch- 
duke Fred of Prussia, Westwood Cons w/ 
the help of Gibertti, Sykes in the Holmes- 
NICK-My godzilla, 1 hard, 2 soft, and a 
small beverage, Delicious!! 


What the heart holds to becomes truth, as 
far as we know truth. 
Lou. .."That's it, you're dead!", "What- 
ever", "You're in the dog house!". ..Likes: 
parties, Bahamas, sleeping, Kevin's, Pearl 
Jam, great minds, being w/JL... Pet Peeves: 
Prom '93, carryingjen's books, no $... Fa- 
vorite People: Mom, Dad^, Al, Julie", 
Brooke, Maca, Chris, Kim, Jean, THE 
BOYS , Ret. . .Where Found: The Elcock's, 
with Al, with friends, Roche's. 
Football Cheerleading 1 , 2, Capt. 3; Soft:- 


The greatest award for doing is the oppor- 
tunity to do more. 

Colicki the Caramel Cookie, 
Caralara...tall, dependable, sincere. ..Que 
pasa? hasta... Likes: Spain-Salamanca '92, 
Cafe Novelty, Gatsby, It's, Dulceneria, 
Choo Choo Cha, clarinet, ballet, black 
vests, flying tires, nap time, never ending 
paths, Santo Domingo, Ace of base. ..Pet 
Peeves: early mornings, C Block.. .Favorite 
People: ML RM, BH, CW, CD, BL, Sol 
& Cyrelle, Thanks M & D. 
Concert & Jazz Band, Chorale, Drama, 
SHH, NHS, Key Club, SAB, Marching 


"Respect has never kept a girl warm on a 
cold night." 

Drop-dead gorgeous, strikingly intelligent 
and devastatingly sexy 

(modest). ..Searching for home, "On 
lighted stage". ..people come and go; Us is 
forever.. .Six words: "Kinda new, kinda 
now, kinda SASSY". ..Good music, good 
company and good coffee is nothing short 
of Paradise. ..To gloat is to waste 
time... "There's always room for j-e-1-1- 
O".. .Never underestimate the powers of a 
green Chevy... Eternal gratitude to the 
forces that made it all worthwhile. ..777. 


It's better to die on your feet than to live 
on your knees. 

Noums, Kel... Likes: MOM, Boston, 
Papa's, Cresent Ridge, E & B Frees, 
WONKEY, There's no T in.. .Pet Peeves: 
car wrecks, telephone poles, 8 am runs w/ 
Dooges, Granma, purple lipstick, Moby 
Dick, the Bish, JO's big mouth, 
claymation... Favorite People: BM, SM, 
GS and all the others who have made me 
me. "Do not the most moving move- 
ments of our lives leave us without words". 
Goodbye and goodluck. 
F. Hockey 2,3,4(Capt.), B. Ball 1,2,4; 
Hockey 3,4; Eco 2,3,4 off.; Judicial Coun- 
cil 3,4(Sec.). 

Amif O'Brien 

The best way to love something is to 
realize it could be lost. 
Ru-Ru,Jina...Fav. People: Amanda, Twee, 
Ru-Ru's, Jina, L.H., Rich, Bathroom 
Gang, Ilg's, all the rest.. .Memories: par- 
ties at OB's, Boca '94, Bahamas '93, New 
Hampshire, Guard, Freshman year with 
Twee, car rides w/ Amanda.. .Pet Peeves: 
liars, players, cool girls gang, ...Where 
Found: At Hark's, 303 Dover.. .Soccer 1, 
2, 3, Capt. 4; Basketball I, 2, 3, Capt. 
4. ..Thanks Dad, Erin and Ilg's 143; I love 
vou Mom!!! 



Everv' man is the architect of his own 
Biff, Oakie. 

Pet Peeves: homework, work. 
Favorite People: N.L., A.D., J.F., M.F., 
D.S., J.T., B.M., Mr. Relleva, Mr. 
Beurman, R.M. 

Where Found: Roche Bros., Police Ex- 
plorers, track, Papa Ginos. 
Cross Country 1, 3, 4, Co-captain 4; 
Track 1 , 2, 4; S.A.D.D. 3, 4; Safe Rides 3, 
4, Co-president 4; Arbitration Council 3, 

Jen Paris 

Say nothing and when asked deny ever)'- 

Jen. .."What's going on tonight?", 
"Anyways", "Yeah whatever". ..Likes: Pink 
Floyd, Whitney Houston, weekends, 
shopping, late night, parties.. .Pet Peeves: 
Women in comfortable shoes, Sunoco, 
People who get into other people's busi- 
ness, getting up early. Gabby bashers, 
v.. .Favorite People: Chris, Gabby, Curtis 
Lowe, the girls, and the rest.. .Where 
Found: work, Chris, around. Thanks 
Mom and Sam. Dad-I love you! 


To be nobody-but-myselt-in a world 
which is doing its best, night and day, to 
make you everybody else-means to fight 
the hardest battle which any human being 
can fight and never stop fighting. 
Court... loquacious... timing with 
LeVangie, wandering around with Le 
Prout, "Isn't that the Aquarium? ", leaving 
in the caravans, 4 years of classes with SM, 
CM, DS. ' 

I do not wish to become immortal through 
not dying, I wish to become immortal 
through not dying. 

You're in denial boneheads you betta rec- 
ognize ain't nothin' but a chicken wing 
can't touch this stop the madness. Likes: 
vanilla ice cream, ceramics, 237, old ladies 
at Brigham's ... Not! Spaghetti Day, se- 
nior year; the Gap and true friends... "You 
are who you are! Don't let anyone tell you 
otherwise", "Don't do anything I would 
do. "...Best luck and success to all my 
classmates. It has been interesting. Stu- 
dent Council L 2, 3, 4; Student Advisor)' 
Board 4; Awareness Club 4; Boston and 
Vicinity Youth Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Irv94. 

Mark Phiibrick 

Hearts and thoughts they fade away. 
Brick.. ."Who flushed the door?", "Sec- 
ond!", "See ya later!" ... Likes: Driving, 
The Cape, relaxin' with friends... Pet 
Peeves: Cheaters ... Favorite People: E.S., 
B.S., P.M., C.W., D.M. and more! ... 
Where found: In the car, the woods, B.S.'s. 

the Prout^ 

"Not fare well. 
But fare forward. Voyagers." 
— T.S. Elliot 

Memories: Neville, Contemplations, 
SHYF, D.C, Tucelli, Fischler, Math 
Team, Fish, Rice, store, Corby, Mao, 
Larkin, Lawton, Milan, Dillon, Kap'n 
Kauf, Factorial, Super Whiz Kid, Phila- 
delphia, Burgess, Pitter-Patter, Hoss, 
Street Rat, Meggies, 50's boy, Annie D, 
Greg, Geofif, Princess, Harvard, fountains, 
Linle Laura, Wan, Bob & Micky, MATT 



May your ventures be fruitful and your 
descendants many, but don't ever take a 
three dollar bill over a penny. Chris, 
Moose, Kwelliee ... tall, cute, chest hair ... 
"Full range of motion", "Yaaa", "You 
guys all pumped for that" ... Likes: kegers, 
women, football, Bahamas, Mobile moose 
... Pet Peeves: losing ball games, car break- 
downs ... Favorite People: PJ,JJ, KH, BD, 
LL, NL, LS, PD ... Where Found: Bed, 
Hale, NH ... Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 
1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Mark Randtett 

There are too many people praying for 
mountains of difficulty to be removed, 
when all they really need is courage to 
climb them. Tune Tuna Tunesbletta 
Rambo... Likes: The Boys, parties, week- 
ends, vacations, Road Trips, D runs. 
Hanging out. Sports. ..Favorite People: 
DM, JJ, JH, MM, CA, KH, TC, MT, 
NR, PS, MK, JF, BS, LL, EL, KV, rest 
know who you are. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Baseball 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Safe Rides 4; Peer 
Counseling 4; Mentors 2, 3, 4. Thanks 
Mom & Dad. 


Veni Vidi Vici. 

Nathan, Elmer, Zappa, B.K., Gorilla 
Boy.. .humungous.. ."Take Care" "yobtaP 
"Seriously" "I just fired Meghan" ... Likes: 
Bud, golf, green wave, weiner fests...Pet 
Peeves: frogs, potholes, spout, Watertown 
parking attendants, poison ivy, 
boinks... Favorite People: Des Moines & 
the Slugs, T, Pippen, Wigmore, Illusion, 
YCrew...Where Found: Ann's, Youlden's, 
Tang Dynasty, Mobile Cigarette. 
Thanks Everyone! 
Hockev 1,2; Baseball 1,2. 

Call me a Holmes or call me Bill, 
A heart)' burger cooked on a Grill, 
Bacon and cheese would taste good too 
Swim like a flagella, Green Mountain, 
Honey, Its a Hogan My fella, Bear Hair, 
Broken chair, I don't care. Yum Apple 
strudels. Navy Blue, The Hood Days 
Foreva will stay. Fluid Boy, I played sports, 
one jeep sur\'ived, losing weight, I have no 
date, I am Han Solo, Bueller Day, 
lefthands; I'll have two chicken soft tacos, 
some nachos, and a small beverage for 
here; oblah-di obla-da life goes on-Blah. 

Kerrie Robertson 

I always knew I'd look back on the bad 
times and laugh. I never knew I'd look 
back on the good times and cry. 
Ker, Fire, Fiss, Jina, Cindy... "Hunny!", 
"Freak", "Big'V", ... Memories: Summer 
90, 93, Eric Tues. nights, Hills house, 
MP, PC; Super 8, Cancun 94... Favorite 
People, Mike, Tonia, Carla, Amy, Bath- 
room Gang, the rest... Pet Peeves: Fakes, 
Players, conon... Where Found: not home. 
Mom and Dad I love you thanx for every- 
thing. Thanx Vangie and Runci. 

Rosanna Rodriguez 

"To be or not to be" "Ser o no ser" 
Rosanna, Chany ... tall, thin, beautiful, 
funny, friendly ... "Oh my God ", "Wow 
boy" ... Likes: shopping, movies, parties, 
TV, being with friends ... Pet Peeves: 
dogs, spinach, bossy people, bad hair days 
... Favorite People: Michelle, Beth, Julie, 
Kerry, Mona ... Where to be Found: 
School, House, McDonalds, Dedham 
Cinema, Emerald Square Mall, Domini- 
can Republic. 



I AM VLOTAR, Master of the Universe. 
Skeet, Pete, ... "They got chiH dogs over 
there", "Take Care", "Huh-Huh" ... Likes: 
broads, keg parties, dip, food, Vid Ex, 
Dave Daster, Beef with mushroom, 
Vltorianism, money. ..Pet Peeves: Woods 
Parties, Gardner, loud girls ... Favorite 
People: Des Moines and the Slugs ... 
Where Found; Chinese Restaurants, 
Greylock, My House. 
Hockey 1 , 3, Capt. 4. 

"Go confidently in the direction of your 
Dreams. Live the lite you've imagined. " 
Memories: Swim Team Sleep-over, Dia- 
logues, Billy Joel, Summer Lovin', Hale, 
Babson runs. Fly bys, Solid Gold, Fairfield, 
Girls' Hockey, Florida w/ L.S., N.L., & 
L.L., Mizner Park, Lunch runs. Lous 
Candle Ceremony, Good times w/ N.L., 
L.S., L.L., B.L.,'a.C., T.S., Jr. & Sr. 
Buddies..."Relax', "hello", "Do you have 
those books?". . .Pet Peeves: Mizner Pick- 
up, THE BELL, Lounge conflicts, SPATS. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Lynn, and Dave. 

Andif Shabo 

If you could see the you that I see when I 
see you seeing me, you'd see yourself so 

Shandy Abo, Shabo, Bo Bo, Carrot-Top 
... hair, being late ... "Huh?", "I wasn't 
paying attention", "neat" ... Likes: music, 
my Jeep, going out to lunch, sipa ... Pet 
Peeves: school, girls with bangs, school, 
curfews, school, haircuts, school, rap ... 
Favorite People: K.H., D.M., D.C., C.W., 
B.S., M.P., E.S., J.G. ... Where Found: 
BS's garage, peaks. 
Ski Team 1,2,3,4. 

Saumi^a Sharma 

A Pessimist sees the difficulty in the op- 
portunity. The optimist, the opportunity 
in the difficulty. 

Simon. ..brown eyes, quiet , friendly ... 
Likes: weekends, Ben & Jerry's, sunsets, 
sports, movies w/ Sush ... Pet Peeves: 
Mondays, country music, surprise quiz- 
zes, conflicts, snobs ... Favorite people: 
{family)^ RT, ME, SK, EN, KD, BL ... 
Where found: tennis courts, auditorium, 
everywhere in school. 
Tennis 1 , 2, 3, 4; DMCB 1 , 2, 3, 4; NHS 
3, 4; FNHS 2, 3, 4; Green Years 4. 

Bets If 

Remember yesterday, dream of tomor- 
row, live for today. 

Bets...VT w/ MT CM TD SL; Sugarloaf; 
Gus; Cruise w/ JP; walks w/ DC; Jr. Yr. 
Stress w/ KV; Swings & Slushes w/ KG 
MD VL; Mark's deep thoughts; Lou's 
basement; candy runs; Duxburyw/ Tanya 
SL AH; Cape signs w/ AH EL; St. Croix 
& Co.; SURVIVORS; D&D's w/ JB; 
Stranded w/ Jess; MINER; Peaches; 
Friends. ..Pet Peeves: My double life; 
Bumpies w/ AC; Tolls at UNH; Driving 
behind TD SL... Where Found: Mack 
Trucks; Anywhere but home ... Thanx 
Mom, Dad, Rhett. 


You can not step twice into the same river, 
for other waters are continually flowing 

Tina, Tien, T..."rm so annoyed", "That's 
random". ..Likes: Sunday runs, vanilla 
cream donuts, MB discussions, 200 
IM...Pet Peeves: D=C, Calculus, busy- 
work, being stuck on a curb... Favorite 
People: Trish, Kerry, Beth, Anne.. .the 
gang, Calc group, Suzy, Katie, Kate, 
family.. .Where found: in the Box, the 
pool, Trish's den, out to eat, in the trolley. 
Swimming 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; SHH 3, 4; 
NHS 3, 4; Peer Counseling 4. 



Ben Stuart 

I've seen fire and I've seen rain. Keep on 
rockin in the tree world. Turned on some 
music to start the day and lost myself in a 
familiar song I closed my eyes and I slipped 
away. One love one heart lets get together 
and feel all right. 

Stu ... long blond hair, crazy, fiin ... "Crank 
It!", "I can't function!", "Let's go for it", 
"ha ha" ... Likes: friends, music, leather 
and lace, red wine, ... Pet Peeves: people 
who don't express ... Favorite People: way 
too many to list. You know who you are. 
I love you all. 


Looking through a pile of garbage for 
some worthless piece of paper that's been 
left there for me to give new meaning to 
my day. 

Dre, Goon...fallguy, conspiracy boy, 
mushroom kids, fat people, my shoes, 
fajitas, DA TANK, Hunters attendance. 
Grease, B. Thunder Boy, Dank, yellow 
slope, flower ladies. Homer, Ilde, Wanna, 
Nal, spoons, grudge matches. Jungle yard. 
Flat tire, vacuuming the walk, Fudgie 
Chair, meat, "I Know", Good, richness, 
Pegleg, Geeko, my pants are green, puppy 
Charlie!, Bucky, mi pelo es Bueno. 


Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs. 
Favorite People: The Posse, Lunch Bunch, 
Junior Pals ... "Where's the need?", "Did 
you get those books? " ... Likes: Florida 
with LL, NL, JS, Billy Joel, Lamda Chi, 
the Rat, photos, dialogues, block part)'. 
Summer '93, Mr. Mitchell's, Ski trips. 
Hale, cruising Mizner, Bio, Fairfield ... 
Pet Peeves: "the bus", el caminos, posse 
fights ... Where Found: Lou's basement, 
Taco Bell. National Honor Society; Ten- 
nis 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Hoss Slakes 

"Teeiiage angst has paid ofifwell, now I'm 
bored and old." 

Drygulch, Feldman, Ganson v. Danson, 
Viewing the Jammers, 4/1 1/94, Perennial 
March Madness, Jurassic and Sirens, The 
Harvard Square Debut, Speed Chess, 
Warner, NH & Stowe, Lunch pieces, 
Danson Bowl '94, Corby's dinner woes, 
Mountain biking. Dunking on Feldman, 
Cobain, Riles, Ralph Finnes, Murph and 
the jeep, Unos, Flannel & Sandals Cakes 
Remember: It's not better to burn out 
than to fade away-three soft shell tacos, 
small Root Beer.-Good Night 

Carmen Ti((es 

When love and skill work together, expect 
a masterpiece. 

Carmello, Miranda ... clean cut, physi- 
cally fit, friendly ... "O.K. Whatever", 
"Hey, what's up?" ... Likes: exercising, 
veges, dancing, rough-housing ... Pet 
Peeves: meat, cellulite, halitosis, bad hair 
days ... Favorite People: Mr. Beurman, 
Doc, Grady, Nan ... Where Found: out- 

Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1,2; Cheerlead- 
ers 1, 2; Ice Hockey 3, 4; Mentors 1, 4; 
Track 4; Dance Committee 4; Tech Crew 
4; "Anything Goes" 4. 


Hey, man, can I have your ticket? — Eddie 

What's with the Danson; Alive: 4/11/94; 
Kurdt C. is a holmes; Sykes vs. Danson; 
Danson vs. Ganson (and his sweaters); 
Restaurant of the Month, especially 
"Piccola"; laughing at Dry Gulch; laugh- 
ing at Pete's hair; laughing at Ted's jokes 
toward the less fortunate; WOSC trip, 
Hanley; I was told that there would be no 
heroes and now I see that I've been lied to; 
Growing up Roche; I had a good stay 
here; but now I'm making a Bell run: 3 
hard, small Pepsi. 



We can do no great things, only small 
things with great love. 
Reebs, Reba... Likes: Boari Blocks, N.J., 
Mitchell's crew, CYO stuff, senior 
planning.. .Pet Peeves: English Subs, last 
minute plans, Bergson's, "Becky turn 
around", Honolulu w/ Joyce, Hilly, In- 
ebriates, sheep; Farewell to all my friends 
who I've loved. Found at: Bergson's, 
Joyce's house. Crematory w/ Sean. 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Student 
Council 3,4-V.P.; Yearbook editor; I hum- 
bly ask pardon of all I have offended, 
harmed, or scandalized by my words. 


Speak not but what may benefit others or 

Mags.. .tall... "No one's ever gonna remem- 
ber the D-S game", "Is it me?", "No way 
Matthew" ... Likes: Brown Paper Pack- 
ages tied up with string, Vermont, Prom 
Weekends... .Pet Peeves: calculus, collar- 
bones, and alliteration ... Favorite People: 
Everyone I've ever lived on the same street 
with, CM., The Boys ... Where found: 
Family Vacations, Fenway Park, Flower 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I, 2, 3, 
Capt. 4; Track 3, 4; Baseball 1; Newspaper 
3, 4; Green Years staff 4. 


A Friend is someone who doesn't have to 
be by your side to be with you forever. 
Ker, Vogel, Lefty.. .Likes: family stuff, Mr. 
Mitchell's, sports, CYO, hiking w/ Anne, 
chats w/ Tina, St. Croix & crew, Jr. yr w/ 
Bets, giggles w/Joyce...Pet Peeves: PDA's, 
lies, D=C, Tolls to UNH, prom Bus of no 
return, hair fights w/ Mark, messages w/ 
Joyce. ..Favorite People: family, the posse, 
locker pals, Calc group, jr. buddies, work 
mates. Peaches... Where Found: D&D's, 
WP, Thanx Mom & Col! Thanx WHS! 
Good luck Class of '94!! 


Life is not meant to be easy, but take heart 
it can be delightful. 

Likes: trip to N.J. w/ R.T, Laughing w/ 
K.V, Tennis, Field Hockey, messages w/ 
K.V, gatherings w/ friends, Mr. Mitchell's 
... Favorite People: Calc. group. Field 
hockey crew, Locker buddies, family, the 
dedicated few ... Pet Peeves: French home 
work, stalkers, Honolulu w/ R.T, busy 
work, waiting ... Where Found: W.P, in 
route to the barn ... Thanks Dad and 
Gate. Good Luck class of '94! 

Caro( Wanstein 

Veni, vidi, vici. 

Wanstein.. .short, stressed, worried, 
...Likes: Cara's parties, Italian food. Ace 
of Base, Madonna, black.. .Pet Peeves: 
IGNORANCE!!!.. .Favorite People: CN, 
MI, BP, CP, BL, CD, EB, SA, EA, PB, 
SC, LD, JM, MS, ET, KO...Where Found: 
Studying in my room. New China Gar- 
den, Frugal Fannies, Spaghetti Freddy's. 
Key Club l,2,3,4(Pres.), NHS 3,4; SHH 
3,4; Drama Club 2,4; Eco 4; UNICEF 
2,3; Safe Rides 4; yearbook 4; Climate 
Comm. 3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Human 
Rights Squad 3. 


Even a mosquito needs a smack on the 
back until it begins to work. 
Whitey...Tall, Skinny. ..Yeea, was up, 
brothaar...Likes: Beer, thegood kind, cape, 
house parties, trucks, hockey, summer, 
late nites, beeramids, systems, bass, 
billabong, food... Pet Peeves: the woods, 
annoying people, Westwood, 
waiting. ..Favorite People: Des Moines, 
The Runs, The Slugs, MI, EG, GM 
t.. .Where Found: my car, Zaps. 
Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4; Golf 4; Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Sis' & everyone else who 
afTected me JM 2. 



Our thoughts are real substance & leave 
their images upon personality, they fill 
our aura w/ beauty or ugliness according 
to our intents & purposes in life. 
"That's It!"... Good: Sleeping, Pearl Jam, 
parties, Spain '92, Zap's, Kevin's, "Oh, 
What a Night", late nights. Regal, 
Bahamas... Ungood: last sips, gym, when 
the party's at my house, fouls, no 
money.. .Friends: Chris, Julie, Lou Maca, 
Kim, Jean, Jen, The Boys. ..Found: in the 
Toyotas, gym, Youlden's. We're all al- 
lowed to dream next time we touch. 

Chris WooMei^ 

Days may come and days may go, but I'll 

remain the same. 

Chris, Wood, Baby Huey ... Friendly, 

sincere ... "Definitely cool", "I don't think 

so" ... Likes: Classic Rock, Working, Fast 

cars. Fast motorcycles ... Pet Peeves: Slow 

cars, having no money ... Where Found: 

In my garage, at work, at Nicks, on my 


Ski Team 1,2,3,4. 


If you worry about the past, you'll never 
see the future. 

Chris, Bjork ... see above ... "That's it, 
you're dead!", "Don't worry about it!" ... 
Good: parties, Mike, Fred, The Bahamas, 
Puppy, concerts, grunge, freaks ... Ungood: 
fighting over ' trust' , scars, fouls . . . Friends: 
Mike, Brooke, Julie, Lou, Maca, Kim, 
Jean, THE BOYS ... Where Am I?: Mike's, 
with my friends. 

Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Capt. 3. Mom, 
thanks for putting up with me. 

It's who ever gets the last laugh pal! 
Hunter runs. Killing my fish. Mother 
jokes. Hey hoy, would you like some 
lobster, laughing girl, I love long week- 
ends, lazy dumb 4-hour Ho, You pot 
bellied whimp. All work and no play 
makes Ian a dull boy. All work and no play 
makes Ian a dull boy. All work and no play 
makes Ian a dull boy, 7\11 work and no play 
makes Ian a dull boy, All work and no play 
makes Ian a dull boy. 



or SurOi 


' Respon 


Question 26: How can 


study, slack, sweat. 

Question 4: Out of all 


lestion Six: If you were 

WestwoodHi^i be imp ro ved? 

slack, sleep 

"^-HS faailty, which 


ked in WHS over a long 


ha, ha, ha, ha, ha 

member would you invite 

weekend, what part of the 

1 . with the loss of the 



to a party and why? 

building would you want to 

class of '94 


a hamster in a cage 

be in and why? 

2. have all classes taught 


the nurse, in case 

by subs 

Question 3: If the 

someone gets hun 


Cafeteria- there's meat 

3. bfing back Joe Flynn 


'stwood High cafeteria 


Babiera- any questions? 


4. mosh pits in the 

could market any food 


Mr. Geary- he has 


Nurse's office- it has a 


product, which one 

cool sweaters 

phone, bed, and 

5. lose the academics 

would it be and why-' 


Mf. Kodzis- he's very 


6. allow students to take 



Ceramics- it's fun 

"physical challenges" 


the "ever-fresh" 


Swezey's room- so I 

rather than tests 

chicken nuggets 

Question Five: It is the year 

can watch all the really 

7. ahh...let me count 



2094— how do you 

good videos 

the ways 

Bavarian delight 




I'd spend my weekend 

8. reinstitute recess 


Latvian three-bean 


Just another Taco Bell 

in the main office- 
doctoring my grades 

Question 113: In fife 


yummy ice cream 


From my grave 

and attendance record. 

words or less, explain 

cones with jimmies- 


An enormous circus 


The school store, so I 

your life as a senior? 

could be called 

tent with clowns. 

could eat all the 

"Jimmy's Jimmies ' 


through very thick 

yummy food and tasty 

1 . The lesser of four evils 


Taco Bell Express 


gunk to my heart's 

2. The fat lady is 


Sloppy Joe 


orK word; condomini- 




meatless steak- 



The chem lab- it has a 

3. fahr\'ergnugen 

the "Wolverine 



stand-up shower that 

4. I feel like a freshman. 



In ruins 

can wash me. 



meat market- we 

5. stress, fun, stress, fun 

got meat 

6. I can't count to five 


How Jen spent her year 


C'mon, guys, no tacklin at this game! 













^8 cuss tf 

1 !AVr,'.'A 








H 1 




Come down with me 
Down by the sea. 

I've got eyes only for you. 

Seniors! Are you paying attention? 

V< h.cli wav to WHS? 

I'm ouiia ihi-i 

Man Turk 
Scholastic Art Award Winner 

Did we catch it? 










S(-'^^°L 11, IS'! 


















Phillip F. Flaherty Receives Dr. Bertram 
H. Holland Award 

PhillipF. Flaherty, Princi- 
pal of Westwood High School, 
is the 1994 recipient of the 
Bertram H. Holland Principal of 
the Year Award. 

Born in Boston, Mr. Flaherty 
graduated from Boston Latin 
School and Boston College. 
After serving in the U.S. Army 
during the Korean War, he re- 
turned and received his Master's 
degree from Boston State Col- 

In April, 1954, Mr. Flaherty- 
signed a teaching contract with 
the Westwood Public School 
System, where he has been 
employed since, as a junior high 
school teacher, high school 
teacher, assistant principal, and 
principal. In June of this year 
he will have completed his for- 
tieth year with the Westwood 
School System. 

In the MSSAA, Mr. Flaherty 
has served as a member and as 
Chairman of the Professional 

Serxices Committee, as a mem- 
ber and as Chairman of the 
Academic Decathlon Commit- 
tee, and as a member of the 
Liaison Committee. He was 
also President of the Associa- 
tion in 1989-90. During his 
presidency, he traveled widely 
throughout the state visiting lo- 
cal neighborhood groups. He 
also made several appearances 
at state house hearings and cer- 
emonies, presenting Association 
viewpoints and positions. 

In the MIAA, Mr. Flaherty has 
served as a member, Vice-Chair- 
man, and currently Chairman of 
the Cross Country and Track 
Committee, and has been a 
member and current Chairman 
of the District "C " Athletic Com- 
mittee for the past several years. 
He also serves as Track and 
Field Representative to the New 
England Council of Secondary 
School Principals' Associations. 

Remarks By Mr. Flaherty At Presentation 
Ceremonies . . . 

One or two comments I think 
are in order. First of all, I am 
particularly pleased to receive 
an award named for Dr. Bertram 
H. Holland. Westwood High 
School has had only three prin- 
cipals since World War II. As a 
matter of fact, seven human 
beings have made up the entire 
administrati\e corps since that 
time. The principal that hired 
me forty years ago was a man 
by the name of Isaiah Chase, 
who passed away only last year. 
He was a very close friend of 
Dr. Holland's. It would have 
given him enormous pleasure 
to know that someone from his 
system has received this award. 

The other thing I would like 
to say is that, if I can be forgiven 
from the vantage point of fortv' 
years in this business, this day 
represents for me one of the 
intangible rewards of a life that 
72 has been in most respects very 

enjoyable, and which I have 
always felt to be constructive. I 
meet people who say, how can 
you stand being in a high school 
with those kids all day? These 
kids are very nice people, as 
many of you know. Unfortu- 
nately, a few of them get bad 
press and all the others wear the 
paint. I have always wanted to 
stay with the kids. I have never 
wanted a job in education away 
from them. 

I would also like you to know 
that I am deeply aware that this 
type of ceremony, as the com- 
missioner indicated, is also a 
symbolic occasion. I would, 
therefore, like to ask all of you 
who are going to the mill every 
morning, the people who make 
public education work, to share 
with me the pleasure that I have 
in accepting this award and to 
allow me to accept it also in 
your name. Thank you. 

Congratulations, Mr. Flaherty, from the 
entire Westwood High community! 

Mr. Flaherty shown receiving the Massachusetts Secondary Sch 
Administrators Association Bertram H. Holland Award from i 
Robert Antonucci, Massachusetts Commissioner of Education 

Having a good time, Victor? 

I think I'm tiiinkin"... 

Just l^arely made it to .school on time. 


- J^f* 


\^:^ ^^ 

— ^. •;?«'. Patwen, 


» r. ■ .;j«» . snMt ■ _-»■ .. 


Megan Ordway (Sec), Heather Liddell (Vice-Pres.), Jessica Chiricotti (Pres.) Victor Serv 
(Treas.), Mr. Edward Baker (Advisor), not shown. 

Shezad Akram 

Shiva Aliabadi 

Nylton Andrade 

Amber Antworth 

Diana Aprea 

Paul Baryski 

Carrie Beaumont 

Sophie Benjamin 

Brendan Cashman 

Dana Cassano 

Donna Cassano 

Kenley Cherenfant 

Jessica Chiricotti 

Randall Clark 

Timothy Close 




Liam Coen 
Shawn Connelly 
Julie Conners 
Mathevv Cox 
Michael Cullinane 


Wesley Davis 
Nichole Deshais 
Farah Digangi 
Linda DOalla 
Mona Diogo 

Anthony Eadie 
Edward Farren 
Michael Federico 
John Flaherty 
Karen Froio 

Jennifer Grady 
Michael Griffin 
Gregory Grokulsky 
Francis Grueter 
Vincent Guerini 


Eric Gunderson 
Gary Gutting 
Lindsay Hatch 
Erica' Hesch 
Kent Hirshberg 

Marge Imbornone 
Sean Kelly 
Nicholas Larkin 
David Layden 
Karen Lepri 



Heather Liddell 

Julie MacQueen 

Maria Maione 

Kerry Malloy 

James Mara 

Leopold Martinez II 

Gregory Mattera 

Jeremy McCann 

Colleen McDermott 

Diane McDonout?h 

David McLaughlin 

Nancy McLaughlin 

Reed McLaughlin 

Ryan Menice 

Erin Mitchell 

Elizabeth MoUoy 

Sarah Molloy 

Natalie Mullen 

Kristine O'Brien 

Rory O'Dea 

Kimberly O'Donnell 

Megan Ordway 

Joseph Paparazzo 

EUzabeth Peavey 

Scott Peck 

Danielle Petrucci 

Ronald Rateau 

Stephen Reissfelder 

Amy Riley 

Christine Riley 





C \ 



E\ e Anderson 

Patricia Baker 

thristopher Barry 

George Clapsis 

Stephanie Connelly 
Suzanne Cosgrove 
Nora Curran 
Marisa Delapa 
Maureen Derle 
Latifa Gordon 

John Guindon 

Mark Masterson 

Kirsten Hillberg 

David Paster 

Luke Johnson 

Karen Petrous 

David Lvnch 

Stephen Prinn 

Lisa Martin 

John Tenofsky 






Dan Riley 
Jennifer Ryan 
Ronald Santiago 
William Scales 
Victor Servello 

Jonathan Small 
Michelle Smiley 
Barbara St. Georges 
Gregory Staiti 
Molly Sweeney 

Michael Tenofsky 
Erin Toner 
William VanGelder 
Daniel Ware 
Edmund White II 

Left to Right: Joanna Micliclson ( Vice-Pres.), Gina Duff (Sec). Anna Piazza (Prcs 
Viciner (Trca.s.). 


Michael Abate 

Priscilla Anderson 

Nedal Awde 

Paul Baker 

Leanna Barucci 

Daniel Belachew 

Sheila Bennett 

Michael Bernazzani 

Eric Bielunis 

Matthew Bolser 

Greg Brown 

John Cain 

Andrea Campbell 

Stephen Carrie 

Katherine Ceron 

Michael Chace 

Anthony Cocivera 

Jeremy Close 

Jeff Coffey 

Rico Coppola 



Alan Crede 
Jessica Delaney 
Allison Dick 
Carmine DiMascio 
Kasev Donovan 

Anne Driscoll 
John Dudley 
Georgina Duff 
Amanda Elk 
Ralph Eugene 

Steven Farren 
William Federico 
Thomas Feeley 
Matthew Ferrantino 
Michael Fine 

Carla Fontecchio 
Cory Fox 
Maggie Frank 
Keatra Fuller 
Thomas Gallagher 

Isaac Galvez 
Katie Galvin 
Lisa Garaffo 
Matthew Gill 
Jessica Giudici 

Britt Greenbaum 
Jaime Griffin 
Kara Griffin 
Tammie Guerra 
Bruce Hannon 



Brian Harrington 

Julie Harrington 

Elizabeth Hennigan 

Geo Hermiston 

Tarleton Hill 

Stephanie Hoban 

Drew Howland 

Seth Hurvitz 

Lama Jarudi 

Sherell Johnson 

Maureen Keyo 

Sarah Larch 

Matthew Larkin 

Sarah Laudon 

Justin Lenzo 

Leslie Levinson 

Allison Libbey 

Scott Liddeil 

Steven Lin 

Annelena Lobb 

Alison Lynch 

Joseph Mancuso 

Jamie Martin 

Joey Mansour 

Courtney McGowan 

Carolyn McIntyTe 
Joanna Michelson 

Mariah Moody 
Kevin Moore 

Brian Morrison 


Geoffrey Morrison 
Sara Morton 
Brian Mullen 
Chris Murphy 
Carla Musto 

Mary Narciso 
Rebecca Nasman 
Nicole Neault 
Kathleen O'Connor 
Joshua Orr 

Nicole Pallai 
Patty Patterson 
Andrea Petrolini 
Anna Piazza 
Edear Pollak 

Paul Queally 
Lisa Radden 
Daniel Ricciato 
Kelly Ristaino 
Rebecca Rizoli 

Chris Robillard 
Marissa Rodgers 
Lindsay Rose 
Celia Rosenberg 
Michelle Ryan 

Marc Sarouphim 
James Scales 
Kate Scales 
Robert Schiavo 
Linda Shea 




Kurt Smilev 

Hassan Smith 

Christopher Springer 

Melvin Steele 

Jay Struzzierv 

Marisa Suescun 

Mike Sullivan 

Greg Susco 

John Taylor 

Drew Thistlethvvaite 

Tracey Tisdale 

Joyce Wan 

David Weiner 


Camille Boyd, Jamie Carrabis,Michae 
Caruso, Kathryn Chambers, Anthon) 
Cocivera,. Sarah Doherty, Mile; 
Eastman, Arthur Ellis, Matthew Foley 
George Ganson, Tricia Jordan 
Lawrence Vail. 


And Now...Sophomore Behaviour.. .At Our Best 


«!. iM -^ 

' § •'#£ 




iii-u M 


The Hands 

Don't forget the crablike 
hands, slithering 
among the keys 

Eyes shut, the downstream 
play of sound lifts away from 
the present, drifts you 

off your feet: too easily let off 
So look: that almost painful 
movement restores the pull, 
incites the head with the heart: 
a tension, as of 

actors at a rehearsal, who move 
this way, that way, on a bare stage, testing 
their diagonals, in common clothes 


Left to Right: Michael (Cal) Collins (I'res). Julie McNeil (Vice-Pres.). Mr Pete 
Gear\- (Adsisor). Judy Evans (Sec. J, Jon Viyler (Treas.). 

Christopher Abbott 

Stephen Agricola 

Laura Aprea 

Erica Barr 

Michelle Barsamian 

Sarah Beigbeder 

Tricia Bishop 

John Buckley 

Eric Burman 

Caragh Butler 

Kevin Cashman 

Fernando Castro 

Kerri Cerullo 

Noble Chiplev 

Alexandra Chiurri 

Lisa Chung 

Emily Clark 

Kris Coffev 

Michael ColUns 

John Crosby 

Amy Dawidowicz 

Rosemarie Decenzo 

Jill DiSabato 

Charles Dolan 



Victoria Dowd 
Kerry Doyle 
Megan Dreher 
Jennifer Driscoll 
Michael Earls 
Judy Evans 

Alena Fabiano 
Derek Fisher 
Marissa Fix 
Marco Fontecchio 
Anthony Foster 
Andrew Fox 

Jennifer Gallagher 
Stephen Gelormini 
Christopher Giannini 
Lisa Gill 

Danielle Greaves 
Tristan Gutner 

Adia Harris 
Akil Harris 
Rachel Hart 
Rebekah Hoch 
Tracey Howard 
Raceel Jarudi 

Gregory Johnson 
Alexander Jowdy 
Eric Kadehjian 
Alfred Kao 
Linda Kelley 
Fahd Khan 

David Kim 
George Laham 
Rebecca Lanning 
Judeth Marseille 
Alexandra Martisauskas 
Mark Massaro 

Ryan McCarthy 
John McDonnell 
Anne McLaughlin 
Julie McNeil 
Todd Miner 
Margaret Molloy 



Katherine Mooney 

Corissa Morales 

James Morrison 

Kevin Mullen 

Khrysti Nazzaro 

Jane Neville 

Jessica O'Connor 

Michael Otto 

Suzy Park 

Robert Petta 

Julie Praino 

Michael Purpura 

Benjamin Reich 

Laryssa Rezendes 

Patricia Riley 

Suzanne Riley 

Jonathan Rodgers 

Matthew Schwartz 

Brian Sheehy 

Megan Sinclair 

Lisa Skehill 

Maureen Sullivan 

Richard Tavares 

Teresa Thompson 

Peter Turk 

Heidi Ullman 

Colin Vogelgesang 

Catherine Wagner 

Sarah Warren 

Carolyn White 

Christina White 

Kurtaya Williams 

Jonathan Wyler 

P/CTTiRES NOrSHOWN; Stephen Butters, Randall <• 
Michael Deluca, Tyson Donald, Christina Gelormin 
Halverson, Robert Horgan, Jayson Howland, V 
Hurlev, Christopher O'Brien, Jabrina Pullum, ; 




VhM song best describes the 
reshman Class? 

I'm a Loser' by Beck " -Corissa 


Creep' by Radio -Brian Sheehy 

The 'Wall' by Pink Floyd - 

arah 'Warren 

Fyou could say one thing to 
[le graduating seniors, what 
."ould you say? 

Take me to the other side! " - 

legan Dreher 

Take me with you!" -Jess 


and don't come back!" - 

rian Sheehy 

What is the best thing about 
being a freshman at WHS? 

"Mr. DelSignore's studio art 

class" -Jess O'Connor 

"You only have three years left!" 


What's the lamest excuse 
you've ever used to cut a 

"My goldfish died." -Todd Miner 
"They wouldn't let me into first 
lunch, so I had to go to second." 
-Jess O'Connor 

"I fell asleep in the lounge! " - 
Meg Sinclair 

If the freshman class was a food, 
what would it be? Why? 

"Anything but cafeteria fcxxl" -Cal 

"Spicy wookchuck soup, IxxxiLLsewe're 
funny and spicy!" -Greg Johnson 
"Monkey brains. We were .smart be- 
fore we were brought here and tlien 
our minds v^-ere .sucked out!" -Brian 

What was your worst fresh- 
man experience? 
"When someone said I hate it!" 
-Kris Coffey 

"Finding out that I've been in 
school all this time!" -Todd Miner 
"Finding my way around this 
idiotic labr\'nth of a school!" - 
Brian Sheehy 

If the freshman class were an ani- 
mal what would it be? "Why? 

"Tlu* ostrich, it can bun' iLs 
head in the .sand." -Tcxld Miner 
"We dont need to add another animal 
to the grade, we have enough!" - 
Corissa Morales 

Describe your freshman life 
in one sentence or phrase. 

"I love it! '" -Kris Coffey 



""Very long, very hard, very fun! " 

-John Buckley 

Matt, I lo\e voiir head! 

Hi,. Mom! 

i- 1i 



^ >.t 






KflHL. >s. j^^^B 

^k^ '^^ 9^^^1 





tfie<z^un^, 6^ 
finactcce C^ t^ 4e^ 
^ it. 


The first event of the year in which our 
school spirit was really shown was Hallow- 
een! Students, faculty and staff arrived to 
school arrayed in a variety of costumes - or 
were they? - and the fun began. Who could 
concentrate in class when a neighbor might 
have been a dragon or a fireman? Or even 
if one's teacher was a witch? Each class, in 
adding to the festivities, decorated a wing 
in the building - naturally the Class of 1994 
was declared the winner of having the best 
corridor! That night the fun really began at 
the Halloween Dance, where costumers 
and "normal" people danced, socialized, 
ate and generally had a good time. 

Fall festivities picked up 
momentum with the arrival of 
the first pep rally and election 
of the Homecoming Court. MC 
Rebecca Tremble, with the as- 
sistance of Amy Rowland, Ted 
Duffy, and Joe Jowdy, intro- 
duced captains of the fall sports. 
The Homecoming Court, an- 
nounced at the end of the pep 
rally, made its formal appear- 
ance the following day at the 
Homecoming Game. 

Pep Rally 


Senior Homecoming Court (L to R): Ann Cloherty, Queen Betsy Speros, Amy Howland. 
Jennifer McDonald 

Homecoming King Nathaniel Razza and Jen McDonald 

Queen Betsy Speros and her dad 



Everyone participated during 
Green Pride Week. Students and 
faculty showed their "pride" by 
participating in all kinds of "un- 
usual" days, such as Pajama Day, 
Hippy Day and Clash Day. Natu- 
rally, the Class of 1994 showed the 
most pride and enthusiasm. After 
all, after four years of practice, we 
were experts at this. 



The Winter Semi-Formal was 
again held in December, under the 
sponsorship of the Senior Class. 
Students from all grades attended, 
had an enchanting holiday-time, 
and danced the evening away to 
the sound of popular dance music 
and, on occasion, to slow romantic 
niimi:)ers. The atmosphere was en- 
hanced by the holiday finery of all 
and by the winter wonderland 
decorations. Thank you, SenicM" 
Class, for a magical evening. 


Mr. WHS 

Karaoke! Karaoke, witli a 
Hawaiian tlieme and spoasoa*d 
b>' Saident Council, took place 
on a blustery March evening - a 
relief after the long, cold winter. 
SaidenLs signed up as singles or 
groups and perfonned to tlieir 
hearts' content. Great talent at 
WHS! Culminating the evening 
was a diince, where saidenLs 
expended tlieir energies to great 
DJ mu,sic. 

As part of Spring Fling Week, 
sponsored by Student Council, 
tlie Ml-. WHS competition was 
held on an April Frickiy evening. 
This was the culmiriiiting event 
after a week of Color Wars, 
volleyball tournaments, and a 
faculty and saident basketball 
competition. Christopher 
Queally was crowned Mr. WHS 
1994. Congraailations, Chris. 
Other participants included Jim 
Fitzgerald, Peter Cafarella and 
Chris Daniels. 

Beyond the classroom . . . 



Handicapped Puppet program for elementary students 

Social Issues speakers sponsored by Student Advisory Board 


Beyond the classroom . . . 

Special jk^^ , .#iji ifca^ 
Activities S^^'v'^^-,,., „^v 

Foreign Language Department Annual Multi 
culairal Food Fair 

Roxbury Shakespearean Actors performing with SfJWS students 

Carmen, sponsored by Foreign Language Dept., assisted by WHS students 

Black Histor>' Week events 




















"%t_ r-^J^^H 

The Heidi ChpgfnicleS 

by Wendy WaSSerUein 
DecewteP I & 4, IgsS 

April 7, 8 & 9, 1994 



The Lip Sync, sponsored by the 
Student Council, was revived this 
year with great success. Playing to 
a full house, the acts w^ere cheered 
and applauded. MC'ed by Amy 
Howland and Sean Kelly, the audi- 
ence voiced its decisions. First place 
went to The Girls, second place to 
The Survivors, and third place to 
Girls Like to Ha\'e Fun. 

The Girls 

Girls Like to Have Fun 



TTie Sun. Ivors 

The orchestra and band, under 
the direction of Mr. James Guirleo, 
performed at a variety of school 
functions. In addition to winter 
and spring concerts and musical 
productions, the band or orchestra 
was seen performing at the pep 
rallies, the Senior Class Banquet, 
Senior Awards Night, and at gradu- 
ation. Thanks to Mr. Guirleo for his 
time, energy and dedication. He 
has kept the spirit of green pride 
alive in all of us. 




Legislative Council 

In its second year of exist- 
ence, our Legislative Council 
was able to get in gear and 
accomplish much of v\hat it was 
created to do. As a board made 
up of members of all the com- 
munity, it is an important branch 
of our government in which 
proposals are presented and 
policies are created. Such top- 
ics tackled this year included 

the \X^S Cheating Policy and 
the attendance policy for as- 
semblies. We also sponsored 
two community meetings, re- 
garding the Social Awareness 
Week issues in December and 
the cheating policy in the spring. 
As the Council continues to grow 
and realize its potential, we wish 
it well for its future accomplish- 

Front Row (L to R): .Mrs. Holli.s Perrs'. Kelly Ri.stiin<) (Set.), Garrett Domina 
.McKlenitor). .Mi>. .\anty Walsh-Sauniiiegle (Q>McxJerator)Seco>K/J?OM'; Anna PL 
Sarah .Molloy, Jennifer Ryan. Qirolyn Dunn. Tricia I>arty. Joyce V;agner.Jes.sica Chir 
TliirdRou': Kerry Dc )yle. Aniancki Elk. Suzy Park. George Laham. Chris.s\- Riley, I>an I 
.Miss Christine Kelly. Irv-Anne Paul Fourth Row: .Mrs. Frances Petrakos, .Mrs. Marjorie 
Mrs. Ann Matte.son. Mrs. Marv Furber. Sashma Komakula, Mr. Brendan Dillon. 

Judicial Council 

The Judicial Council has been 
in existence for the past two 
years. The board was formed as 
the judiciary branch of the 
school's governance structure. 
We oversee discrepancies be- 
tween either students or stu- 
dents versus faculty adminis- 
tration. During the past year we 
had a few cases brought before 
the board that ranged from is- 
sues dealing with conduct to 
that of school policy. We try our 
best to be fair to everyone and 

see that justice is serx-ed. But 
not always is everyone pleased 
with our decision. If anyone is 
interested in seeing justice 
served fairly, wants to be on a 
board that maintains stability 
and a productive environment 
for all, and can keep an oath of 
confidentiality then the Judicial 
Council is the board to be on. 
We had a great year and we 
wish next year's board the best 
of luck. 

Executive Branch 

The Executive Branch of 
Westwood High School con- 
sists of the Principal and the 
Assistant Principal who exer- 
cise the powers to assume the 
responsibilities, including dis- 
ciplinary actions, normally as- 
sociate with their respective 
positions and outlined in their 
respective job descriptions. The 
Principal is considered to be the 

Chief Executive, and imple- 
ments the policies and rules of 
the School Committee, the Cen- 
tral Administration, the Legisla- 
tive Council, and the decisions 
of the Judicial Council. The Chief 
Executive also has the power to 
amend any decision or policy 
that he deems to be unreason- 
able or inconsistent with the 
Constitution's policies. 

Front Row (L to R): Cathy Ha\erty. Kim Dennis (co-chair). .Mr. Dore (co-ct 
Kellie Noumi. Karen Lepri. Second Row: Mr. Har\'ey Fischler. Mrs. Irene Dl 

Nancy McLaughlin, Jamie .Martin. Brian Sheehy. Mrs. Karen Tosca. Mrs. Judith 

Mr. Phillip Flaherty^ 

Mr. Charles Fiahi\e 
Assistant Principal 



Front Row (L toR): Ms. BetU' Mcintyre, Mr. Ray Kodzxs Back Row: Lindsay 
Rose, Stephanie Connelly. Magda Marseilles. 

Elections And 
Nominations Committee 

The Elections and Nomina- 
tions Committee is in charge of 
organizing and holding elec- 
tions and nominations for 
sophomores and juniors in the 
spring, and for freshmen in the 

Each year the committee re- 
views the elections process and 
makes any changes or improve- 
ments deemed necessary. The 

committee writes up questions 
for candidates to answer anony- 
mously, collects nomination 
sheets, and puts together the 
ballot. The committee also sets 
up and works the polls on elec- 
tion day as well as tallying the 
votes. The committee is instru- 
mental in ensuring fair elec- 
tions with equal opportunity 
given to all. 

School Climate 

Front Row (L to R): Ms. Susan Peters. Mrs. Bettys Clement Back Row: Ms. 

Betty Mcintyre, Carol Wan. Jaime Griffin. Mrs. Lorraine Brinton 

The School Climate 
Committee's mission is to ad- 
dress issues which concern the 
school community. Under the 
direction of Ms. Susan Peters, 
this committee met weekly in 
order to discuss ideas as to how 
to improve the climate at WHS. 
This year the committee chose 

to focus on the celebration of 
cultLiral diversity yet understand- 
ing and appreciating the unique- 
ness of individuals and various 
ethnic groups. The committee 
prepared a map, which was on 
display in the art corridor, that 
showed the diversity' of the 
school communirv'. 

Mr. Thomas Brown 

Jill Santopietro 

Arbitration Council 

Tlie Arbitration CouncU, fomied 
last year, was again a large and 
influential West^'ood High School 
organization. Led by co-mcxiera- 
tors, Mr. Thomas Brown and Jill 
Santopietro, die council was caOed 
by the administration on a number 
of occasions to resolve potentially 
volatile disputes. Meetings held 
every week prepared die students 
and tiiught diem how to udlize 
leamed and acquired negotiation 
skills for quick and fair agreements. 
Surprisingly io mam" meml">er, stu- 
dents and facTilty , diese ,skilJs proved 

successful in a number of arbitra- 
tions. The Arbitration Council has 
teen, widiout a doubt, a great 
addition to our goxemance system 
and is certainly teacliing its mem- 
l:>ers negotiations skills diey will 
use in and outside of their high 
sch(X)l years. 

Odier members of die council 
included the following; Vincent 
Guerini, Jessic^a Guidici. kitifa Gor- 
don, Laniii Jaaidi, Headier LiddeU, 
Lisa Martin. Daniel Riley, Jonadion 
Small, Gregory Staiti, and Michael 
Tenofsk>'. 205 

Green Years 1994 

Our 1994 Green years 
stands as a testament to our 
four years at Westwood Higli 
School. Depicting the various 
activities our class has partici- 
pated in. from the fall of 1990, 
to the formal graduation pho- 
tos, the yearbook strove to 
best represent these years of 
change. The 1994 Green Years 
staff debated whether or not 
to name the book, but finally 
decided against it, as we felt 
the phrase we already had, 
"Green Years," accurately re- 
flected this period of youth 
and energy we were attempt- 
ing to illustrate. 

Producing the yearbook 
was a more arduous task than 
any of us had expected. From 
long afternoons after the 2:15 
bell had rung, chosing pic- 
tures, drawing layouts, and 
writing copy, to the occasional 
yearbook session at our homes, 
the staff worked with the in- 
spiration of the final product 

never far from mind, and as 
time passed, we began to see 
our memories emerge as pic- 
tures, laid out on the com- 
pleted pages. 

The 1994 Green Years staff, 
and indeed the rest of the 
school remain in a debt of 
graditude to Mrs. Frances 
Petrakos for her constant dedi- 
cation, devotion, and sacrifice 
to the time-demanding year- 
book. The hours Mrs. Petrakos 
logged throughout the year 
and into the summer are both 
countless, and invaluable, as 
without her the book never 
would have come together. 
We must also thank Mr. Flahive 
for often lending a helping 

The completed yearbook 
has frozen us in time the way 
we were in 1994, and no mat- 
ter where we go or who we 
become, "Green Years," will 
never allow us to lose touch 
with who we were. 


Meg Earl.s and Kurt Tcjndorf 


Editors with Advisor 

Mrs. Frances H. Petrakos 

Associate Editors 

Rob Kaufman, Eileen Neville, Siishma Komakula and Matt Turk 

Green Years Staff 


Biography Editors 

Kim Dennis and Andy Corbett 

Business Managers 

Beth Lvnch and Carol Wan 


! -) .* : . rtw'^ 



^^&. "^ -A 9I^^^E.^^P9 

"^Mr ^^j^tfL 


^Hg^ -^— _^5^^,^^lJJ 

r~««;*:?x^j^:i4., ,,i.- 

J, /^^' C « i9l'^9 


Sports Editors 

Rebecca Tremble and P.). McGrail 

Activites Editors 

Tricia Darcy, Maureen Ittig and Liz Sullivan 

Senior Staff Members 

Saumya Sharma and Lcanne Little 

Underclassman Staff Members 

Shiva Aliabadi, Annelena Lobb and Joanna Michelson. Missing: Sarah Molloy 


^«..-> ,' 


Honor Society 

"National Honor society fever-catch 
it. " With a firm motto in place for the 
1993-94 NHS campaign, officers Kurt 
Tondorf, Sushma Komakula, Kerry 
Vogelgesang and Liz Sullivan led one 
of the largest chapters in Westwood 
High histon,' into the community- ser- 
vice saga. All members participated in 
either the Mass. Hospital School ser- 
vice program or the high school's own 
Extended Day child care center, through 
which each student logged close to 
thirty hours of mandatory service to 
the community. Thanks to the annual 
dinner banquet at the onset of the year. 

these otherwise strenuous acti\ities 
were made easier, seeing as we were 
well-fed and ready to go. We aLso 
raised a lot of money, thanks to our 
natural talent for washing cars. The 
year ended with a wonderful ceremony 
honoring retiring faculty members Mr. 
Eugene Tinory and Mrs. Virginia 
McCoubrey, who were both granted 
the society's Gold Rose, commemorat- 
ing their leadership, service and char- 
acter. Good luck to next year's mem- 
bers and. of course, many thanks to 
Miss Dillon, our long-time ad\isor and 

Front Roiv (L to R): Hileen NcmUc. Keny \ < igelgesang ( Sec. i. Sushma K< .1 ; ; i .] 
(Vice-Pres.), Kurt Tondort ( Pres. ), Liz Sulli\an (Treas.), Meg Earls5^coMrf/foM'.-J()\ce 
VC'agner, Anne Cloherrs. Kim Dennis, Cara .Nasisi. Qirol Wan, Patricia Darcy, Tina 
Spiniello, Jill Santopietro TTbirrf/foti': Rob Kaufnun. Courtney Patterson. Barliara 
Miller. Ellen Houle. Saumy.i Shamia. Garrett Domina, Sarah Lanning, H. Joan 
Dillon (Ad\i.sor) Fourth Row. Nicole Le\angie. Beck\- Prout. Jen Balxock. San^ 
Coffe\ . Peter Cafarella. .\nd\ Corl^en. Nick Gaason. 

Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey, speaker and honoretl by NHS, is introduced 
by Sushma Komakula, Vice-President 

Mr, Eugene Tinory is honored by NHS 

Kurt Tondorf, president, addressing parents and guests 

Mr. Flaherty presenting certificates to junior inductees 


Front Row (L to R) . Kim Dennis, Anne cloherty (Vice-Pres. /Treasurer), Cara 
Nasis (Pres.), Tina Spiniello (Secr./Historian), Patricia Darcy. Second Row (L 
toR): Jen Ryan, Karen Lepri, Marisa Suescun, Carol Wan, Mike Tenofsky, Anna 
Piazza. Third Row (L to R): Ali Lynch, Maureen Keyo, Courtney McGowans, 
Ion Small, Greg ,Staiti, Wes Davis, Dianne McDonough, Mrs. Hoilis Perry 
(Advisor), Leanne Little, Garrett Domina, Beth Molloy. 

Sociedad Honoraria 

The Spanish Honor Society 
promotes the understanding and 
appreciation of the Spanish lan- 
guage. Members are chosen be- 
cause of their high academic 
performance in Spanish. This 
year one of the activities in- 
cluded selling Buena Suerte 
Grams to wish students good 

luck on their midterms. The 
society helped to organize the 
language contest during culture 
week. Members also volun- 
teered to help in the cafeteria by 
selling ice cream while practic- 
ing their conversational Span- 

Cara Nasisi (President) and others observe induction ceremony 

Reception at induction assisted by Mrs. Hoilis Perry 

Mrs. Sheryl Goodloe, guest speaker 

New sophomore and junior inductees 


Societe Honorare 
De Francais 

Bonjour! Comment allez- 
veous? Tres bien, j'espere. The 
language de Francais is more 
than just a couple of words 
strung together. It is the founda- 
tion for learning an entirely dif- 
ferent culture, an entirely differ- 
ent way of life. The French 
Honor Society was established 
to strengthen this foundation. 
This year, the Society had a 
combined food feast with the 

Spanish Honor Society present- 
ing various dishes such as Span- 
ish rice, Arroz con polio, and 
many French desserts such as 
Tartes aux Fruits. All of this 
could not have been done with- 
out the help of our "conseillere 
Fidele," Mrs. Diane Rice. Thanks 
for all your help and enthusi- 
asm, Mrs. Rice. On vous souhaite 
tous du bonheur a I'avenir! 

Front Row (L to R): Saumya Sharnia (Treas.). Rob Kaufman (Vice-Pres), 
Sushnia Koniakuls (Pres). Barbara Miller (Sec). Mrs. Diane Rice (Advi.scjr) 
SecondRow: Lama Jamdi, Bonnie Le\ inson. Hileen .Neville. Becky Prout. Shiva 
Aliabadi. Ellen Houle, Bill Scales rfc»'rrfi?OMV Sarah Lanning, Liz Sullivan, Joyce 
Wagner. Dave Weiner, Matt Gill. Sarah .\Iolloy Fourth Row: Nick Ganson. 
Dave McLaughlin, Marc Sarouphim. 

President Sushma Komakula welcomes guest.s and new inductees 

iBM > Vf- '.• ^,,l .f ir 1. ^ 

« H 

New inductees 

Eileen Neville and Liz Sullivan confirm register of new inductees 


Front Row (L toR): Mrs. Gail Hayes (Ad\i,sor). Rebecai Tremble ( Vice-Pres. ). Amy 
'Rowland (President), Liz Sulli\an (Treasurer), In-A\-nne Paul (Secretan-) 5econrf 
iRoMV Sandy Marti.saukus, James Morri.son, Sean Kelly, Julie McNeil, Meaghan Dreher, 
Shirelle Johnson, Beth Lynch, Betsy Speros, Michelle Ryan, Andy Corlx'tt Third Row: 
Eric Kadehjian, Amy Riley, jUl Santopietro. Heatlier Liddell. Patt\- Riley. Anne Driscoll, 
\Iansa Suescan. Natalie Mullen, Joanna Michelson, Jenn Grady 

Student Council 

The Student council once again 
enjoyed another Hin-filled and suc- 
ces.sfLil year. We kicked off die 
year's festivities witli a candy apple 
sale and a Halloween hallway deco 
rating contest. During tlie Tlianks- 
giving season we donated airkeys 
to die Missionaries of Charity. In 
the late fall there was Homecom- 
ing Week widi Pajama Day, Clash 
Day, Hippie Day, and Green Pride 
Day. During die holidays Saident 
Council, with the help of many 
generous people, purcha,sed gifts 
and dinner for a needy family. In 

late March, everyone was wel- 
come to show off dieir singing 
skills at die Hawaiian Karoake 
Dance. Westuxxxi Higli School 
celebrated die coming of spring 
widi a week of volleyball, a Up 
Sync, and die Mr. Westwood Higli 
Dance. In honor of Spring Fling 
Week, the vying colors in the 
colors war were green, red, and 

Tliank you, Mrs. Hayes, Mr. 
Flaliive, and members for aU your 
endiusiasm. We had a wonderful 

-rant Row (L to R): Sushma Komakula (Sec). Ir\-Anne Paul (\'ice-Pres.). 
jarrett Domina (Pres). Jennifer Ryan (Treasurer) Second Row (L to R): Anna 
^iazza. Trish Darcy, Carolyn Dunn, Joyce Wagner, Jess Chiricotti, Lisa Martin, 
~hrissy Riley, Sarah Molloy. Third Row (L to R): Kelly Ristaino, Amanda Elk. 
verry Doyle, Mr. Charles Flahive (Advisor), George Laham. Mrs. Frances 
I'etrakos (Advisor), Dan Riley, Cal Collins. 

Student Advisory Board 

Tlie Saident Advisory Board had 
a super-exciting year! Now also 
•sening as die saident branch of die 
Legislative Council, we were able to 
discuss and act on a number of 
governmental issues, wliile .still hav- 
ing a blast completing our usual 
service activities. HigliligliLs of the 
year include die First Annual WHS 
Social Awareness Week in which 
we organized and ran assemblies 
on the topics of homosexuality, 
AIDS, Sexual Harassment, and die 
Women's Movement, hopefully .set- 
ting a precedent for years to come. 

We also successfully participated 
in "Daffodil Day," sponsored by 
the American Cancer society', 
being able not only to present 
beautiful flowers to our over- 
worked and underpaid facultv', 
but also gi\e a donation to a 
cause importiint to us all. After all 
our hard work we decided to 
treat ourselves to a hunga-munga 
year-end part\- at the 
Courtyard Marriot, and, 
Mmmmmm, was it good! 

Tlianks and congraailation to 

■rant Row (L to R): .Mrs. Mollis Perr^-, Mrs. Nancy Walsh-Saumsiegle, Mrs. 
i.nn Matteson Second Row: Mr. Rex Babiera, Mrs. Mar\' Furber. Miss 
Christine Kelley. Mr. Peter Gean-, Mrs. Frances Petrakos, Mr. Brendan 

Faculty Senate 

The Faculty Senate consists of 
members of the faculty elected 
by their colleagues. The group 
serves as a conduit for faculty 
concerns and proposals, often 
resulting in recc:)nimendations to 
the administration. This year the 
Faculty Senate, under the direc- 
tion of co-moderators Mrs. Hollis 
Perry and Mrs. Nancy Walsh- 

Saumsiegle, two community 
meetings were held. The first 
meeting had as its agenda Social 
Awareness Week and the second 
meeting was concerned about 
the academic integrity policy, 
which ^'as under discussion by 
the school committee for imple- 
mentation at WHS at the begin- 
ning of the academic year 1994. 



Peer Educators 

Westwood High School's 
Peer Educator group, super\'ised 
by Mr. Linda Hanlon, is made 
up of sophomores, juniors and 
seniors who expressed an inter- 
est in instructing younger stu- 
dents in the system. After un- 

dergoing training themselves, 
these students created, imple- 
mented and presented lessons 
to the seventh grade on a vari- 
ety of topics of relevance to 

Front Row (L to R): Sarah Molloy. Karen Lepri. .Mrs. Linda Hanlon CAdvi.sor), 
Beth Molloy, Jennifer Grady 5econrf/?OM'; Oregon- Staiti. Kim Denns. Natalie 
Mullen. Christine Riley, Jennifer Ryan, Denise Cullinane rfcirrf/Jow; Stephen 
Reissfelder. Reed .McL;iughlin. Heather Liddell, Nicole Levangie. .Margo 

Peer Counselors 

This was the fourth year a 
group of peer counselors served 
fellow students at the high 
school. Under the leadership of 
Ms, Carol Amistrong, peer coun- 
selors were involved in one-to- 
one helping their peers with 
issues ranging from substance 
abuse to conflicts with friends, 
teachers or parents. They pro- 

vided valuable support when 
students dealt with consider- 
able outside pressures. To be- 
come a peer counselor, stu- 
dents devoted much of their 
time to training sessions and the 
time during their school day 
when they had their peer coun- 
seling meetings. 

Grade 11 

Grade 12 

Nyhon Andrade 

Elizabeth Molloy 

Rania Awade 

Nicole Levangie 

Kenley Cherenfant 

Sarah Molloy 

Peter Cafarella 

Bonnie Levinson 

Shawn Connelly 

Christine O'Brien 

Jeff Churwin 

Leanne Liale 

Suzanne Cosgrove 

Steven Prinn 

Anne C)ohert\' 

Eliizabeth Lynch 

Jennifer Grady 

Ron Rateau 

Denise Cullinane 

Magda Marseille 

Vincent Guerini 

Amy Riley 

Pariicia Darc>- 

Debbie Martin 

Erica Hesch 

Jennifer Ryan 

Kim Dennis 

P.J. McGrail 

Margo Imbornone 

Jonathan Small 

Garrett Domina 

Carolyn Miner 

Karen Lepri 

Barbara St. George 

Andy Dore 

!rv-Anne Paul 

Leo Martinez 

Gregory Staiti 

Ted Duffy- 

Mark Randlett 

Colleen McDermon 

William Van Gelder 

Carolyn Dunn 

Jill Sanlopielro 

Nancy McLaughlin 

Daniel Ware 

Kale Gallagher 

Shakira Soberanis 

Maureen Ittig 

Bets>' Speros 

Jean Ladoucer 

Tina Spiniello 

Amnesty International 

Many students at Westwood 
High don't even know that 
Amnesty International exists, 
and judging by this year's Am- 
nesty activities it is obvious why. 
Mr. Rex Babiera stepped in to 
fill the faculty advisor position 
and led Amnesty to a good year. 
'When Amnesty members 


weren't writing letters to world 
powers, they were conducting 
projects around the school. The 
most notable of which was the 
T-shirt sale that held the slogan, 
"Buy one or become enslaved!" 
The money raised will go to 
rejuvenating the Amnesty pro- 
gram for the '94-'95 school year. 

Front Row (L to R): Dan Riley. Bill Scales, Ror>- O'Dea, Andy Corbett (Vic 
Pres.). Rob Kaufman (Pres), Mr. Rex Babiera (Advisor), John Taylor, Bri; 
Moore. Second Row: Mariah Moody, Ryan Murphy, Eve Anderson. Kev 
Moore. Megan Ord\^•ay, Vincent Guerini, Kurt Tondorf, Pete Cafarella. And 

Front Row (L to R): Maureen Keyo. Nedal Awde, Barbara St Georges. CaraNasisi (Sec). Carol 
Wan ( Prei. ). Debbie .Martin (Vice-Pres. ). Beth Malloy. Mrs. .Ann .Matteson (Advi.sor)5^c(»K/i?OM'; 
Nicole Neault. Rebecca Nasnian, Jessica Chiricotti, Ali LvTich. .Sarah .Molloy. Aniy Magnuson, 
Stephanie Connelley. Karen Lepri, Liz Gurski, Carolyn Dunn Third Row: Carla Fontecchio, 
Stephanie Hoban, Joyce Wan. Sara Morton. Maria Maione. Ryain Hee Hong. Rania Av^de Fourth 
Row: Suzanne Co,sgrove. Stephanie Hoban. Joyce Wan. .Sara Morton. Beth Lynch. Meg .Molloy, 
Marisa FLx. Caragh Butler Fifth Row: Katlileen O'Connor. E\e .Anderson. Erin Toner. Sophie 
Benjamin. Maureen Ittig. .Mi.vsing: .Meg Sinclair 

Key Club 

The Key Club i.s a volunteer organi- 
zation. Members volunteer on an indi- 
vidual basis at local places as such as 
Nori\'ood Hospital, the school Career 
and Extended Day Care Centers, the 
Ellis Nursing Home, etc. In addition to 
individual activities, the club also par- 
ticipates in group related activities. We 
kicked off the year with our Adopt-a- 
Bed for a night Halloween raffle. Around 
Thank.sgi\'ing time, we collected many 
canned goods for the Westwood Food 
Pantr>'. At Christmas, we got the entire 
.school involved in decorating spoons 
for charity. In February and in the 

spring, we sold camatirjns for Valentine's 
Day, collected Pennies for Pine Street, 
sponsored a clothing, toiletries drive for 
Rosie's Place, and put on a post-prom 
fashion show at Fox Hill Village. During 
the course of the year, we sold breakfast 
foods on in-service days to faculty' mem- 
bers. 'We ended the year with our first 
Key Club Pot-Luck Dinner. Many thanks 
to all the dedicated members who made 
this year an extra special year for the 
Key Club. Special thanks to Mrs. Ann 
Matteson. our advisor, for her time and 
encouragement. 'VC'e couldn't have done 
it without her! 

Front Row (L to R): And\' Corbett, Paul O'Connor ( Co-Pres. ), Carolyn Dunn 
' • i-Pres.). Jill Santopietro. Maureen Ittig Second Row: Molly Sweeney, Eve 
Vnderson, Karen Lepri, Erica Hesch Third Roiv: Suzanne Cosgrove, Ryun Hee 
1 1' iiig, Carol 'Wan, Tim Fourth Row: Mike Fine, Rania Awde, Amy 
M.ignuson, Liz Gurski, Benson Ho Fifth Roiv: Dave Siegel, Mr. Charles Flahive 
\J\i.sor). Mark Randlett. 

Safe Rides 

Safe Rides, an important pro- 
gram at Westwood High School 
and in the commimity, is an 
organization dedicated to safety 
and sanity on the roads. Mem- 
bers make theinselves available 
^o drive fello'w students who 
might otherwise present a dan- 
ger to themselves and others as 

drivers. During the year they 
also conduct safety programs 
and campaigns. The students 
who serve this organization 
stand out as leaders and caring 
individuals. They were always 
readily available on a Friday or 
Saturday night if their ser\'ices 
were needed. 

Front Row (L to R): Marc Serouphim. Ryun Hee Hong. Chris Murphy, Matt 
iWeiner. Tom Feeley, Matt Gill, Britt Greenbaum Second Row: Mr. Brendan 
■ Dillon (Advisor). Ryan Murphy (CtvChairman). Andy Corbett (Co-Chairman), 
Kurt Tondorf, Dennis Sykes, Pete Cafarella, Bill Riley, Greg Brown. 

Chess Club 

Resurrected from its four year 
grave iii the recesses of the 
school by Captains Andy Corbett 
and Ryan Murphy (with a lot of 
help from Mr. Dillon), the Chess 
Team made a strong return to 
action at ^X'TiS. By the end of the 
year, the team consisted of over 
25 members. After tw'o early 
losses the team rebounded and 
tore apart the league in its last 

eight matches. The strong play 
of the captains repeatedly kept 
the team in its matches. Near 
the end of the year, the team 
had a school-wide tournament. 
The tournament ended in a three 
way tie between Andy Corbett, 
Ryan Murphy, and Britt 
Greenbaum (the league's indi- 
vidual tournament winner). 


Girls' And Boys' State 

Through the generosity of 
the Westvkood American Legion 
and the Westwood American 
Legion Auxiliary, five members 
of the Class of 1994 were able to 
participate in Girls' and Bo\'s' 
State in June of 1993. Anne 
Cloherty and Patricia Darcy 
spent the week at Mount 
Holyoke in South Hadley, v^hile 
PJ. McGrail, Todd Collier, and 
Andy Dore stayed in Waltham 
at Bentley College. Throughout 
the sessions, mock governments 

were established, and each "citi- 
zen" of Girls' and Boys' State 
was assigned to a political party. 
Although the weather was very 
warm and there was a lot of 
make-up work to complete 
upon returning to school, it was 
fun to meet new people, listen 
to interesting speakers, and 
obser\e first hand the wc:)rkings 
of the government. Thank you 
again to the Westwood Ameri- 
can Legion Posts for their spon- 

L to R (clockwise): Ann Clohern-. Patricia 
Darcy, Andrew Dore. P. J. McGrail. Missing: 
Todd Collier 

Academic Decathlon 

On an early Saturday morn- 
ing in mid-November, 
Westwood's die-hard Acadec 
Team, consisting of eight in- 
credibly gifted seniors and one 
junior, made its way to 
Lunenburg for free orange juice 
and M & M's. The competition 
wasn't as exciting as the free 

food; but after surviving ap- 
proximately 4280 multiple 
choice questions and the nerve- 
racking SUPERQUIZ, the team 
earned a third place. The 
"Westwood team took that third 
place all the way to the state 
finals, held at our very own 
'Westu'ood High. 

Front Row (L toR): Kurt Tondorf, Beth Molloy. Andrew Corbett (Capt. ). Kellie 
Noumi, P, J. 'S\i:Gxm\ Second Rotv: Dennis Sykes. Sean Mullen, Nick Ganson, 
Robert Kaufman, Becky Prout. Knee Wagner. Miss H.Joan Dillon (Advisor). 

Math Team 

Co-Captains: Eileen Neville 

Rebecca Prout 
Seniors: Joshua Jones 

Robert Kaufman 

Kellie Noumi 
Juniors: Nicholas Larkin 

David McLaughlin 

Elizabeth Molloy 

Sophomores: Matthew Ferrantino 
Matthew Gill 
Matthew Larkin 
Joshua Orr 
Edgar Pollak 
Marc Sarouphim 
Christopher Springer 
David "Weiner 

Seniors - L to R 
(clockivise): J( )shua 
Jones, Robert 

Kaufman, Eileen 
Neville, Kellie 
Noumi, Rebecca 


Front Row (L to R): Erica Hesch. Amanda Elk, Saumya Sharma (Sec), Eileen Neville 
(Pres.), Garrett Domina (\'ice-Pres.), Mrs. Stephanie Kelsch (Advisor), Mike Fine, 
Sushma Komnku\A Second Row: Wes Davis, Dave Weiner, Anneiena Lobb, Jamie 
Martin, Joanna Micheison. Marisa Suescan, Becki Rizoli, Elise Burgess, Maureen Ittig, 
Shiva Aliabadi Third Row: Karen Lepri, Meg Earls, Dan Ware, John Crosby, Brian 
Sheehy, Meaghan Dreyer, Corissa Morales. Klirysti Nazzaro, Noble Chipley, Julie 
McNeil, Carolyn Miner, Kelly Ristaino, Carol Wan. 

Drama Club 

Amid die whirlwind tliat is tlie P.A.C.E. 
program, tlie Drama Club remaias — ^as al- 
ways — a refre.shing return to one's roots. We 
in tlie Drama Club like to consider ourselves 
tlie R( K'k, tlie Foundxition upon which tlieater 
at WHS is built. Freshmen join, still wet 
tx'hind the ears, and with the infomial liilarity 
of tlie annual After-Dinner Theater and the 
hand eye coordination training of tlie "Kids 
on tlie Block" puppet program, tliey are 
molded and shaped into tlie fine aaors and 
actresses w liich make our Theater Program 

Tlie Drama Club of 1993-1994 tegan 
with an exec\itive decision to use Woody 
Allen's newly sullied name to draw big 
crowds to our After-Dinner Tlieater, dubbed 
"Wfxxly's World. " An audience of young and 
old alike delighted in several of Allen's 

funniest .scenes, including "Dcatli Kn(x.'k.s." 
"God,", and "Don't Drink tlie 'VCater," all 
masterfully perfomied by a ca,st of Drama 
Club rookies and veterans of all ages. Tlirough 
tlie winter and into spring tlie educational 
puppets returned to town for another great 
.season of "Kids on the Block ", the handi- 
cappied puppet program — a brilliant and 
enlightening success in Wesrwocxl's primary 

In the hectic world tliat WHS Theater has 
liecome, one and all can delight in tlie 
in.spirational simplicity^ of tlie Drama Club, 
and tlie hold it has on all or our hearts. A 
million-zillic )n tliank-you's to Mrs. Kelsch, our 
.steadfast advi.sor and director, for her pa- 
tience, guidance, and her ever-reliable laugli- 
ter at the funny parts. 

|£ to/2.- Courtney Patterson (Mon. & Wed.), Garrett Domina (Mon. & Wed), Kim 
!Dennis(Fri.), Eileen Neville (Tues. &Thurs.), Carolyn Miner (Fri.), Sean Mullen 
i(Tues. & Thurs.) 

L to R: Sarah Lanninhg, Eileen Neville, Barbara Miller. Missing: Ted Duffy. 


"Thank you, Mr. Flaherty, and Good 

Each morning, for one hundred and 
eighty days, students, faculty and visi- 
tors at WHS began their days with the 
Pledge of Allegiance and this unique 
wake-up call, served to them with verve 
and cheer by Garrett, Courtney, Eileen, 
Sean, Kim or Carolyn. Each morning, 
news and updates regarding life at 
Wesn\'ood High was conveyed via the 
lips of this half-dozen . . . the few, the 
proud, the morning announcers. 

Oh. how you hated us those cold 
rainy mornings when you'd rather be in 
bed, as our cheerful voices hit the air 

waves. But how you loved us when we 
brought a laugh to homeroom and 
brightened your morning with a joke, a 
particulariy humorous delivery, or an 
on-the air argument with our partner. 
The Morning Announcement Team 
of 1993-199-^ brought you joy and laugh- 
ter, heartache and sadness, but most of 
all, we brought you the facts. A great big 
THANK YOU goes out to our adviser 
Mrs. Stephanie Kelsch. who valiantly 
strived to keep us in line with stern 
notes such as "SIGNATURE!?" and the 
most-dreaded "PREREAD!" Our job is 
done. Thank you, that is all. All students 
on the call list — take the day off! 

School Store 

Tlie hoard of hungry- .students pounds 
down tlie hall. As tlie mmble draws ever- 
closer, a group of four, dedicated to tlie 
service of tlieir .schcxjimates, prepare for Tlie 
Rush. Wlien tlie hungry tension in tlie air 
.seems almost t;ingible — just at tliat moment 
w hen tlie stomachs of Wesrvscxxl High can 
stiind it no longer — the meuil window flies 
up, re\ealing Eileen, Barbara, Sarah and Ted, 
tlie "Dream Team" of WestwotxJ High, alert 
and ready to serve. Hungry .students have 
reached their niecca . . tlie Promi.sed Land 
. . , tlie School Store. 

In tliat daily quest for a satisfy^ing after- 
school snack, the suidents of WHS sleep 
better at night knowing tlie Sch(x)l Store stiiff 
is there to quench tlieir tliirsts and ,sati,sfy their 
hunger Tliis year's ■Female Regime" with 
Ted, "Token-Yet-Invaluable-Male," enjoyed 

a prosperous year of sales in excess of four 
tliousand dollars! Dear readers, each Snick- 
ers, each Coca-Cola you purchased from the 
store made tliis yearbook you read less 
expensive and more accessible — is tliere any 
greater satisfaction than that' 

The 1993-1994 Gums of .'>Aen>chool 
.Snacks give hearty tlianks antl a Pepsi on-the- 
house to advisor Mrs. Carol Rosengarten, and 
likewise witli a cream .stxJa to Mr. Charles 
Flahi\'e, who hel[Ted keep tliat pesky Cokeman 
in line. We lea\ e ^itli fond memories of Ixitli 
siicces,sful and txitched key-ainnings. mis,sed time, tlie Best Kid. fear of tlie Not 
Earning His Her Keep Board, A. of tlie Day 
Awards, Random Week. Chaos Week, the 
Magic Numlx'r. and more. It was a tasty and 
fun-filled vear; nia\' "Service with a Smile " li\e 

No Parentheses 

No Parentheses is a literan, 
maga/ine distributed annually to 
showcase the finest poetry, prose, 
and artw^ork from the student 
body of Westwood High School. 
No Parentheses has built a 
tradition of highligiiting the cre- 
ative young minds of numerous 
novelists, journalists, and artists 
of the future. The editors and 
staff members worked tirelessly 
all year collecting virtually an 
inundation of manuscripts and 
artwork for evaluation. Each 
week the group would meet to 

discuss their ratings of all sub- 
missions and strategies to pro- 
duce the best possible compila- 
tion of those works. Once the 
submissions were narrowed 
down to a handful of the best, 
they were rigorously edited and 
formatted for publication. With a 
prose and poetrv' contest in ef- 
fect. No Parentheses honored 
the higliest rated poem and short 
story by giving the winning au- 
thors a selected novel for their 

Front Row (L to R): James Hunter (Senior Editor). Jeremy Close. Da\e 
\\ einer, Annelena Lobb. Joanna .Vlichelson (Junior Editor). Second Row: 
Brian .Moore, Peter Cafareila, Andre Suescun, Rebecca Rizzoli, Lamajaroudi. 
Third Row: Mrs. Gail Hayes (Advisor), Mrs. Jer\'l Barraza (Co-Ad\'i.s<ir), 

-Maureen Ittig. 

The WHS Student 

The Westwood High 
School Expression, the high- 
.school's student newspaper, is 
a paper written and designed 
by students. The Expression 
exercises its freedom of speech 
set forth under the school's con- 
stitution with the inclusic:)n in 
every issue of an anonymous 
commentary discussing current 
issues affecting our .school. In 
addition, \hii Expression con- 

tains articles discu.ssing every- 
thing from national issues to 
sports and concert reviews. In 
its first two years the Expres- 
sion has struggled but hcjpe- 
fully with more support and 
contribution from the entire 
schcjol and continuing drive and 
determination, ihcExpression 
will find its niche in the 
Westwood High School com- 

Front Row (L to R): Betsy Speros (A.ssistant Editor). Anne Cloherty (Assistant 
Kditor), Carolyn Miner (Editor-in Chief), Matt Turk (Assistant Editor) Second 
Row: Erica l-arch. Jen Ryan, Ted Duffy', Chrissy Riley. Heather Liddell. Paul 
BaPiski Third Row: Sarah Lanning, Kerry Vogelgesang. Meg Earls. Nicole 

Levangie, Kate Gallagher. Shi\'a Alibiadi .Missing from photo: Jake House. 


Twelve Westwood High 
School juniors and seniors were 
chosen to participate in The 
Education Cooperative's (TEC) 
Internship Program. 

The internships are designed 
to provide students with first 

hand experiences in the work- 
ing world so they can test out 
career options, develop their 
skills in decision making, and 
increase their ability to work 
with people of all ages in a 
professional environment. 

Front Row (LtoR): Danielle Pelrucci. Julie .MacQueen. Victor Ser\'ello. Eric 
Hesch. Darci Gorgone Second Row: Jonathan Small. George Clapsis. Pai 
Baryski, Erin Toner. Vies Da\ is. Sam Jones. .Mr. Flaherty Missing: Shaw 


Front Row (L to R): Kim Dennis, In-Anne Paul (President), Latifa Gordon 
Second Row: Ian Zafft, Ryun Hee Hong. Magda Marseilles, Carmen Tilles, Mr. 
Charles Flahive CAdvisorJ, Shakira Soberanis, Barbara St. George. 

Awareness Club 

Tlie Awareness Club was cre- 
ated to inform die Westwood High 
School community of various prob- 
lems facing tcxiay's society, and 
how we as students can help for- 
mulate solutions. The dedicated 
fe'k\' of tlie Awareness Club worked 
on and completed two main 
projects this year. We planned a 
Thanksgiving turkey raffle, using 
our profits to provide a less fortu- 
nate family witli a holickiy meal. 
We also supported die National 
Smoke Out day by placing posters, 

flyers, and infomiation dirough- 
out die school about die diiniiiging 
effects of smoking. Our last project 
was die donation of sandwiches to 
the Pine Street Inn, where they 
w^ere distributed to the homeless 

A number of activities have 
been planned for next year, and in 
time the Awareness Club will grow 
and die Westwood High School 
community will continue being 
aware diat it can make a difference 
toward society. 

Mentors-Front Row (L to R): Nicole Pallai, Lisa Garaffo, Gina Duff, Patty Riley, Becka Hoch. 

SecottdRow: Rcjb Kiiufman, Erika birch, Cullinane, Jen Paris, Leanne Little, Carolyn Miner, 
I )' inna Qu^ano.TTbirrf/foMvldsli [ones, le.ssChiricotti, Eve Ander.s(5n.KenyMalloy, Carmen Tilles. 
' I illeen McDemion. Carrie Beaumont. Nicole Deshaies. Nancy McUiugWin, Fourth Row: Trac\ 
Tisclale. Palt\' Baker Shi\a .\liabadi. Nicole Neault, Da\"e .McLaughlin, .Mana .Maione, Jen Ryan, 
\ li jiloy Sweeney, Lindsay Hatch. Heather Uddell. Stephanie ConnelK.f i^/ji?OM'; Bill Van Gelder. 
Miclielle R>an, Courtne\' McGowan, Kiitie Chamlx;rs, AJi Lynch. Marisa Suescun, Maureen Keyo, 
Ijndi Shea, Beth Molkn', Lama Jaroudi, Joanna MicheLson. Jamie Martin. Amy Riley, Tom Welby, 
Sixth Row: Shawn Connell\-, Ted Dufty-, .Mariah .\kx)d>'. Meeglian Dreher, Jill Disabato, .Mlison 
Lil-iliey. Rebecca Nasman, Kelly Ri.staino. Uz Hennigan, Sarah Larch. Ste\ e Reissfelder, Ed Farren. 

JUetttors-Fnmt Row (L to R): Tnsh \)m^\ \iine Ciohert\ , Jill Santopietro, Mark R»indlcn, BcLsy 
Speros. K:ilie Gailaglier, Eileen Ne\ille Second Row: Garrett Domina, Tina Spinielk), Kim Dennis, 
Margo Imlximone, Keliecca Trenilile, Barbara .Miller Bonnie Le\in.son, Carolyn Dunn, Christine 
O'Brien. Third Row: Pete Cafarella. Beth Lyncli. Kellie Noumi, Karen Lepn. Jennifer Grady. Erika 
Hesch. Fourth Row: Andy Corliett, Joyce 'Wagner, Sarah Lanning, Liz Sullivan, Kerry Vogelsang, 
Brooke Wire, Chris York, John Tenofsk\- Fifth Row: Matt Turk, Nicole LeVangie, Kurt Tondorf. Paul 


The Mentors program is an 
organization under the 
West^'ood Youth Commission 
that offers volunteer opportuni- 
ties to Westwood High School 
students, Rob Stadolnick coor- 
dinates and oversees all of the 
activities. This year, participat- 
ing juniors and seniors hosted 
"Teen Centers" at the middle 
school. Some students presented 
the Smoking Prevention Pro- 
gram to the kindergarten, sec- 
ond, and sixth grade. The Handi- 

cap Awareness Program dem- 
onstrated to the fourth grade 
the difficulties of living with 
handicaps, while at the same 
time, teaching tolerance. Fif- 
teen students from the group 
donated extra time and hard 
work to the SexLial Abuse Pre- 
vention Program. Under the 
guidance of Barbara Riley, three 
skits were presented to the sec- 
ond and third grades in an at- 
tempt to prevent abuse of chil- 


A relatively new club, 
Ecolibriurn was establisiied 
three years ago with the pur- 
pose of increasing environ- 
mental awareness in the WHS 
community. Its pliilosophy is 
one of education and reform. 
This year, Ecolibritim contin- 
ued the school recycling pro- 
gram, recycling paper and alu- 
minum cans, Tlie group aLso 
initiated a program called "Toi- 
let Talk," whereby club mem- 
bers posted environmental 
drawings and suggestions in 
the girls' and boys' bathrooms, 
Ecos bulletin board and news- 
letter (the Eco-Liberatur) also 

offered ecological advice, and 
kept people updated on the 
actions of the group. In addi- 
tion, the club painted a rain 
forest mural in the room of its 
advisor - Mrs, Staiti. Through 
activities such as these, 
Ecolibrium became a more \is- 
ihle influence on the WHS 

Members: Jennifer Grady. 
Erica Hescli, Ryoin Hee Hong, 
Raceel Jarudi, Karen Lepri, 
Heather Liddell. Allison Lynch. 
Elizalieth Molloy. Sarah MoIlo\', 
Kellie Noumi, Amy Riley, Jen- 
nifer R\'an, Carol Wan. 


Merit Scholars 

The National Merit Scholar- 
ship Corporation announced in 
September, 1993. that ten stu- 
dents from Westwood High 
School earned honors for their 
performance on the October 
1992 National Merit Qualifying 
Exam. To earn the status of 
National Merit Semi-Finalist, a 
student must earn a qualifying 
score that places him/her in the 
top 1/2 percent of the over one 
million students in the 19,000 
secondary schools that partici- 
pated in this program. In all, 
approximately 15,000 .students 
nation-wide earned this status. 
At Westwood High School, we 
are proud that two students 
were among this select group; 

Eileen Neville and Rebecca 
Prout. Later in the year Rebecca 
Prout was designated as Presi- 
dential Scholar, the first at WHS 
in many years. 

To earn status of National 
Merit Commended Student, a 
student must earn a qualif\ing 
score that places him/her in the 
top 5% of all student partici- 
pants across the country-. In all 
35.000 students earned this sta- 
tus. Westwood High School is 
proud that eight students are 
among this group: Meg Earls, 
Sushma Komakula, Nick 
Ganson, Garrett Domina, Peter 
Cafarella, Kurt Tondorf, Andy 
Corbett and Rob Kaufman. 

Front Row (L toR): .Meg Earls, Eileen Neville, Becky Prout. Su.shma Komakula 
Second Row: Nick Ganson, Garrett Domina, Peter Cafarella, Kurt Tondorf, 
Andrevs Corbett. Rob Kaufman. 

Scenes at NHS dinner honoring commended students 


They came, they sat, they conquered. All 
XLIV { that's 44) of Westwood High School's 
Latin scholars took a Latin exam put out by 
the National Classics A,ssociation; thirty- 
two walked away with a gold or silver 
medal or a certificate of excellence. And 
seventeen of the twenty-four high schoc:)lers 
in Latin I walked home with medals - three 
gold and fourteen silver. Congratulations, 

First Row (L to R): Lisa Garaffo. .\I.irisa Sue.scun, Sheila Bennett. Anne .McLaughlin. .Sar: 
Larch. .\nna Piazza. Lisa Gill. Back Row: Maureen Keyo. Courtney .McGowan. Michael 
Staiti. Michael Tenofskv. Sam Coffev, Ed Pollak. Matthew Bol.ser. Tarleton Hi 


Want your car washed??? - Trish and Joyce 

le McDonalds Restaurant in Norwood hosted several fundraisers for WHS. Assistant Principal C. 
ahive did his part as he and other faculrs' members serv'ed up dinner for customers. McDonalds 
)ntributed a percentage of its sales that night to the yearbook fund. 


* V. 




Offensive RecotT^ 


Siimniary of Season: 

Soutlifast-ciiiisecl; prepaiati( )n 
for Hopkinton (41-0). 
Hopkinton-Nailbiter; 70 yard 
bomb to Cliip Grueter with 
1:57 remaining to win (15-8). 
Dover-Sherbom-Tune-up for 
.showdown with undefeated 
A.shland (47-0). A,shland-l,st 
league loss since Thank.sgiv- 
ing '91. Millis-Offensive 
shootout, school record most 
points scored (56-25). 
Medway-Revenge ewer fomier 
Coach Carroll ( 27-0). Medfield- 
Offense continued to click as 
defense clamped down (32- 
7). Wayland-Last home game 
for seniors, a fim one (46-0). 
Bellingham-Never a question; 
something to prove. Beat un- 
defeated Black Hawks (43- 
28). Holliston-(Tlianksgiving)- 
Super Bowl berth and T\T 
title denied; offensive shoot 
out, couldn't pull it out in the 
end (40-37). 

Most Memorable Meet: 
1st League game, always the 
toughest game; many missed 
opportunities to score with 
less than two minutes left in 
game . . . down 8-7 ... 70 yd. 
touchdown pass from Ted 
Duffy to Chip Grueter to com- 
plete the 2nd last minute vic- 
tory over Hopkinton in as 
many years. 

Honors: TVL All Star-Bob 
DiSabato (LB), Ted Duffy 
(QB), Chris Queally (DL), P.J. 
McGrail (DB), Steve Prinn 
(\XT^), Chip Gaieter (Wl^) . . . 
2nd Team-Joe Jowdy (OL), 
Bill VanGelder (RB), Joe 
Mancuso (OL) . . . T\T Defen- 
sive Player of the Year-Be )!i 
DiSabato . . . Boston Globe 
Div. 6 All Star-Bob DiSabato 
(LB), Ted Duffy (QB), Steve 
Prinn (W-R), P. J.' McGrail (DB) 
. . . Daily Transcript All Star- 
Bob DiSabato, Ted Duffy. P J. 
McGrail, Steve Prinn, Bill 
VanGelder. Chip Grueter. 



i i 




p. J. McGrail 

With L'\cry 
run, P. J. had, 
we knew that 
no matter 
what, he 
going to give 
- Ted Dufh- 

Bill Riley 

One of the 
smaller line- 
man in the 
league, Bill had 
the biggest 
heart of anyone 
(in tile team. 
- Bob DiSabato 

Matt Turk 

Matt showed a 
lot of courage 
coming back 
from what 
should ha\e 
l^een a season- 
ending injun". 
- Joe jo^cK' 

- -M ■^. ^ -iii- iff^ -J^ .m..^ 0^ 2'Vt> 


fiion/«oH^fi/oR>-JimFit2geral(J. NickGarison. P J. McCnal. Ted DufhiGipi,). ISobniSalxiuuCipi i. Chas 
Qii«iU> (Cipt.i. I(;e |owd>' (Capt). Bill Rilev Chns Daniels M.m Turk. Jeff Kiket Second Rou: Mk Manaiso. 
\likeTenofsk\. .Mike Griffin. Chip Gnjeler. Jc .lin Teni it-.k\ . Jolin Guindon. Stiaw n CDiinelley. I>dve Lyneli. .Stei'e 
IMtin. Leo .Martinez. Rc%-el MLt-iiii^hlin. Bnan .MDiTisori TIjird Row: Coach John SculK". Ctuth Sle\e .\gncoIa. 
Ajithony Cocivera. Co.nli T' nn ' 1 1 rjn . i tenr^e Liham. .\le.\Jo\\xh\ George Gaa-on. Cal Collins, Kon Santiafjo. 
.MikeChace. Rand>- Cl.irk l;. -d H.ii,-.m KenleN- Clierentanl. lake .\knonnell. Greg Mattera. I>in Rile\ , .Mlrecl Fviu, 
Bill VanGelder. I>a\e Kan. O w h Dave Sperandio. Head Coaeh Iirii. W ilfinger 

W H 



























Way land 








A ^'Sunshine'' Season 


Summary' of Season: Tlit" 1993 .season 
was a gRjwing experience for the Girls' 
Field Hockey Team. The girls gained quite 
a reputation in the Tri-Valley League, al- 
though their record did not reflect this. 
Under the guidance of second year coach, 
Betsy I^ugan. the girls proved to be fierce 
opponents (if ever\' team in the league with 
a perfect combination of speed and fi- 
nesse. Although the Wolverines finished 
with a record of 3-8-5, Westwood clearly 
established itself as a force to be reckoned 
with; all but two games were lost by a 
margin of a mere one goal. We wish the 
team good luck in 1994 and beyond! 

Memories: Watch out for ditches, 
"You'll feel better if you have a cookie", 
Doogs, Mid-field Recoverv' Drill. ..How do 
you get to Indian Hill Road"?, Come on you 
lazy .seniors... 

Creative Awards: "Most Enthusiastic" 
Award: Alison Dick; "Best Vicky's" Award: 
Meg Earis; "Best Grannies" Award: Liz 
Sullivan; "Wendy Wipeout" Award: Anne 

Bequest to Next Year's Team: Tlie 
seniors lea\e to next year's team: times 
under twenty minutes fcjr the two mile nin, 
an endless supply of balls, a durable pair of 
running shoes, pinnies for the offense 
only, the same green away shirts Westwood 
has had since the 70's, a clue to some 
players on next year's team, the nice refs, 
multiple supply of colored comer cards, 
more than three non-parental fans, a mega- 
phone for Dugan, and a record that 
really reflects your ability. 

Most Memorable Meet: Both times 
Westwood faced Bellingham this season 
were extremely memorable games. The 
first game of the season resulted in a loss by 
a large margin. However, the second time 
around proved to Bellingham, this year's 
league champions, that Westwood was a 
team that could not be taken lightly. 
Westwood scored first taking the lead; 
however Bellingham came back and tied 
the game at 1-1. The score remained tied 
until late in the second half when Bellingham 
scored once again. Bellingham won the 
game 2-1, but not before Westwood gave 
them quite a scare. 

Also, both times Westwood matched 
up Coach Dugan's alma mater. 
Medfield, resulted in high energy and high 
intensity games. Although Westwood did 
not gain a win in either game [though 
Westwood did walk away with a tie,] both 
were memorable games because each 
player gave 100% of herself and both 


games were tnily team efforts. 
Individual Recognition: 
M.'V.P.- Joyce Wagner 
Unsung Hero- Elizabeth Lynch 

Sportsmanship- Stephanie Connelly 
Tri-Valley League All-Stars- Jo\ce Wagner 
and Kellie \oumi 
Transcript All-Star- Joyce Wagner 


liz Sullivan - As 

thf team leading 
goal scorer, l.i;^ 
was one of the 
strongest ol'fen- 
si\ e phyei> on tlie 
team. Tlie few- 
times Liz was not 
at prartice or at a 
game she was 
sorelv missed. 

Anne Cloherty 

-This season 
Anne was the 
most improved 
player on the 
team. Her defen- 
sive play was 
outstanding and 
helped the team 
all season long. 

Betsy Speros - 

Altliougli thus was 
Betsy's first year 
playing field 
hcxke\'. she \\"as 
able to take her 
•skills from other 
spt.ias and apply 
them to field 
h<x;key. Her en- 
thusiasm moti- 
\ ated e\er>-one. 

Front Row (L to R): Liz Sulli\an. .Meg Earls, Beth L\nch. Tricia Darcy (Capt.). Kellie Noumi 
'(jpt-). .\nne Clohert\'. Joyce W'agner Secofid J?om>.- Coach Elizalieth Dugan. Hnn Mitchell. 
Leanne Little, \ancy .McLaugfilin. Bets\' Speros. Uz .Molloy. .Vlaria .Maione. Nicole .Xeault. Trac\ 
Ti.sdale, Je,ssica Chiricotti. Danielle Petnicci. Suzanne Cosgro\ e, Allison Dick, Moliy Sweeney 
' Manager). Coach Johanna .Madge. Missing from photo: CaroKn .Miner. .Stephanie Connelly 

W H 

A T ' S T 




^ ^^ 






































Tough Schedule 



a gaieling piv-scaM )n and gocxl 
showings in scrimmages, the 
\X'estw(xxi boys came into tlie 
c:)pening game with a confident 
outlook. The team earned a gcxxi 
mix of players at varied levels of 
experience (ranging from fresh- 
men to seniors). However, the 
league was at its usual level of 
superiority, including f( )ur teams in 
a post-season tournament play. 
Westwood capped off the season 
with a 6-10 mark, good enough to 
eam a fifth place finish lx?hind tlie 
f( )ur tournament teams. Tlie record 
is very deceiving considering tlie 
fact that Westwood lost three start- 
ers to injury and found iLself play- 
ing with a young and inexperi- 
enced lineup for most of tlie sec- 
ond half of the season. 

MEMORIES: Coach's lines: 
"Buddy HoOy, " "'You guys couldn't 
cross a street," "Hot supper," and 
"Year riglit! Harrington in a "zone", 
Murj^hy's 50 yard blast, still talking 
about Jonesy's Millis goal. Josh 
drilling the no-anglers yet messing 
point blanks, smiling R;if 

YEARS TEAM: Our Utopia of a 
scKcer .stadium where the fan is tlie 
priority- and thus placed in the 
grandstand where Ms/her view of 
our plush, green field is nothing 
sh( )it of ftituresque. 

Chris Harrington's game in 
Medway. "We were playing the 
soon-to-be state champions at their 
place and Harrington was given 
the job of contiiLi"iing tlie lx?.st front 
line in tine league. Not only did he 
contain, he shut them out for tlie 
first half. He ended the game with 
an unliuman tv^'enty-eight .save ef- 

HONORS T.V.L. All-Star-Josh 
Jones; Team MVP- Jake House; 
UnsungHero-Josh Jones; Sports- 
manship- Sam Coftey. 


'RONTROW(L toR): Ryan Collins, Rafael Maione. Sam Coffey, Josh Jones 
Captj, Sam Jones, Rob Collins. Chris Harington. Second Row: Coach Ross 
rwin. Bill .Scales, Jason Rowland, John Dudley, Brian Harrington, Geo 
-lerminston. Matt Gill. Matt Larkin, Drew Rowland, Chris Robillard, Tom 
-eeley. Missing: Captain Jake House 




^ _ ^^ 








1 Dover 


1 Medway 


3 Medfield 


2 Ashland 


3 Beilingham 


1 Millis 


3 Hopkinton 









3 Ashland 

3 Beilingham 

1 Westwood 






6 - 10 - 


Oh! What A Season 


Summary of Season: We 

had a rough start to the season 
losing two captains very early 
to injuiy, then losing another 
later to sickness. Although we 
did not win many games, we 
dramatically improved our game 
when playing teams the second 
time around. Although our final 
record did not look very strong, 
there is great potential and ex- 
perience which we hope will 
lead to a winning season in the 
future. The graduating seniors 
of 1994 wish next year's team 
the best of luck! We had a lot of 
fim and will take with us a lot of 
great memories. 

Memories: Tying Dover- 
Sherborn 1-1 for the first time in 
many years. Grueling Double 
Sessions, NUBBA, Wolvi [A.K.A., 
Dr. No], Game Day, short shorts, 
long shorts "Oh, What a Night" 

Nubba Quotes: "Any 
volunteers?". .."You'll do", "Yo, 
as in Yo-Yo! As in up and down 
idiot!", "Do you know why 1 
keep my hair so short?", "It's a 
good thing I don't have a dog. . . 

Bequest to Next Year's 
Team: We, the graduating se- 
niors, leave to the team of 1994, 
the mud on the practice field- 
use it wisely. We also leave you 
Nubba, his megaphone, his large 
knee-high tube socks, and his 
tight green "Evolution of 
Women" tee-shirt-enjoy! 

Most Memorable Event: 
The Royal Rumble [ncj descrip- 
tion needed!] If you have any 
questions regarding the Rumble, 
consult Dr. Gearon. 

Honors and Individual 

M.'V.P.- Amy Howland 
Unsung Hero- "Vicki Lehmann 
Sportsmanship Award- 
Rebecca Tremble 
TVL All-Stars- Jen Grady and 
Amy Howland 



/'■o»(//fonv K._, ;•..:.: :,1:..l; ,' ,.i,jL,. .V:.;. 11, J.'.:.;:. „ '.,.;, .L .Am;, t.) linen i i...i|jI !. Ilin^-a 
nan ^Capx) Second Row: Viaoria Lehmann, Erika Uirch. l)cni,--e Cullinane. Carolyn 
inn, Kalie Gallagher. Rebecca Tremble. Carmen Tilles. Lisa Ratldcn. Diane McDonough 

lliirdRow: Coach Michael Nile.s, Jennifer R\an. .Michelle R\an. Heather Licklell, Sheila 
nnctt. Colleen McDermott. Lindsa\ Hatch. Jennifer Grad\ . Kern .\lolliiy. Karen l-n)io. 

Karen Petrous. Nora Curran A/»ssj«^ From Photo: Rebecca Prout. 

W H 































A. B. Williams 













A.B. Williams 










1 ) 




On A Pace For Sticcess 


team ended up with a 5-2 season, 
losing to H( )llist( )n and \X'hiti:isv01e 
Cliristian. Tliis year's team earned 
die respect from the rest of the Tri- 
Valley League after finisliing its 
season in a tliree way tie for second 
place. Several ainners showed a 
strong finish at tlie three meets after 
the regular season: two meets at 
Franklin Park and tlie T.V.L. meet 
at Hopkington. 

MEMORIES: Bol-)b\- Morgan 
passing out. Tlie Place. 

Hero Aw arc! - Be )bby He )rgan, Most 
Likely to Fall Wliile Hurtling an 
Objea - Paul O'Conner, Long Dis- 
tance Award - Joe Paparazzo 

YEAR'S TEAM: Two plied scroll 
and tx?tter shorts. 

Tlie meet agaii\st Medfield was tlie 
closet meet in years. This tliriller 
was decided by only a few points. 
Special thanks to Ed White; if he 
had not run, we would have lost. 




Andy Dore - 

"A solid con- 
sistent veteran 
runner who 
could be de- 
pended upon 
to give his 

Captain Paul 
O'Connor - 

■Paul's enthusi- 
asm was con- 
tagious. Every 
team needs a 
runner with 
Paul's spirit." 

Cashman - 

"Brendan was 
the team's top 
runner this 
year. He 

battled with 
the top run- 
ners in the 
league and 
won his 


^ % "I 

FRONT ROW (L to R): Andy Dore (Capt.). Paul O'Connor (Capt.) Second 
Row: Mike Earls, Bobby Morgan, John Small, Joe Paparazzo, Jeremy Close. 
n>irrf/?oMV Joanna Michelson, Jamie Mori.son, Justin Lenzo, Brendon Cashman, 
Hd White, John Taylor, Mr. Richard Hargreaves (Coach) 

W H 

A T ■ S T 

H E 



























Seiy Spike, Score! 


Summary of season: 

The \()llt-yball season can be 
captured in just a few words. 
"A lot of fun, a few wins, and 
a lot of fun!" 

Memories: The Haunted 
House, Papa Gino's, Buda, 
Carrie- JAW, The last prac- 
tice of the season. Lindsay- 
Braless in Holliston... 

Creative Awards: Most 
Likely not to be at Practice- 
Linda Shea. Most Likely to be 
Injured- Kim Jacobson... 

Bequest to Next Year's 
Team: The graduating se- 
nior of the 1993 volleyball 
team would like to leave the 
next year's team, wonderful 
memories of friendships 
forged and, of course, good 
luck in 1994 and in every 
pursuit in life. 

Individual Recognition: 
MVP- Kimberly Jacobson 
MVP- Carrie Beaumont 
Sportsmanship Award- Lind- 
say Rose 



froM< i?oM' CI to R): Carrie Beaumont (Capt.). Kimberly jacobson (CaptJ 
Second Rom: Coach Darleen Lundburg, Donna Cassano, Allison Libby, Margo 
Imbornone, Lindsay Rose. Kate Scales, Linda Shea 

W H 


H E 
















































3 - IS -0 



Flying Fish 


The Westu ood High Scliool 
Girls' Swim Team went unde- 
feated for tlie tliird consecutive 
season, beating arch rivals 
Ursuline and Bishop Feehan. 
Tlie team tlien went on to re- 
peat as Southern Conference 
Champions and South Sectional 
Cliampic )ns. Westv^oc xl finisiied 
up anotlier successful season 
by placing sLxtli in tlie state. 

Memories: Mr. Riley's pep 
talks, Nicole's pep talks, 
sleepovers, the swim team song, 
fasliion shows, Ron is king, fuji 
mama's. Relay Carnivals, Jess 




and Nicole's strc^ill around die 
football field. Papa's, Mr. Riley's 
complicated practices, below 
normal pool temperatures, 
lemon poop, Bmegger's, "Sum- 
mer Niglus", "I 'Will Survive " 

Creative Awards: 
Most Likely to be Seen in Front 
of a Camera: Julie Connors and 
Clirissy Riley. 

Freestyle Hero Award: Courtney 

Most Likely Not to te Seen in 
tlie Pool: Jess Delaney 

Bequest to next year's 
team: We wish next year's team 
tlie i^est of luck for another 
undefeated season, league 
champions, and a thii^d South 
Seaional title. 

Most memorable meets: 
Ursuline and Bishop Feehan 
were our toughest dual meets. 
However, repeating as South 
Sectional champions proves to 
he ourultimate accomplishment. 



Front Row: liU Santopiciro (CaptJ. Sarah Lmning (Capt.l, Tina Spiniello (Capt.), Couitiiey 
I'atterson. Nicole Le\'angie. Sarah Ljrch, Relx-cca Uinning. Secotid Row: Amy Howard. Eve 
.■\nden>on, .\my Riley, Kjrsten Hillberg. Chribsy Riley. Julie Connors. Karen l^pri. Kri.stine O'Brien. 
Tljird Row: .\le.xandi-a Chuirri. Jane Neville. Mariah .Mtxxiy. Katie Chamters. Mi Lynch. Julie 
I iamngton. Gina Duft'. Katie Gal\in, Suzy Riley. Jes,s Delaney. Liz Henning-an. Missing fixnn 
photo: Sara Laudon 

W H 

A T ' S T 








■^w ^^— - 


























Notre Dame 






Bishop Feehan 





1st Place Conference Di 


1st Conference Swimming | 


Sarah wa-s a great 
cX5ntributor to the 

team tliroiigh her 
second place tin- 
ish at the st.ite 
meet in di\ ing. ,r. 
well as through 
her leadership as 
a captain Sarahs 
efforts were rec- 
ognized and she 
was awarded 
Team MVT. 

- Mr. Riley 

long distance 
swimming ahil- 
iry contributed 
to our unde- 
feated season. 
.She was 

awarded Un- 
sung Hero. 
- iVlr. Riley 

Tina's hard 
work, enthusi- 
asm and dedi- 
cation led her 
to qualify' for 
the state meet, 
reaching a per- 
sonal goal she 
has held since 
freshman year. 
For her efforts, 
Tina received 
the Coaches' 

- Mr. Rile\- 


Shooting Hoops 



Finally getting overthe hump. 
underachie\ing. 'Isaac, you 
want to turn tliat offi*". "Is it me?". 
"Why don't we just end practice 
now?" , Alley Oops and Amcx^ba 
Defenses, "Wliere are Nxlton 
and Miles?". .."How ai'jout 
Kenley?", "Being the greatest 
bunch of guys". 

Most Dedicated- Nylton 
Andrade. Lick of Senior Pro- 
duction Award- Ted Duffy and 
Matt Turk. Kneepads Award- 
Steve Prinn. Exemplary Atten- 
dance Aw ard- Hassan Smitli. 

A winning record, a win 
over D.S., a good chiropractor, 
one practice hero (Jeff Baker), 
and all the alley oops and 
amoeba defenses you can 

Win o\er Asliland at liome 
TVX All-Star- Ste\e Prinn 





WM ■* 

^Hly^K \ 




Steve Prinn - 

"He ^as iin- 
ofthe most fun 
people I've 
ever played 

- Ted Duffy 

McLaughlin - 

"A great 

worker. No one 
ever ques- 
tioned his de- 
sire to win." 
- Matt Turk 


"When there. 
Hassan was 
one of the 
most skilled 
players on the 

- Ted Duff>- 

FrontRow (L toR): Hassan Smith. Matt Turk (Capt.). Ted Duff\- (Capt.l, ,Ste\c 
Vnnn. Second Row: Coach Jack Le\ angie. Reed McLaughlin, Mike ( "hasc. l-^aac 
Galvez, Chip Grueter. Josh Orr. Ron Santiago, Asst. Coach Russ Downes, A.sst. 
Coach Mike Reidy 

W H 

A T ' S T 

H E 


















Latin .\cademy 










































Focus On Excellence 


Summary of Season: An out- 
standing season at 15-~ with a 2nd 
place finish to Division 3 champi- 
ons Medvvay. THE seniors: Amy 
O'Brien, Amy Howard, Nicole 
Levangie . . . The emerging stars: 
Freshman Sandy Martisauskas. a 
League All-Star. leading scorer and 
rebounder this season; Tracy 
Howard, freshman guard, staned 
most of the season. Injury to Jen 
MacDonald was a big loss. Under- 
classmen Lindsay Hatch, Sheila 
Bennett, Jen Grady, Colleen 
McDermott, Nicole Neault and es- 
pecially Jess Delaney had strong 
contributions and laid the ground- 
work for a bright future. Outstand- 
ing league play and strong non- 
league games prepared this team 
toward a strong tourney showing. 
The returning players are already 
thinking about a return to Boston 
Garden, similar to the "92 team. 

Memories: "Jeff, your alarm 
clock is going off . . . wake up!" 
"This is our game . . . yeah!!!" Jeffs 
thinking "game" on the bus ride to 

Creative Awards: B.J. Award 
- Amy Howard; Flipper Award -Jen 
Grady: G Award - Colleen 

Bequest to Next Year's Team: 
Outstanding and strong team to- 
getherness. All the hardwork and 
determination that got us far and 
for everyone to try to keep Riley 

Most Memorable Event: at 
Hopkinton. Our outstanding come- 
back from being down by eight 
with four minutes to go in the game 
. . . Westwood rallied to win in the seconds with a great three 
point play. Others: one point loss 
to Medvk'ay at Medway ... A POINT 
WIN at Foxboro . . . 

Honors: Amy O'Brien - Tri 
Valley League All Star, Boston Globe 
Honorable Mention, Patriot Ledger 
All Star, Daily Transcript All Star, 
Team MVP. Sandy Martisuauskas - 
Tri Valley League All Star, Patriot 
Ledger 2nd Team All Star. Lindsay 
Hatch - Tri Valley League Honor- 
able Mention, Team Unsung Hero. 
Sheila Bennett - Team Sportsman- 
ship Award. 


Front Row: (1 to jy.'Jennifer Grady. Amy Howard, Amy O'Brien, Nicole 
Levangie, Sheila Bennett Back Row: Coach Bill Riley, Carrie Beaumont. 
Lindsay Hatch. Jessica Delaney, Nicole Neault, Sandy Matrtisauskas, Tracy 
Howard, Colleen McDermott, Coach Rilev. 

W H 

A T ' S THE 





' 'rr 


Med way 

























































Notre Dame 


Making A Splash 



Summary of Season: The 

1994 Swim Team was a dy- 
namic group of eleven. These 
eleven guys toughed it out 
through cold water and miles of 
workout. Our coach, John 
Lonergan, was truly a special 
person. He didn't yell or scream 
but he still seemed to motivate 
us in even the toughest work- 
outs. Not only did he motivate 
us, he molded us into fine young 
men. We did a lot of growing 
up in the water and out. We 
owe a lot to this man we know 
as "Lunny Goon." We also had 
a great group of new swimmers 

- Sophomore Eric Bielunlis, and 
Freshmen Jonathan Wyler, John 
Crosby and Brian Sheehy. 

Creative Awards: Most 
Likely to Use Foul Language - 
Joe Paparazzo; Most Likely to 
Do an Extra 50 in the 500 - 
Vinnie Guerini; Most Likely to 
Burst into Arnold Swartzenager 

- Rory "Roids" O'Dea; Most 
Likely to Fight Back and Beat 
Up 8 Attackers In or Out of the 
Water -Jim Fitzgerald and Josh 

League AJl-Star- Jim Fitzgerald, Jones. MVP -Jim Fitzgerald 
Unsung Hero- Vincent Guerini 
Sportsmanship Award - Tho- 
mas Gallagher 

^' - I 'W^ .«^"»?mt ^ii_^'' .* ^'MiifJr' 



Wolverines Capture TVL And 
Eastern Mass. Crowns 


Under the leadership of first- 
year Head Coach, Dan Griffin, 
the Wolverines continued their 
winning tradition. In spite of 
several early set-backs and the 
loss of key players, underclass- 
men stepped in to fill the gaps 
and provide the necessary depth 
that a talented team needs to 
remain competitive. 

The early morning practices 
and the vigorous training paid 
off once again as the Woh'er- 
ines skated and fought their 
way the their eleventh consecu- 
tive Tri-Valley League title. In 
addition to their TVL competi- 
tion, they selected difficult non- 
league oppc:inents in Division I, 
Arlington and Division II, Can- 
ton. This strong competition 
provided the necessary ingredi- 
ents to win a berth in the East- 
ern Mass. Tournament. Impres- 
sive wins over Medway, North- 
east Regional and Somerset set 
the stage for the Eastern Mass 
final against Medfield. Medfield 
upset Westwood earlier in the 
season, but is was not to hap- 
pen again, as the Wolverines 
fought their way to a 6-3 and the 
Eastern Mass title. 

The final game pitted 
Westwood against Gardner High 
School, the Central Mass. Cham- 
pions. After three periods of 
outstanding hockey, Gardner 
took the title with an overtime 
goal mid-way through the sud- 
den-death period. 

All-in-all it was another out- 
standing season-the results of 
hard work and playing together 
as a team. The many younger 
underclassmen look forward to 
continuing Westwood's great 
hockey tradition next year. 



^ -* 

Front Row (L to R): Dave McKissock, Bob Gelormini, Mike Mancuso, Rob 
White. Pete Samiotes, Ryan Murphy, Greg ?!tz\l\ Second Row: Steve Lin. Dave 
'aster. Tom Feeley. Mike Hurley. Eric Gundersen. Kent Hinshberg, Mike 
CuilinaneB«c/fe/?oMV Ed Farren, Mike Abate. Steve Butters. Joe Mancuso. Scott 
Liddell. lay Struzzierv', Liam Coen. Sean Kane. 


Hitting The Slopes 



Tliis was our tkst season 
with our new coach Steve 
Menick. The boys team fin- 
ished fourth in the league. Liani 
Coen, Eric Shaw, and P. J. 
McGrail qualified for die State 
R:ice. Tlie girls' team did not 
have the participation tliey had 
hoped to have and were unable 
to qualify as a team for the states 
as tliey had for the past tfiree 
years. Jean Ladouceur, Sue 
Cosgrove, and Jen Ryan quali- 
fied as individuals. Tlie team 
was third in the league. 

Shaw's clown panLs, the 
lodge band, ex-coach Rock, 
Liam's love of self-inflicted tor- 
aire, lack of team spirit, the girls 
starting figlits in the lift line 
(a.k.a. Belinda feasts). Coach 
Steve (a.k.a. Doug), Team mas- 
cot- Guindon (Bobman), Eve, 
Sue Liam, and Eric's premature 
unl( jading fix )m the chaii". 

Most Dedicated Aerialist- 
LiamCoen. Most Beautiful Femi- 
nine Creaaire- Belindas. Best 
Chairlift Vcxals-Jean Lidouceur 
and Nancy McLiuglilin. Best 
Dressed- Eric Shav^'. Best Hair- 
Andy Shabo. 

'Hie Belinda Legend 

A good time was had i:)y all 
who went \o the State Riice 
(despite the sub zero degree 
bus ride). The Race was started 
with two parachuters landing at 
the finish. Tlie competition was 
tough- ail- racing was a top 
pricmty, second only to free 
skiing, jumping, and lodge 

MVP: Jean Ladouceur 
Uasung Hero: Sue Cosgrove 
Sportsmanship: Jen Ryan 

MVP: Liam Coen 
Unsung Hero: PJ. McGrail 
Sportsmanship: Andy Shabo 


Front Row (L to R). Jean Ladouceur fCapt.), Nancy McLaughlin, Jen 
Ryan. Sue Cosgrove, Lisa G-imi^o Second Row (L toR):]o\\n Guindon, 
Eric Shaw (Capt.), Chris XX^oodley, Andy Shabo (Capt.), Eve Anderson, 
Coach Steve MLerrick. Missing. PJ. McGraiL 


Win State Title! 


After a nLimt:)er of fun-filled prac- 
tices, scrimmages, and games, the 
Girls' Ice Hcxkey Team completed its 
second year witli quite a remarkable 
record (6-0-2) and growing suppcjrt. 
Defeating the only TWO public school 
girls' ice hcxkey teams in die state, 
Westwocxl was able to claim tlie state 
title. They also gave a number of 
private schools a run for their money 
when tliey defeated Nobles junior 
varsity, Newton Countiy Day, and 
Portsmouth Abby. Coached by Dr. 
Frank Santopietro and Mr. Phil Speros 
and assistant-coached by Mr. Paul 
Connors, Mr. Artliur Lynch, and Dr. 
Gearon, the team showed tremen- 
dous signs of improvement over die 
last year. Not only could they skate 
better but they also started to use stick- 
handling skills and play as a team. Oft' 
and on the ice, they always had a good 
time and definitely stiirted a great 
addition to "Westwocxl High Sports. 

Memories: I/xker voova chats, 
Liddell's van, M.M. aggressiveness, 
Saturdiiy moming breakfast widi die 
Dads and Dr. Gearon, our first practice 
ever in die Noble's rink at 4:30 am, 
Cliimick, our first falls . . . 

Thanks Dads and Dr. Gearon, 
From the Seniors 

1 i 



Front Row (L toRJ: Michelle Ryan, Karen Lepri, Margo Imbomone, Margaret 
MoUoy , Erica Barr. Caragh Butler, .Meg Sinclair5eco»«//?OM'; Coach Santopietro. 
Beth Lynch, Jennifer Ryan, Julie Connors, Speros. Beth MoUoy, Sarah 
Molloy, Kellie Noumi. Carmen Tilles, Jill Santopietrt), Coach ,Spero.s. 



W - L - T 


A Unified Team 


Summary of Season: As the 

1994 season began, Jack Farrell's 
Wolverines looked poised once 
again to contend for the Tri- Valley 
League championship and a cov- 
eted tournament berth. However, 
hampered by a slow start, the 
Wolverine Nine found themselves 
having to win their last six games 
to reach the tournament. Their 
hopes were extinguished, but not 
without a unified fight from a de- 
termined and gritty squad. 

The Wolverines were led by co- 
captains Mark Randlett and Jake 
House, as well as by returning ace 
Bob DiSabato and pitcher/out- 
fielder Rafael Maione. Randlett 
proved to be as dependable at the 
plate as behind it. Maione flirted 
with the league batting title while 
DiSabato was overpowering to 
opposing betters. The Wolverines 
were overwhelmed with the bat 
and the outfield play of their junior 
gem, David Lynch. Throughout 
the season, frustration was coupled 
with pain as House played every 

game, despite a broken wrist. 
Agony creates character and the 
bottom line was the Wolverines 
grew as a club. They were indi- 
viduals in the beginning and be- 
came a team in the end, nearly 
pulling off a heroic effort to reach 
the tournament. 

Memories: B.P. on one knee, 
"Shade the hole," NICK, squeeze 

Creative Awards: Bob 
DiSabato - The Out-of-Uniform 
Award; Mike Mancuso - The Space 
Cadet Award; Brian Moore - The 
Name That Is Most Likely To Be 
Heard Award. 

Bequest to Next Year's Team: 
Plenty of patience, spirit, and a 
tournament berth 

Most Memorable Meet: 
Maione's no hitter vs. Medway 

MVP - Mark Randlett 
Unsung Hero - Don Murphy 
Sportsmanship - Brian Moore 
TVL All-Stars - Mark Randlett, 
Rafael Maione, Bob DiSabato 

First Row (L to R). Brian Moore, Rafael Maione, Bob DiSabato, Michael 
Collins, Jake House. Mark Randlett, Donald Murphy, Bill Ki\ey Second Row 
Coach Jack Farrell, Chip Grueter, David Layden, David Lynch, Michael Chace 
Back Row Yom Feeley, Bruce Hannon, Greg Staiti.Bill Scales 

W H 

A T ' S T 



























Bishop Fenwick 




















West Roxbury 
















West Ro,xbury 



Bishop Fenwick 


Team Reputation Building 


Sunmiary of Season: V(\egs\s 

finished out tlie season with a 
record of 6 wins and 10 losses. 
Wliile tliis was not enougli to earn 
tlie team a spot in tournament. 
Coach Paula Hillberg is doing an 
excellent j( )b <^f rebuilding die team's 
reputati( )n in the Tri- Valley League. 
Tlie team at times gave such pow- 
erhouses as Bellingham and 
HoUiston a am for tlieir money, 
Coach Hillberg was frequently 
forced to use her infamous quote 
"Too many errors led to too many 
losses" when talking with reporters 
in post-game interviews. All in all. 
the Wolverines had a great time 
this season and returning players 
are expecting an even better one 
next year. 

Memories: Kerry Coleman's 
chronic bout with giantism . . 
.Skittles, Grandmama . . ."When in 
pain, jig it ofR ! !'" "And now for my 
half-time show, I will do a little jig" 
(Beth Lynch) . . . EDO . . . Amy 
Howards' mud-slinging . . . Amy's 
vast array of sunglasses . . . Sarah 
Larch's "Monica Seles" gmnts . . . 
Marisa Rodgers' spin-around swing 
. . . Meg Dolan's fall down .swing at 
D/S . . . "We once again have our 
two fans here -Trish& Tina!" "'Wliy 
I tliink I pulled a kidney!" 

Creative Awards: Potential 
for the Best New Jigger - Lindsay 
Hatch; Best Monica Seles Gmnt - 
Sarah Larch; Worst Swing - Marisa 
Rodgers; Most Eventful and Enter- 
taining .Swing - Meg Dolan 

BequesttoNext Year's Team- 
A year of continuing neu ly cho- 
reographed jigs during half-time 
shows ... A futile attempt of having 
nearly as much fun witliout the 
girls from die of 1994! 

Honors: TriValley League All- 
Star and Daily Tran.script All-Star - 
Kri,sten Hillberg; Tri-'Valley League 
All-Star Honorable Mention - Car- 
rie Beaumont; Daily Transcript All- 
Star and Team MVl^ - Bedi Lynch; 
Unsung Hero - Kerry 'Vogelgesang; 
Sportsmanship Award - Meghan 

nimi I 

Front Row (L to R): Karen Petrou.s, Sarah Larch. .\my Howard (capt. ), Beth Lynch 
(capt.). Kerr\" Vogelgesang. Rodgers Second Row: Coach Hillberg. Kirsten 
Hillberg, Carolyn Mclntyre, Lindsay Hatch. Rebecca Tremble. Meghan Dolan. Carrie 
Beaumont, Erin Mitchell 

Competitive Season 


irst Row (Lto R): Marc Sarouphim, Victor Servello(capt.), Matt Schwartz, Mark 
lassaro Back Row: Chris Murphy, Chris Springer, Drew Thistlewaite, Andy 
orbett (capt). David Weiner, Britt Greenbaum, Coach Dan Damish 

W H 


T H 










































Season Summary: The Boys 
Tennis Team had another solid year 
with its climb back into Tri-Valley 
League contention. Led by senior Andy 
Corbett, and juniors Victor Ser\ello 
and Chris Barr^-, the team played ail its 
opponents tough. Although the final 
record was a disappointing 5 and 7, all 
the losses were close matches. On the 
whole the team is fairly young, and 
should become even better next year 
with another year's experience and 
the hopeful coming of a great season. 

Memories: Whalers hat, unofficial 
captain, the immortal Piz, Coach being 
yelled off the court by a Holliston 
player, Snapple. 

Most Memorable Event: Coach 
Dan Damish confronted by a Holliston 
double's player for arguing line calls 
during a home match. 
Awards: M.V.P. - Victor Servello 
Unsung Hero - Britt Greenbaum 
Sportsmanship - Andy Corbett 
Tri-Valley League All Stars - 

Victor Ser\'ello - First Team 

Britt Greenbaum - Second Team 

irst Row (LtoR): Sushma Komakula, Saumya Sharma, Liz Sulli\an ( capt.), Sarah 
inning (capt.), Joyce Wagner (capt.) B«cfe Row: Ali Lynch, Joanna Michelson, 
irnajaaidi, Raceel Jarudi, Coach, Anne McLaughlin, Anna Piazza, Julie Praino, 
larisa Suescun. 

Summary of Season: The Girls 
Tennis Team once again experi- 
enced a willing season. Their vic- 
tory against Tri-Valley Champ Do- 
ver and their trip to the South 
Sectional semi-finals of the state 
tournament proved them to be a 
strong opponent. Although the 
girls' team did not beat their rival 
Holliston, they held a competitive 
edge, both as a team and individu- 
ally. For the third year in a row, the 
tennis team placed second in a 
league that is getting more com- 
petitive each season. Their 13-4 
record was quite an accomplish- 

1st singles - Liz Sulli\an; 2nd 
singles - Saumya Shamia; 3rd singles 
- Sarah Lanning; 1st doubles -Joyce 
Wagner, Ali Lynch; 2nd doubles - 
Julie Praino, Anne McLaughlin. 

Memories: Beating Dover, sec- 
ond in Tri-Valley League, senior 
power, secret mns to Convenient, 
state tournament semi-finals. 

Most Memorable Event: The 

most memorable match was the 
semi-finals of the South Sectionals 
(state tournament) . Liz Sullivan 
and Saumya Shanna were victori- 
ous at 1st and 2nd singles, but 3rd 
singles, 1st and 2nd doubles expe- 
rienced some of the toughest com- 
petition of the season. doubles 
battled for a point through three 
long sets, and unfortunately were 
beaten. While second doubles 
struggled through a second set tie- 
breaker after losing the first set, 
they were let down. This match 
was more a learning experience for 
the tw' o freshmen. Anne McLaughlin 
and Juilie Praino persisted but un- 
fortunately did not win. Scituate 
conquered Westwood in a very 
close 3-2 match. 

Most Valuable Player - Liz Sullivan 
Unsung Hero - Sarah Lanning 
Sportsmanship - Joyce Wagner 
League All-Stars - Ali Lynch, Saumya 
Sharma, Liz Sulli\an, Joyce Wagner 


A Swinging Good Time 


Summary of Season: 

This season was a lot of fun 
for us all. We had a lot of 
laughs and good times. We 
finished at .500 for the sea- 
son but we had fun doing it. 

Memories: Rob White, 
Steve Reissfelder and Bob 
Gelormini in Millis Center . . 
. All the away car rides . . . 
Matt Bolser's clubs that were 
bigger than he . . . Dave 
Paster and his famous pants. 

Creative Awards: Worst 
Swing Award -John Flaherty; 
Fast Play Award - Dave 
McLaughlin; Let's Make a 
Deal Award - Rob White 

Bequest to Next Year's 
Team: The hope that some- 

day Matt will grow . . . The 
ability- to mess up and laugh 
about it. 

Most Memorable Meet: 
Our match vs Nipmuc Re- 
gional. We all had laid-back 
attitudes and v^e got slapped 
in the face when we lost by 
two strokes. 

Team MVP and Tri-Valley 
League All-Star - Bob 

All - TVL Honorable Men- 
tion - Da\e Reissfelder 
Girls' State Tournament 
4th Place - Jill Santopietro; 
10th Place- Nicole Levangie 
Unsung Hero Awards - Jill 
and Nicole 

First Row (L to R): Jill Santopietro. Nicole Levangie Secotid Row: Rob White, Join . 
Flahert>'. Luke John.son, Dave Paster, Stephen Reissfelder, Bob Gelormini. Coach Ravi 
Kodzis I 

Girls ' Tennis In Actiott 


A Winning Season 


'^irst Row (L to R): Josh Jones. Chris Harrington. Matt Turk. Jim Fitzgerald 
|Capt.). PJ. McGraii (capt.). Ryan Murphy (capt.). Paul O'Connor. Andy Dore, 
bam Jones Second Row: Dan Riley. .Shawn Connelly, Jon .Small. Joe 
Paparazzo. Anthony Eadie. Brendan Cashman, Ron Rateau. RoPi' O'Dea Third 
low: Paul Queally. Justin Lenzo. John Taylor, Kc\ in .Moore. Dan Belachew. 
i\evin Cashman. John Dudley. Ryan McCarthy Fourth Row: Coach Richard 
Hargreaves. Dan Ricciato. Jeremy Close. Tom Gallagher. Alfred Kao. Jon ^X'yler. 
ieorgeLaham. Da\"id Kim. Alex Jowdv. Coach NX'avne Relleva. 

w L T 


ront Row (L to R): Margo hnbornone, Jesica Delaney, Amy Riley, Carolyn 
liner. Sheila Bennett. Lindsay Rose, Lisa Garaffo Second Row: Patty Riley, 
■ ina Duff. Michelle Ryan, Courtney McGowean, Andrea Petrolini, Celia 
oxnbergThird Row: Allison Dick, Rebecca Nasman, Nicole Pallai, Maureen 
eyo, Nicole Xeault, Tracy Ti.sdale Fourth Row: Coach Wayne Relleva. 
ebecca Hoch. Andrea Campbell, Cada Musto, Julie McNeil, Coach Richard 


What can we say . . . league 
champs, first time beating Holliston 
since Chewbacca was a puppy. 
The season started with Coach 
Hargreaves asking for checks, per- 
mits, and uniforms. While dis- 
tance and middle distance runners 
practiced, the sprinters soaked up 
the sun on the pole vault mats 
while checking out the girls' 4 x 
400 team. Meanwhile, we went 
undefeated and set a precedent for 
all lazy boys' track teams to follow. 

The baton ceremony. Book of 
Prospects, Queally running, team 
slogan - "We don't practice, we 
don't . . . ", Dan vs. Dave - a. k. a. P.J. 
\s. Murf., sacrificing Harr}' to the 
High Jumping Gods of Holliston, 

Cash signaling -1 with Routhier in 

close pursuit. 


Most Likely to Start a Fight - 

Brendan Cashman, Hero Brotli- 
ers - Cash and Cash, Most Likely 
to be Shirtless in the Winter - 


Our unpaid checks and per- 
mits, lack of field events and re- 
lay.s, the Doctor's Book of Home 
Remedies, but also the team's ob- 
session - so why does the rest 

Seeing the Gatorade bucket get 
dumped on Coach Hargreaves as 
Cashman signaled victory vs, 


w L T 

5 4 



lc(Ae^ . . . 

We,st\\( )< X.I High's feeble re- 
ply to the Super I^mi. Tlie 
annual Powder Puff pigskin 
competition, pitted tlie haplessly 
disorganized Holnieses agaiast 
the four squads of well-prac- 
ticed, well-c( )ached and sten )id- 
laden ladies. CK'eniiatched from 
the start, the fellas did their best 
t( ) consistently put t( )getlier short 
< )ffensi\'e bursts on theii" half of 
the diimp playing surface. But 
unfortunately, some dimwit 
( probably Moose, one of four 
girls' coaches, along witli Duffy. 
DiSabato and Jowcly) granted 
\\ histles to the likes of crcx)ked 
line judge Mr. Bill Ducheneau 
and liis counterpart, back field 
judge Mr. James Pender, who 
repeatedly' halted soon-tobe 
t( )uchdown drives with tlieir ill- 
advised calls and, perhaps, 
bril:)ed lips. 

Needless to say, the gii"ls 
found out that winning was 
easy . . . once any hint of ethics 
was completely tlirown out the 
window, of course. Up 21-(l 
and showing no signs of fa- 
tigue, they gritted tlieir black- 
ened teeth together and made 
up their minds that the shutout 
would stand. But Ail-American 
cjuarterback Dennis Sykes, re- 
fusing to be unwound by the 
different looks he was getting 
fr( )ni the constantly shifting girls' 
defense, tluew a stjike to newl\'- 
signedjackscmville Jaguar David 
.Siegel deep in liis end zone for 
the boys' only points. Yes, die 
Holmeses overcame the refs, 
the elements, and the shoelace 
handicap . . . cmly to lose 21-7. 


■^'ou put your right toot in 

The girls win, and we owe it all to . . . Rob? 

Andre demonstrating the e\er-p( )pular hand 




;>•. r 

On a beautiful May night, an 
enthusiastic group of soon-to-be 
graduates assembled in tlie spaiced- 
up confines of the cafeteria fcjrtlie 
annual class banquet. With seniors 
filling up tlie se-aLs at tlie dozen 
tables surrounding tlie one reserved 
for faculty, the occasifjn wcuild 
have lieen a prime opportunity' for 
a niiissi ve ( altliough lop-sided ) fcxxl 
tight. However, all guests quickly 
found tliat eating the enomious 
quantities of catered deliglits served 
tliem lietter than launcliing them. 
Tlie e\ ening's agend:i included die 
announcements of die Senior Su- 
perlatives as well as a slide show, 
which seemed to document em- 
barrassing moments in the lives of 
our seniors (just ask Chris 
Harrington) and forced us to ask 
one another if Eileen Neville is 
related to T\'-Kingpin Bob Saget. 
But die most memorable-and, ironi- 
cally enougli , forgettable-event was 
the commencement of "Novel 
Quest," a game first introduced at 
senicjr class advisor Carol 
Rosengarten's own gradiuidon party 
and one diat is, understancLible. 
remarkably popular in France. 
Needless to say, it was a good time 
had b\- all 


Soon were out of here! 

A Portrait. Eric impatient for food. 

We planned xo blend. 


A man and his mission. 

What are they all looking at? 


!.l * 


Best Looking 

Matt Turk mid Betsy Spews 

Best Eyes 

Meghan Dolan and Sam Jones 

Class Clowns 

Laurie Xalbandian and Chr 

Class Saints 

Tricia Dairy and Sccai Mullen 

Class Couple 

Tricia Dairy and P J^ McGrail 

Class Devils 

Dare Siegal and Cava .\as 


Class Wits 

Chiis Qiieally and Beth Lynch 

Class Flirts 

Carolyn Miner and Chiis Daniels 

Most Likely to Attract Attention 

Aicole LeVangie and Jim 


■lost Likely to Bring Home to 
Mom and Dad 

^)U! Clohetiy and Kurt Tondaif 

Most Likely to be Arrested for a 
Good Cause 

Jim Fitzgerald and Meg Farls 

Most Gullible 

Benson Ho and Jill Santopietro 

Most Musical 

Garrett Domina and Jess 

Most Versatile 

Siishma Komaktila and Matt Turk 

Most Creative 

Vicki Lehmann and Mike 


Most Desirable Date 

Ted Duffy cnul Betsy Speros 

Most School Spirit 

fini Fitzgerald cmd Amy Houliiiid 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Eileen Xerille and k'tirt Toiidor/ 

Unsung Heroes 

Mall Turk' and Rebecca Tremble 

Best Artistis 

X'icki Lehmaun and Pete Cafarella 

Done Most for Class 

Joyce Wagner and Andy Corbett 

Most Sarcastic 

Rob Kaufman and Liz Sulliiaii 



r\ \ 



t ••>'*V 

;MtT •••' 

Best Athletes 

Amy O'Brien and P.J. McGrail 

Most Changed Since Juni' 

Dave McKissock and Jen BabcG' 




Ann Cloherty and Jake House 

Best Smile 

Joejowdy and Erika Larch 

Best Laugh 

Dennis Sykes and Sarah Lanning 

Most Unusual Car 

Xathaniel Razza and Jill 

Most Likely to Be Seen in a 

AND Best Actress and Actor 

Eileen Neville and Garrvtt Domina 

Best Hair 

Dai'e Siegal and Sarah Lanning 

Most Spontaneous 

Jim Fitzgerald and Rebecca 

Most Likely to Make a Fast Food 
Run During Lunch 

Mark Randlett and Leanne Little 

Most Likely to Run the Country 

Kim Dennis and Sean Midlen 


rile Sheraton I'm a Hotel 
in Braintree again played host 
to Westwood's Junior-Senior 
Prom, which, as always, was 
well-attended and iiighly suc- 
cessful. Students came by car, 
by limo and e\en by trolie\ 
to light up the night of dining 
and dancing. Meatloaf. al- 
though not in attendance, 
was served on the dinner 
menu. Everyone looked 
■good enough to eat,' as 
they say, but the tater tots at 
the catering table looked 
even better, according to 
most prom-goers (I've got a 
million of 'em). Amy 
Howland was announced as 
Prom Queen, which allows 
her to tour the United States 
ckiring her reign, spreading 
her message of world peace 
as she capitalizes on endorse- 
ment deals and commercial 
offers. Congratulations, Amy. 
But seriously, folks: this years 
prom was truly a time to 


The Junior Court: Miciit-lle Smiley. Carrie Beaumont. Jen Grady, Beth .Mollov 

The Senior Court: Liz Siilli\an. Carol Wan. Amy Howland, Shakira .Soberanis, Kerrv' N'ogeigesang. Bi 

Strike a pose! 


t .' ' . '. --'7 

We're not posing! 


On June 2. 1994, |)aivnls»uKl 
friends joined the graduates a 
few day-s befcire the big day to 
recognize the outstanding 
achievements that certain indi- 
\iduals had accomplished 
throughout their respective se- 
nior year of high school. We, the 
students, dressed in our gowns 
of green and white, listened to 
class Vice-president Andy 
Corbett, give a stirring speech 
on personal and collective 
achievements of the class; Will- 
iam Shakespeare, disguised as 
classmate Eileen Neville, as she 
read the class history of our 
senior year; to Anne Cloherty, as 
she waxed poetic with the 
poem; and to Kurt Tondorf and 
Meg Earls, who happily dedi- 
cated this very book that you 
hold right now to Mr. Delsignore. 
We held our collective breath as 
Mr. D. approached the micro- 
phone to accept his award with 
the fear that he might throw in a 
good-natured turn-of-the-phrase 
or two. but instead he delivered 
a brief, highly emotional fare- 
well speech to our class and ever 
thanked us for the memories. 




And on we marched. 

L^^^.V ^k. I> 

After listening to marching 
music for close to three quar- 
ters of an hour, the senior class 
collecti\el\- sprinted t( ) tlie tv^o 
yellow buses which would 
serve as our cohorts to Cranes 
Beach. Once we arrived, chaos 
ensued. Men got shirtless. 
Wiffle ball, volleyball and 
kadima commenced. And 
three nice guys showed up in 
tile parking lot in a lx?at-up 
old caravan. onl\' to start hurl- 
ing massive quantities of meat 
on the grill to give to us. It 
defined beauty. Meanwhile, 
tlie day was a real .scorcher, 
and since it was low^ tide for 
tlie tetter part of the day, we 
took up residence near the 
water's edge to keep cool. As 
tlie day drew to a close, and 
tlie tliouglit that there were to 
he more days like this one in 
the future . . . but only if we 
could get those tliree guys in 
tlie van to come witli us. 


Kc-llic and Meg buy into the "OK .soda campaign. 

Jill remarks on Leannes full plate. 

Chris wonders what exactly he is pouring on his fo< 

One, tw'O 

%3ff- e 


Liz on the rampage. 

Okay, who's holding up the line 




As president of the Class of 
1994 I am not only honored to 
welcome family, friends, teach- 
ers and adminisiration, but I am 
also proud to speak to you on 
the merits of the Class of 1994. 

The Class of 1994 has had a 
long and memorable career in 
the Westwood Public School 
System. We started kindergar- 
ten in the fall of 1981 and seemed 
to terrorize ever\' teacher we 
met from then on. I can remem- 
ber all of my teachers complain- 
ing at one time or another that 
they had never had so much 
trouble with a class before. But 
it always seemed that l:)y the 
time June rolled around, we 
had endeared ourselves to our 
teachers. They often commented 
on the varied talents and undy- 
ing commitment of the class. 

It appears that the same is 
true of our high school careers. 
We will again be remembered 
for our diverse talents and .strong 
commitment. As a class we can 
boast of accomplishments in 
academics, athletics and the arts. 
This class has produced eight 
Merit Scholars and two Merit 
Finalists. We are also privileged 
to have among us fourteen stu- 
dents who have compleated the 
rigorous Academic Distinction 
Program at the high school. But 
we are not only scholars we are 
athletes as well. The members 
of this have been an inte- 
gral part of championship 
hockey, swimming, track, foot- 
ball and tennis teams. Participa- 

tion in the arts has also grown 
during our years at Westwood 
High. We ha\e witnes.sed the 
de\elopment of a new perform- 
ing arts program and celebrated 
as five of our classmates were 
gi\en Scholastic Globe Art 
.\\\ ards. Hard work and deter- 
mination has led us down the 
long road to these successes. 
We have become patient and 
persistant through the realiza- 
tion that success does not come 
easily. And we have committed 
wholeheartedly to strive to 

This commitment however, 
is overshadowed by the stron- 
ger devotion that the members 
of the class show to each other. 
During our high school years 
we have suffered through the 
loss of teachers, friends and 
family members. When it 
seemed that no one could con- 
sole us, we looked to our par- 
ents and teachers for support 
and there we found the love 
and reassurance that we needed. 
We discovered the reassurance 
that comes with the knowledge 
that someone believes in you. 
But it was our classmates that 
gave us the strength and cour- 
age to continue. We banded 
together to celebrate and to 
grieve. It was the quiet strength 
and unfaltering support that we 
received from each other that 
enabled us to face our sadness 
and carry on wuth the memory 
of those we had lost. We gave 
each other the desire to suc- 
ceed and the willingness to strive 
for excellence. And we have 
matured and become stronger 
because of our hardships. As a 
class we have taken what our 
parents and teachers taught us 
and instilled in each other the 
strength and will needed to suc- 
ceed. And succeed we have! 
Congratulations, Class of 1994! 
We made it together! 

-Joyce Wagner 


VC'elcome to these 

c( Jinniencement exercises. For each of 
you here today tfiis ceremony holds a 
unique meaning. For me, tlus com- 
mencement signals the beginning of 

My path through high schcx^l was 
narrowly defined for me. My desire to 
acliieve academically detemiined much 
of my role in the Westwood High 
School community. School iiiles con- 
strain all high school students. And in 
We.stv\ood. there is limited intellectual 

Next year, I have chosen to go to 
Harvard. In choosing my own patli in 
life, I discovered I needed to define 
myself. For, "If you don't know ^here 
you're going, any road will take you 
there." I needed to understiind my in life, in order to decide my 
ne.xt step. 

But, how can one define oneself} 

Tliis year, I've been trying to figure 
out how other people view me, but 
clearly another's opinion has no im- 
pact on who I am unless I let it affect 
me. However. I thought seeing myself 
from additional viewpoints might aid 
my journey of self-discover>'. 

Ho^' do people view me as an 

Arthur Kcx^.stler wrote, "Tlie defini- 
tion of the individual was: a multiaide 
of one million divided by one million. " 

At Westw(X3d High. I am .stvident 

People are commonly defined by 
categories. Can an individual be de- 
fined by categories. Can an individual 
lie defined by gender, age group, 
etlinicit)', class? 

In Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's 
House, tlie character Helmer says to 
Nora, "First and foremost, you are a 
\\ife and mother." To which Nora 
responds, "Tliat I don't believe any 
more. I belie\e that first and 
I am an individual, as much as you 

I am a wonian interested in matli- 
ematics. Fortunately for me, that is a hot 
category in the student market tliis 
year. Yet, I too believe that I am an 
individual, witli more complexities tlian 
defined liy any categorical description. 

People are also roiitinel>' cla.ssified 
by their environment, tlieir community 


and the people with \\ horn they asso- 
ciate. Westwood students have heen 
depicted as affluent siihuriianites with 
a penchant for unsupenLsed keg par- 
ties. That's not me. Tliis spring. I spent 
my vacation volunteering in homeless 
shelters and soup kitchens in Philadel- 
phia. Tliat's not me eitlier. Hut. I lia\e 
chosen to spend m\- college years in an 
urban emironment Ix-caase I cannot 
reconcile my workcamp experiences 
^ith a contented .suburban commu- 

Tlien, can you define someone b\- 
w hat he or she has done? By lus or iicr 

Of course, a person's experiences 
can significantly shape liis or her per- 
spective. .My experiences can sij^iifi- 
cantly shape his or her perspective. My 
experiences in homeless shelters have 
certainly affeaed my perspective and 
ideals. Actions lend insight into an 
individual, but I lTelie\ e no account of 
a person's actions, no maner how 
complete, can define tliat person. I 
lx'lie\ e someone could film e\ er^- single 
e\ent in my entire life and still not ha\e 
any real .sense of me. For every waking 
moment, I am THEVKING. And it 
would be utterly impossible to com- 
municate 100"^ of my ideas to some- 
one else. 

So I must conclude that an\' true 
definition of self must come from 
w itltin an indi\ idual. .\sThoreau wrote, 
'Public opinion is a weak tvrant com- 
pared with our own private deter- 
mines, or rather indicates, his fate." 

So this year, I've been trying tol 
define myself as I've been contemplat- 
ing what I'm going to do w ith my lifei 
. . . and why. As an individual, I need 
to have faith in my ovkU personal 
purpose in life. I need to define who I 
am and telie\ e in myself. 

Tlioreau wrote tliat, "If one ad- 
vances confidently in direction of his 
dreams, and endeavors to live the life 
wliich he has imagined, he will meet 
with a success unexpected in common 

Indeed, I have met with une.x 
[oected .success, .^fter a lengtliv'. tliouglil- 
provoking application pnxess, I have 
i-)een .selected as the female Presiden 
tial Scholar from Massachusetts. 

I am proud to be speaking todav 
not bec-ause I am a Presidential Scholar 
nor because I am valedictorian, hui 
liecause I am my tmn self, Beckv 
Prout, and my graduation fron 
Westwocxl High SchcxJ Is one succes;- 
along mv- confident advance in the 
direction of my dreams. 

Class of 1 994, 1 bid you to know and ftet 

judge yourselves; don't let anyone 
else's opinions control your lives, he^ 
clause no one else really knows wh( 
you tally are. 

-Rebecca Prouj 



A flock of graduates 

On June 5th. we marched in 
tlie footsteps of tlic )usands Ixjfore 
us to commemorate tlie success- 
ful completion of our high schcx)! 
careers. Amied witli our water 
bazookas, sunblock, and 
JTeachballs, we were ready to 
Ix^at the blazing heat at its own 
game as we faced our families 
and friends in tlie bleachers from 
our 50 yard perspective. No mat- 
ter w^hat image you rememloer 
from tlus, the ultimate step in our 
respective Westwtxxi exi.stences, 
it should be a satisfying one: a 
fellow classmate receiving the 
coveted Walpole Fish & Game 
Award . . . Fitz's headlong flip of 
ecstasy on liis w^ay to getting liis 
diploma . . . Le\'angie and Mr. 
Flahert\' engaging in .sometliing 
other than a handshake. As was 
always tlie case, the of 1994 
left its own unique stamp on tlie 
proceedings without losing sight 
of tradition or a sense of impor- 
tance. After all, tliis was it, tlie last 
time tliat all of u.s-saidents and 
faculty' alike-would assemble at 
Westwood High School. 

here are so many for this diploma! 

What do I do with this? 




Its ^av too hot! 


l-i.fcw^- ^- . •■ 

The poise and maturity of the graduates is evident 





1994 GRAD 

The George Bader Memorial Awards 
The C. Louis Cedrone Education Awards 


The Isaiah Chase Memorial Awai 
The Michael J. Devlin Memorial Awai 
The Dr. Alexander N. Fisher Award 
The Kevin Harnett Memorial Award 
The Edward J. Huber Award 
The Duane E. Kocina Memorial Awards 

The Principal's Leadership Awards 

The Robert L. Raymond Memorial Award 
The Superintendent's Aw^ard 
The E. W. Thurston Award 




The Julia Babineau Memoipal Awards 
The Judith A. Bo lies Memorial Awara^- 
The Christina Grueter Memorial AwJNI 
The Geoi^e M. Hancox Memorial Award 
The John C. Harrington Memorial Award 
The Albert Lesfer Memorial Aw^ard 

The Paul Mitchell Memorial Aw^ard 
The Daniel S. Ringel Memorial Award 
The Thomas Michael Smith Memorial 
The Richard Stack Memorial Award 
The John J. Makarian Award 

9HV Ttr" 

'^iizabeth Lynch 
Matthew Turk 
Cara Nasisi 
Courtney Patterso 
Saumya Sharma 
Garrett Domina 
Joshua Jones 
Robert Kaufman 
Anne Cloherty 
Amy Rowland 
Nicholas Ganson 
Ellen Houle 
Carol Wan 
Andrew Corbett 
Nicole LeVangie 
Joyce Wagner 
Rebecca Prout 
Sarah Lanning 
Christina Spiniello 
Elizabeth Sullivan 
Jill Santopietro 
Sushma Komakula 
Eileen Neville 
Margaret Earls 
H. Edward Duffy 
Carolyn Dunn 
Kurt Tondorf 
Kimberlyn Dennis 
Paul O'Connor 
Kurt Tondorf 
Patricia Darcy 
Cara Nasisi 


:i '.L sr 






We entered NXesrwood High 
School as a class in 1990, Vanilla 
Ice or M.C. Hammer blaring from 
our headphones-that is, until the 
administration took our 
Walkmans away. Teenage angst 
had not yet been invented, but 
we freshmen fought hard to re- 
tain our reckless pride, as seem- 
ingly hamiless upperclassmen led 
us outside the building on the 
way to one of our required 
classes-READING. We were 
faceless and immature, a far cry 
from what we would become, 
namely recognizable and more 
immature. No more Teen Cen- 
ters for us-we had reached an 
entirely different system with its 
own entirely different set of rules. 

Tliese said rules kept us from 
really turning the school on its 
head in our first year, because, as 
an unwritten law, freshmen did 
not expect to have a great deal of 
influence in school activities or 
sports, and it showed. Our lack 
of school spirit as a class was 
well-documented by our unwill- 
ingness to be screaming heroes 
at pep rallies. The senior class 
president's cry of, "All right, fresh- 
man class, let me hear you!" was 
usually met with a resounding 
silence. As president of the class, 
with vice-president Ben Chris- 
tian, secretary Tina Spinello, and 
treasurer Denise Cullinane, I 
know from first-hand experience 
that we were the first class of 
WHS to raise a negative amount 
of money. 

All right, so we weren't the 
best class in terms of fundraising, 
but we did sponsor a few school 
events that deserved some merit, 
if not high marks for originalit\'; 
the car wash/bake sale, which 
took place in the rain, gave us a 
sen,se of responsibility . . . while 
giving the owners of the cars a 
sense that angry high school 
teens just dried off their vehicle 
using sandpaper; I'm pretty sure 
that we had a dance, and if we 
did, I'm pretty sure that it was a 

good time; and finally (and per- 
haps, most importantly), ourend- 
of-the-year barbecue bonanza 
was a huge sensation with burger 
and hot-dog lovers alike. I re- 
member that you could walk up 
to the cook, Mr. Geary, and, very 
politely so as not to get him 
enraged, ask him if you could 
have your burger cooked well, 
medium-well, medium-rare, or 
rare. Boy, was that delicious. 

WTien the t\'pical freshman 
couldn't find either a car wash or 
a barbecue to attend, he or she 
had several options during the 
1990-1991 school year. One 
could a) check out a hockey 
game involving the .soon-to-be 
crowned champions of 
Westwood High, b) check out 
the football team, which was 
probably in the act of beating 
every team besides Holliston 
again, or c) check out one of two 
wars of equal importance-the 
Persian Gulf War, starring 
Norman Schwarzkopf, broad- 
casted on tape delay by CNN, or 
the second annual, SpringFling- 
associated Color War, starring a 
team captain whose nickname is 
"Snake. " As I said, you could 
take your pick. But once you 
were labeled a freshman, as in, 
"Josh Jones, Freshman," you 
would stay that way until late 

Kurt Tondorf 


The Class of 1994 returned to 
Westwood High School in the 
fall of 1991, slightly less appre- 
hensive about its 8-3 world for 
the next nine months than the 
class had been the year before. 
In the classrooms, the halls, the 
playing fields, and various club 
organizations, everyone was a 
little more secure and confident 
about his or her respective niche 
and role. The high school be- 
came a slightly smaller place, as 
for the first time we were no 
longer the low men on the totem 
pole. The Westwood High School 
Community was no longer a for- 
eign one, but our own. Our 
freshman initiation was in the 
past; and although still under- 
classmen, we kicked off the year 
on an ambitious note early in the 
fall. October saw a dual-activity: 
the Car Wasli/Bake Sale intended 
to raise money for the variety of 
events in the coming year. Shortly 
before Christmas vacation, un- 

der our sponsorship, the entir 
school began a drive that laste 
for several months. The drive 
purpose was to raise money fc 
a bc^ne marrow transplant searc 
for a local leukemia victim, sever 
year-old Kevin McNully. Aftt 
the winter months passed, an 
spring v^as well under way, th 
Sophomore Class sponsored 
highly successful freshman 
sophomore semi-formal in mic 
May. As the year wound dov^r 
late May saw a car wash, whicl 
although small, further added t 
the growing treasury' of the clas 
Our sophomore year cor 
eluded with a well-attended an 
enjoyable beach trip 
Horseneck Beach in early Jun( 
We left the high school in tl 
spring of 1992 a little older, a littl 
wiser, and highly cognizant t 
the difficult junior year whic 
loomed ahead. 

Meg E;ii 


In the fall of 1992 we, tf 
Class of '94, returned for oi 
third tour of duty here : 
Westwood High School. We ha li 
finally reached upperclassma 
.status, an exciting and appn 
hensive time in which we toe: 
on increasing responsibility ar 
involvement in the school con 

The newly established scho 
constitution and governing sy 
tem, which many members 
the Class of '94 had helped 
create, presented our class with 
perfect opportunity to in\ol\ 
itself in the .school communit 
Juniors served admirably in e 
ery branch of the goveman< 
system and were instaimental 
ensuring the success of our i 
fant Constitution. 

Academically, junior year v^- 
notoriously difficult and pn 
sure filled as it was very influe 
tial in detennining our futu 
plans. It was a year when st 
dents were forced to juggle d 
manding courses, SAT's, Achiev 
ment tests, AP Exams, and tl 
start of the college search. Wi 
the help and support of o 
teachers the Class of '94 r 
spondee! successfully to the ch; 
lenge presented by an intimid: 
ing academic year. 

On the athletic field this cl; 
had a strong reputation as a cl; 
of gifted athletes and fierce coi 
petitors. This reputation 

)nly strengthened by our junior 
'ear performance in the Tri-Val- 
ey League and beyond. The 
ootball team enjoyed an unde- 
eated season and a Superbowl 
hampionship. Equally as im- 
)ressive was the performance of 
he Girls' Swim Team which 
)osted a 10-0 record. Other 
mpressive perfonnances were 
umed in by the Boys' Hockey, 
iris' and Boys' Basketball, Base- 
)all. Boys' Track and Girls' Ten- 
lis Teams, as all made impres- 
ive appearances in their respec- 
ive state tournaments. New to 
"le 'Westwood athletic scene was 
le Girls' Hockey Team which 
njoyed its first of many seasons 
D come. 

The implementation of the 
ace Program our junior year at 
('estwood High also experienced 
uccess especially with its pro- 
uctions of "The Dining Room " 
nd the musical "Mame." 

All and all, the Class of '94, 
nder the leadership of the class 
fficers Joyce "Wagner, Jen 
abcock, Pete Cafarella, and 
sine Cloherty, and class advisor 
Ir. Edward Baker enjoyed a 
uccessful junior year at 
Westwood High School. A com- 
Drtable compromise between 
ard work and ftm allowed our 
lass to establish itself in the 
:hool community and enjoy 
urselves in the process, setting 
le stage for a great senior year. 

Matt Turk 


Freshman, sophomore, and 
inior years fast becoming a blur, 
e walk the hallowed halls of 
/estwood High with a new feel- 
ig of importance. Call it wis- 
om; call it maturity; we like to 
ill it SENIORIT\^ We fixed our 
hedules up just right-a few 
)ugh courses to impress the 
allege admissions officers with 
:st the right amount of easy 
nes to breeze through. "We 
Dmmandeered our old lockers 
om cowering freshmen. And 
ith some weak, yet perennial 
ack-to-school complaints, we 
egan our last year of high school, 
'ur teachers beamed with pride 
i the Class of 1994— their per- 
)nal favorite, no doubt-came 
to its own. 

"Who can forget those first few 
lys . . . a hands-on experiment 

group bonding, providing an 
ccellent opportunity to catch 

up on everyone's summer under 
the guise of educational games. 
(Of course, graduation require- 
ments now include the ability to 
build a ten-foot tower from news- 
papers and tin foil.) 

As we eased through the first 
months of school, we realized 
that Senior Year was a lot like 
every other year, except that a 
photographer mysteriously ap- 
pears at any function preceded 
by the words "Senior Class," such 
as the Powder Puff football gaine 
-where the women of the class 
showed their true pigskin prow- 
ess with a 21-7 win over the 
boys, despite some shady tactics. 
(Eighteen guys for one play? 
Come on, men, lose gracefully!) 

From Halloween to Home- 
coming, life was smooth-sailing 
and fun until the harsh reality of 
college applications ran us over 
like a Mack truck. 'What was 
once a vague suggestion from 
our guidance counselors soon 
became a menacing threat: 
"Choose colleges. " Some of our 
classmates were lucky enough 
to fill out just one application. 
Other college hero-types went 
for such obscene numbers as 
twelve or thirteen. 

As the Early Acceptances 
poured in during November and 
December, the acceptees basked 
in the glory of their accomplish- 
ments, declared the work days 
over, and never looked back. 
The rest of us had some time to 
kill, so in the true and unique 
spirit of the Class of 1994, we 
procrastinated. In spite of being 
advised by our beloved guid- 
ance counselors to finish our 
applications before vacation, 
many of us had forms and essays 
to go alongside our holiday fun, 
and a cold trip to the post office 
at 11:45 on New Year's Eve. 

Back to school-sigh-but it was 
1994 at last! Mid-years fast ap- 
proaching, we valiantly attempted 
to keep holiday cheer alive with 
"Acquainted with the Night," a 
misplaced holiday semi-formal, 
organized and executed by the 
Senior Class. "Danson" and 
"Holmes" had somehow found 
their way into our everyday vo- 
cabulary; and we began to de- 
velop that strange feeling in the 
pits of our stomachs, commonly 
known as SENIORITIS. Exams 
came and went and the Senior 
Slump officially began! "Home- 
work" became a term used only 

by underclassmen, teachers and 
now and then, a parent. 

Barraged by blizzard-like con- 
ditions this winter, we took our 
time off graciously; and when no 
one else was looking, we un- 
abashedly pleaded with the heav- 
ens for more snow, as there were 
no make-up days awaiting us 
seniors in June. Febaiary vaca- 
tion passed like nothing more 
than a long weekend, and we 
were back faster and less rested 
than we'd have liked. As winter 
drew to a blustery close, we 
danced and carwashed and 
karaoked our way into Spring. 

April came and brought joy 
for most, and temporary heart- 
break for some as college deci- 
sions rolled in. April vacation 
saw the luckier members of the 
class in tropical climates, while 
the rest sat in "Wesrw,'ood. Nine 
short, yet funfilled days later, we 
were back again, greeted by a 
later-than-usual Spring Fling 
Week, ^'ith Mr. WHS, the first 
Lip-sync in three years, and a 
Senior Class sponsored student/ 
faculty basketball game (special 
thanks to the faculty for being 
such gracious losers). All eyes 
watched the countdown on the 
cafeteria message board with just 
five weeks left to go. 

It was early May when we 
shook our heads knowingly as 
the juniors crammed for the 
S.A.T.'s. "Ha ha!" we scoffed, 
knowing we will never again 
experience that form of torture. 
But we had our own problems - 
AP Exams. Three hours of a 
different kind of hell, testing all 
we'd ever hope to know about 
subjects we'd hope never to see 

In May, we learned the true 
advantages of being a senior: the 
senior activities. (And the quiet 
peace of knowing that when 
June comes, we'll no longer be in 
school). The wami breezes of 
May made school pranksters feel 
frisky, evidenced by the Port-O- 
Pott\' and toilet paper decor wliich 
mysteriously appeared one early 
morning in the courtyard. Pre- 
sentation of Senior Superlatives 
by our devoted yearbook editors 
and the crowd-pleasing "Novel 
Quest" game were higlilights of 
our Senior Banquet. And it was 
a delicious culinary success (al- 
though they did run out of cheese 

We were all but done, except 

for "Times to Remember, " our 
prom (complete with that first- 
class piece of cinematography, 
the pre-prom assembly/slide 
show). Then classes ended ( in- 
sert: "Hallelujah Chorus") and 
we faced the inevitable final ex- 
ams followed by those pesky 
"senior obligations"-locker 
checks, book returns, etc.-all pa- 
thetic attempts to keep us here 
longer. With those small deter- 
rents out of our way, we began 
Senior Activities Week. We prac- 
ticed long and hard and learned 
to march-and we're good, aren't 
we? We ate steamers and frol- 
icked on the sands and splashed 
around in water roughly the tem- 
perature of freshly melted ice at 
Crane's Beach; we shared a lovely 
catered dinner with friends and 
family tonight and now we sit at 
Class Night, to applaud the many 
and varied achievements of our 

And as a class, we all deserve 

We can leave Westw'ood High 
boasting many achievements- 
academic, artistic and athletic. 
We may not have been the most 
spirited class to walk these halls, 
we may procrastinate, and we 
may occasionally complain, but 
in the end we made each mo- 
ment here count. In our four 
years, we've seen sports teams to 
league, division, sectional and 
even state championships. We 
ha\e among us several Boston 
Scholastic Art Award winners. In 
our midst roam National Merit 
and Presidential Scholars. Our 
arts program has grown before 
our very eyes, so that we now 
have plays and musicals and 
After Dinner Theaters to delight 
audiences each year. Whole 
new sports teams and organiza- 
tions have developed under us; 
and thrived with our enthusiastic 
support. We've even re\'ived the 
long-deal Lip-sync. In short, 
we've left a legacy' not soon to be 

Now the only thing ben\'een 
us and a diploma is one more of 
those awful rehearsals to that 
dreary "Pomp and Circumstance. " 
We've made it this far; we're 
almost done. This place will 
become our altna mater and 
we'll head out into the world for 
another fun four-year adventure. 
So congratulations. Class of 1994. 
We've earned it. 

Eileen Neville 





We the meml:)ers of the Class of 1994 of Westwoocl High School. 
Westwood. Massachusetts, count)' of Norfolk, USA, Planet Earth, 
here by declare this last will and testament, thus voiding any previous 
wills and codicils. 

We leave to the Class of 1995 all of those invigorating college 
proce.sses, i.e. applications, inter\ie\NS, clepo.siLs, rejections, as well 
as a year of "sanity^" and " living." 

We leave to the Class of 1996 the Junior/Senior Prom, as well as the 
privilege of taking on a new identity and coming that much closer 
to being one of us ... An IIPPERCIASSMAN. 

We leave to the Class of 1997 a place at Wesrwood High School 
where they belong, theii" own sophomoric beha\'ior, and the ability 
not to get caught. 

We leave to the Class of 1998 a handbook detailing proper behavior 
when around any upperclassmen, the ability to calm down, and 
specific instructions i'or getting off to a great start at WTiS. 

I, Rania Awde, lea\e to Dolly Awde, a recorded message of me 
telling you to hurry up, for you to play every morning. 

I. Meg Earls. lea\e to Mike, peace in the mornings, and complete 
control over the "other room". And to Bill Scales I leave a lock of the 
cherished Golden Fleece. 

I, Fitz, leave to Shawnly my "Go Climb a Rock" shirt. Drew my back 
pack, and to Jay my stunning good looks. 

I, Katie GaU^her, leave to my sister Jenny, our mom, aka History 
teacher. Good luck Kid! 

I, Bob Gelonriini, leave to all my underclassmen friends, the pain 
and traumas I suffered in my High School education. 

I, Darce Gorgone, leave to Jamie Carrabis, the secrets of survival, 
understanding, respect for others, and a pack of cigarettes. 

I, Ellen Gorman, leave to Jen Babcock all our good times and to 
Kerry R. my experience. 

I, Elizabeth Gurski, leave to Dolly Awde a pair of pajamas with 
purple trolls on it. 

I, Chris Harrington, leave to my brother a year oi hell with Matt. 

I, Svenn Babcock, leave to Svellen Gonnan, many friends ha\'e 
come and gone with all the years that passed, but you my friend, are 
one who will always last. 

I, Elsie Burgess, leave to Ms. Hall, a free ticket to my opening night 
on Broadway. 

I, Julie Chiofolo, leave to Jen McDonald, a new knee and enough 
time to make up for the parties she missed. 

I, Anne Cloherty, leave to my parents, finally an empty house, an 
empty phone, an empty' wallet, and peace of mind. 

I. Kevin Harrington, leave to underclassmen the ability^ to have a 
good time. 

I, Cathy Haverty, leave toJ.C, "the N.C., a membership to 
B2WA, and a "get out of reading free" card. 

I, Benson Ho, leave to the faculty of WHS, my little hampsters (three 
of them), my socks, my shaving cream and all my best wishes. 

I. Ryun Hee Hong, leave to all the teachers I had, all my thanks and 
gratitude for anything and everything I ha\e received from each 

I, Sam Coffey, leave to Mr. Rex Babiera, a lifetime teaching certificate 
at WHS. 

I, Todd Collier, leave to Greg Mattera, all the sessions that he could 
possibly desire, only at BOB time. 

I, Denise Cullinane. leave to Michael Cullinane, a new parking 
space, my Cranberries CD, a stack of college guides, and a D.D. 

I, Theresa Curran, leave to Nora Curran, my Reading and Math 
requirement and to most of the Class of '94 the best of luck. 

I, Tricia Darcy, leave to Steph Connelly. The title of "Mother" and 
the best of luck "NEXT" year. 

I, Kimberlyn Dennis, leave to Latifii my seat on the bus and to the 
other METCO Students, early mornings, bumpy rides, and unbear- 
able bus drivers. 

I, Bob Disabato, leave to Egga, THE tight nimp jeans. 

I, Garrett Farwell Domina, lea\'e to Wesley Tyler Davis, Mike. 

I, Ted Duffy, leave to Steve and Bill, the coveted ability that has been 
handed down for years. From McFarlane, to Elio, to Me . . . and now 

I, Meghan Dolan, leave to my brother, Chile, my car and the right 
to get to school an\time he wishes. 

I, Amy Howard, leave to Jessica Delaney, brainrichdantim. 

I, EUenHoule, leave to Dolly Awde, the famous Pen 15 Club, let the 
memory go on strong. 

I, Jake House, leave to Bill Scales, the beauty of planting a "Buddy 
Holly" in the back of the net. 

I. Jim Hunter, leave to Ke\'in Moore, my enonnous Danish lungs 
to help you in track, and an ocean of Mountain Dew to wash down 
all the tacos. 

I, Kimberlyjacobson, leave to Carrie Beaumont, a perfect set and 
a pancake. 

I, Sean Kane, lea\'e to Dave Paster, more knowledge on Vlotar, 
master of the Universe. 

I, Rob Kaufman, leave to Wesrwood High notfiing! I'm taking it all 
with me. He Vi ho dies with the most toys wins! 

I, Sushma Komakula, leave to Kelly Ristaino, of luck in ail her 
district auditions, and to Jane Neville and Jess Chiricotti, Thursday 
night's climax. 

1, JenLadouceur, leave to Nancy McLaughlin the belinda legend tc 
carry out and two boys under the chair. 

I, Erika Larch, leaxe to mv sister, Sarah, and Scottie, a new chauffeui 


vV ■ 


to take you -^-herever you have to go. 

I. VickiLehmann. leave to the girls' soccer team, the tradition of the 

I. Bonnie Levinson, leave to Margo Imbomone, all the Girls Ice 
Hockey equipment and the super stick. 

I, Leanne Little, leave to Maureen Sullivan, the freedom to caiise 
Fort Lauderdale and hopefully a visit to "The Rat" spring break 1997 

I, Beth Lynch, leave to Bill Scales, a stack of subpoenas and to my 

parents tlie presence of "Dirger" in the driveway. 

I. Amy Magnuson, leave to my little brother Scott, a big, blue 1977 
Buick Electra with a broken heater and squeaky brakes. 

I. Debbie Martin, leave to Dolly and Lee-Lee, Rania's and my 
gathering spot in the Math wing and our lockers. 

I, PJ. McGrail, leave to Bill VanGelder possession of our "Book of 
Prospects" and the job of presiding over baton rituals. 

I, BarbaraH. Miller, leave to my sister, Judith M. Miller, tlie next four 
years at WHS to work hard, get a lot of homework, and have fun. 

I, Carolyn Miner, leave to Shawn Connolly, the position of Class 
Treasurer with its early morning meetings, dues collection, constant 
nagging, and Mrs. 
Rosengarten-Have Fun! 

I, Brian Moore, leave to Kev, my intestinal fortitude, and a bounty 
of tacos 

I, Sean MuUen, leave to my five brothers a shadow to walk in and 
shoes too big to fill. 

I, Ryan the "Murf , leave to Chris Murphy, (unholmes), the 
Chemiosmatic theory of Noncyclic Photophoryglation in the Caiseta 
of Mitochondria. 

I, Donald Murphy, lea\'e to my brother Brian, my locker and all the 
referrals that come with it. 

I, Cara Nasisi, leave to Ryan Menice, jazz recordings and excellent 
science notes. 

I, Eileen C. Neville, leave to Daniel J. Ricciato, Wesley T. Davis, 
Jessica M. Chiricotti, and Jane E. Neville, a pencil, a dime, a baby deer, 
and the charmed life, respectively. 

I, Kelllie Noumi, leave to Mrs. Bishop and the gang in B and E free 
blocks a tape recorder and a tape with my voice on it. 

I, Paul O'Connor, leave to the cross countiy team the cross-country 
tooth bmsh and a personal inteiA-iew with Michael Mahon. 

I, Amy O'Brien, leave to Erin Mitchell, The Truth! It will help you 
in future life, learn it!! 

I, Jennifer Paris, leave to Nora Curran, credits to graduate and a 
lifetime membership to B2WA. 

I, Courtney E. Patterson, lea\'e this school, and I'm not coming 

L Irv-Anne Maria Paul, leave to my friends my undying friendship, 
doublemint gum, best luck in die future and my "attitude." 

I, Chris Queally, leave to Bill VanGelder, all my hair and the 
ability-' to buy. 

I. Nathaniel Razza, leave to Greg Mattera and Reid McLaughlin, all 
future road trips AND THE Hellman's Jar. 

I, BUI "Holmes" Riley, leave to Chris Murphy, the game of tickles 
with Bob and Mandy. 

I, Kerrie Robertson, leave to Nora Curran, my attitude, my men 
troubles and to take charge of the bathroom. 

I, Rosanna Rodriguez, leave to my teachers and junior friends, my 
smiles and my locker to whom it may interest. 

I, Peter N. Samiotes, leave to Dave Paster, all my cars, boats, houses, 
islands, women, and the Vlotar black dot. 

I, JillSantopeitro, leave to Gina Duff, the Keys (even though they 
are not needed) to the Panel Wagon for a ride to Thursday night 

I, Andy Shabo, leave to the Class of '95 a bowl full of laughs. 

I. Tina Spiniello, leave to Suzy Riley and Katie Galvin, the best of 
luck in swimming and the 200 IM. 

I, Ben S. Stuart, leave to \XT1S, memories of my craziness echoed 
with the ringing of laughter . . . 

I, Andre Suescun, leave to Marissa, one final glorios, cranium 
shattering, top of the world, everlasting, headship. 

I, Liz Sullivan, leave to Mo Sullivan, the keys to the Camiy and 
pennission to leave during school hours. 

I, Dennis Sykes, leave to Layden & Lynchie, my McHale-type post 
moves and hopes that you will someday improve enough to give me 
a good game, 

I, Carmen Tilles, leave to Jen Grady, my worn-out, smelly cleats - 
and one more year with Nub. 

I, KurtTondorf, leave to Mr. Rex Babiera, the Yobtofskies. 

I, Rebecca Tremble, leave to Joshua Tremble, the influence of my 
name; use it wisely. 

I, Matthew Turk, leave to Peter "Pags ' Turk, a nickname, $1.65, my 
LP collection, and three more Winters with "Hump." 

I, Kerrie Vogelgesang, leave to my mother and brother a more 
peaceful house and to Wes Davis the burden of the message board. 

I, Joyce Wagner, leave to Gate Wagner, S20 to take a cab. 

I, Carol M. Wan, leave to Joycee and "the Juniors" my beat up old 
1984 Silver Chevrolet, the worst piece of junk on wheels. 

I, Rob White, leave to Gundy, a strong will to win it all with a team 
capable to doing it. 

I, Brooke Wire, leave to Julie Chiofolo, a house in Westwood. 

I, Christine York, leave to Mr. Rettman, gossip, and to Maca and 
Jean, all the Bahamas memories. 


;■ 'i^ 

How time has flown . . . 

1 Meghan Dolan 

2 Rebecca Tremble 

3 Garrett Domina 

4 Jessica Barsamiam 

S Julie Chiofolo 

9 Amy Magnuson 

13 Carl Gelormini 

6 Carolyn [5unn 

10 Todd Collier 

14 Kerrie Robertson 

7 Ryan Murphy 

11 Jennifer McDonald 

15 Elise Burgess 

8 Ryun Hee Hong 

12 Carmen Titles 

16 Ellen Houle 





1 Sushma Komakula 

5 Jenifer Paris 

9 Cara Nasisi 

13 Darci Gorgone 

17 Anne Cloherty 

2 Meg Earls 

6 Ellen Gorman 

10 Tina Spiniello 

14 Magda Marseilles 

18 Denise Cullinane 

3 Sarah Lanning 

7 Counney Patterson 

11 Leanne Little 

15 Liz Gurski 

19 Amy O'Brien 

4 Maureen Inig 

8 Kim Jacobson 

12 Andy Corbett 

16 Carol Wan 

20 Andy Dorc 


1 Nathaniel Razza 

2 Debbie Martin 

3 Slrakira Soberanl^ 

4 Brooke Wire 

5 Rob White 

6 Andre Suescun 
Paul O'Connor 

8 Erika Lareh 

9 Brian Moore 

10 \icki Lehmann 

1 1 Nick Ganson 

12 Christine \'ork 

13 Amy Howland 

14 Chris Queally 

15 Jake House 

16 Eileen Neville 

17 Joyce Wagner 

18 Beth Lynch 

19 Cath\- Haverr\' 

20 Kevin Harrington 


'Uichael Mancuso 
Ir -.\nne Paul 
Kt'llie Noumi 
Jean Ladouceur 

5 Chris Woodley 

6 Amy Howard 

7 Mark Randlett 

8 Kim Dennis 

9 Betsy Speros 

10 Jill Santopietro 

1 1 Ben Stuart 

12 Katie Gallagher 

13 Dave McKissock 

14 Rob Kaufman 

15 Nicole LeVangie 

16 Barbara Miller 

17 Jim Hunter 

18 .\ndy Shabo 

19 Carolyn Miner 

20 Rania Awde 


1 Saumya Sliarma 

2 Bonnie Levinson 

3 Sam Coffey 

4 Liz Sullivan 

5 Patricia Darcy 
fa Chris Harrington 

7 Matt Turk 

8 Kerry Vogelgesang 

9 Laurie Nalbandian 

10 David Siegel 

1 1 Don Murphy 

12 Theresa Curran 





•J f\' 


ft 'V 


Lavon Anderson 
Rania Awde 
Jessica Barsamian 
Jennifer Babcock 
Hossein Bayat 
Elise Burgess 
Peter Cafarella 
Julie Chiofolo 
Jeff Churvi'in 
Anne Cloherty 
Sam Coffey 
Todd Collier 
Robert Collins 
Ryan Collins 
Andy Corbett 
Denise CuUinane 
Theresa Curran 
Christopher Daniels 
Patricia Darcy 
Kim Dennis 
Robert DiSabato 
Meg Dolan 
Garrett Domina 
Andrew Dore 
H. Ted Duffy 
Carolyn Dunn 
Meg Earls 
Jim Fitzgerald 

Kate Gallagher 
Nick Ganson 
Darci Gorgone 
Ellen Gorman 
Elizabeth Gurski 
Christopher Harrington 
Kevin Harrington 
Benson Ho 
Ryvm Hee Hong 
Ellen Houle 
Jacob House 
Amy Howard 
Amy Howland 
James Hunter 
Maureen Ittig 
Kim Jacobson 
Josh Jones 
Sam Jones 
Joseph Jowdy 
Sean Kane 
Robert Kaufman 
Sushma Komakula 
Jean Ladouceur 
Sarah Lanning 
Erika Larch 
V'iki Lehmann 
Nicole LeVangie 
Bonnie Levinson 
Leanne Little 

U-Mass. Amherst 
Boston University 
Boston University 
U-Mass Amherst 
Roger Williams University 
Wesleyan University 
University of Rhode Island 
American University 
College of the Holy Cross 
Union College 
Merrimack College 
Merrimack College 
Tufts University 
Colby-Saxvyer College 
Suffield Academy 
University of So. Carolina 
College of the Holy Cross 
University' of Pennsylvania 
Phillips Andover 
Northeastern University 
Columbia University 
University' of Richmond 
College of the Holy Cross 
Assumption College 
McGill University' 
Virginia Polytechnical Insti- 

College of the Holy Cross 
Clark University 
LaSalle College 
Framingham State 
Babson College 
Rutgers University 
Colby College 
Goucher College 
University of Maryland 
U-Mass Amherst 
University of Maryland 
U-Mass Amherst 
University of Rochester 

Lake Forest College 
Trinit\' College 
Northwood School 
Duke University 
Boston University' 
University of Connecticut 
College of the Holy Cross 
University of New Hampshire 
Mass College of Art 
Mary Washington 
Brandeis University 
Boston College 

Elizabeth Lynch 

Amy Magnuson 
Raffaele Maione 
Phillip Maloof 
Mike Mancuso 
Magda Marseille 
Deborah Martin 
Jennifer McDonald 
P. J. McGrail 
David McKissock 
Barbara Miller 
Carolyn Miner 
Brian Moore 
Sean Mullen 
Donald Murphy 
Ryan Murphy 
Laurie Nalbandian 
Cara Nasisi 
Eileen Neville 
Kellie Noumi 
Amy O'Brien 
Paul O'Connor 
Jen Paris 

Courtney Patterson 
In"-Anne Paul 
xMark Philbrick 
Rebecca Prout 
Chris Queally 
Mark Randlett 
Nathanial Razza 
William Riley 
Kerri Robertson 
Peter Samiotes 
Jill Santopietro 
Andy Shabo 
Saumya Sharma 
Fred Shaw 
Shakira Soberanis 
Elizabeth Speros 
Christina Spinello 
Andre Suescun 
Liz Sullivan 
Dennis Sykes 
Carmen Tilles 
Kurt Tondorf 

Rebecca Tremble 
Matthew Turk 
Kerry 'Vogelgesang 
Joyce Wagner 
Carol Wan 
Robert White 
Brook Wire 
Christopher Woodley 

Christine York 
Ian Zafft 

Boston College or Babson 

(not sure) 
Bridgewater State College 
Suffolk University 
Franklin Pierce 

N.E. School of Art and Design 
Salem State College 
Boston College 
Boston College 
Bates College 
Castleton State 
University of Virginia 
Colby College 
Wheaton College 
Boston College 
Northeastern University 
Saint Lawrence 
Westfield State 
Ithaca College 
Harvard University 
Northeastern University 
Salem State 
Westfield State 
Lesley College 
Smith College 

University of New Hampshire 
Franklin Pierce 
Harvard University 
Bates College 
Castleton State College 
Tulane University 
Villanova University 

Bentley College 
Middlebury College 
Castleton State College 
Brandeis University 
New Hampton School 
Johnson and Wales 
Miami of Ohio 
Wheaton College 
U-Mass. Amherst 
College of the Holy Cross 
Boston University 
University No. Carolina - 

Chapel Hill 
Catholic University 

Wheaton College 
Middlebuiy College 
Tufts LTniversit\' 
Suffield Academy 
No. Adams State College 
New England Institute of 

No. Adams State 
Washington State 



, ^x^. 




Kit. L •.<» < 

" ' ■ ■ ^, 

,^ '.;•' 



"^*i»i, i^n^H^i 


WL ^' •-'"' ^1 




9 A.M.^% > 


'I .-. 





tJjt-in, -^^t 


Congratulations to the Class of 1994 

and to you, Benjamin Christian, for knowing 

that the easy path is the beaten path. 

But, the beaten path seldom leads to the future. 


Mom, Dad, Laura and James 

People are people through other people. 

Desmond Tutu 




"Give the world the best you have 
and the best will come back to you" 

Congratulations to the entire 

Class of 1994 

the Howland Family 



Dear Andre, 

What a wonderful, fun presence you have 
been in our family. Your wit, humor and 
great smile brighten our day. We are so 
proud of the fine young man you have be- 
come and we look forward to your future! 
Congratulations ! 

i^ ljiI»iMMi imm m 

. .J »' W ii 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Marisa 
RS. Lexi and Cinnamon, too! 



May you always fulfill every dream in your heart, 
May you reach every goal you pursue. 

<:yV{oni ana A^aa 

Wishing the Class of 1994 
Peace • Health • Happiness 

The Curran Family 

John, Linda, Linda Maria, John Thomas 

Theresa Ann & Nora Elena 



fo M The 

The Future Belongs To You. 
Best Wishes, 

%pcfie ^ros, and SudSury Jarms 



Meg and Jess 

We are young wandering 

the face of the earth, 

wondering what our 

dreams might be worth, 

learning that we're only 

immortal for a short time. 


A friend as it 

were, a second 



Busting "friends" on Heritage; full moons on 

summer nights; lovin' Dre; lessons of the 

heart, and of the stomach, worshipping the 

ground at the Indigo Girls; Loc'ed afta dark; 

Why can't I get just one ... bathing suit. The 

prize is always worth the rocky ride; never 

forget the power of two. 

To Bethie and the Class of 1994 

Our love and best wishes for everyone. 
Thanks for the memories. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Erin, Jan & Joe 

Congratulations to 
the Class of 1994 

John & Ann Cloherty 


Congratulations, P.J. 

May the years ahead be filled with all 
the happiness, joy and love you have 
given to us. 
May all your dreams come true. 

Love, Mom and Steve 


.^^'J1"!Sl' • 








P.O. BOX 36 



TEL; 517-254-0707 

FAX; 617-254-0087 





Good Luck 

to the 
Class of 1994 


You've come a long way! 
Keep up the good work. 

We love you! 
Dad, Mom, Tracy, Molly, Carly, Andrew 


"The essence of education 
is not to stuff you with 
facts but to help you to dis- 
cover your uniqueness, to 
teach you how to develop 
it, and then to show you 
how to give it away." 
We're proud of you! 
You've done a great job. 

With Love... 

Your Dad, Mom, 

Samantha, and Dana 


You've provided us with a 
great deal of pleasure and 
pride seeing you grow into 
a wonderful person. May 
God bless all of the parents 
of the Class of 1994 with as 
much joy as you've given 

Mom, Dad, 
Brian, Kevin, Stephen, 
Chris, and Bob 


Keep Smiling! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Scott & "Sam" 



K' *•. 

We all wish you the greatest of 
success to achieve all your goals. 
Thanks for all the love and happiness 
you have given. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Sandy, Chris, and Christina 


Congratulations and 
Best of Luck! 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Heather, Jennifer 

To: Tricia and all the great kids she 
has grown up with. 

Thanks to all of you for all the 
fun we shared over the years. 
"Good Luck in all your future 

Jane Darcy 


Jake, You've given us 
great joy over the 
past seventeen years, 
and we're sure you 
will continue to do so 
for many more. We're 
proud of you and love 

Mom, Dad, Zak 


James B. Woodley, CRS, GRl 



Real Estate 


Wl Hi^h Street. Westwood, MA 02090 
Bus. (617) 320-0550 
Voice mail (61 7 J 446-9867 





WEDDINGS ■ Funerals - All functions 

934 HIGH ST. 

(617) 326-2006 

Good Luck, Ted, and 
the Class of 1994. 
Thanks for so many 
happy memories! 

Jane & Charlie Duffy 

Here's to Ryan, our first born son! 

Watching you grow has been lots of fun. 

We're proud of you, Ryan. We wish you success, 

good friends, good times, and much happiness. 



"Courage and persever- 
ance have a magical 
talisman, before which 
difficulties disappear 
and obstacles vanish into 
air." -John Quincy Adams 

Carmen- We are so proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Nancy & Oliver 

Best Wishes Class of 1994! 



Michael DeLalla 

Learning Express 


Nahatan Place • 104 Lenox St. • Norwood, MA 02062 
Tel: (617)762-2675 ■ Fax: (617)762-1326 

vVES'WOOD. r.lA 02090 

(617) 326-9394 





R»paln Done on Premises. (61 7) 329-7200 

210 Providence Highway • Lamberts Plaza 
Route 1 • Westwood, Massachusetts 02090 


Weslt^woocl Jr 



(617) 326-2618 



(617) 326-0074 


Going to McDonald's* is almost as 
much a part of school as going to class. 
You've made us the place to meet, to 
talk, to have a good time, to celebrate 
your victories and help forget defeats. 

You've made McDonald's more than 
just another place to eat. And that's why, 
at McDonald's, 
we say. . . 




31 Providence Hwy. Norwood 

©1994 McDonald's Corporation 

Class of 1994 


Pollicelli <Si Mullen 


Bill Mullen 

400 Washington Street (RT lA) 
Westwood. MA 02090-1802 
Tel: 617-329-2370 





Finest Chinese Take-Out in West Roxbury 

225 A Grove Street (off WasJiington Street) 
West Roxbuiy, MA 02132 

Tel. (617) 469-4097 or 469^ 109 

Say you saw this ad and with a puchase of $20. 00 
or more receive an item worth up to $5 . 00 FREE ! ! ! 

The Perfect 

925 High Street 

Westwood, MA 02090 

(617) 329-3632 





5 PM-9 PM 



11a.m. -10 p.m. 

11a.m. -11 p.m. 

12 noon -10 p.m. 

(617) 329-3923 or 
(617) 329-3922 

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» 

bagels • bakery • deli • catering 

Mon.-Fri. 7a.m. -6 p.m. 

Sat. 8 a. 771. -5 p.m. 
Sun. 7:30 a.m. -1p.m. 

915 High Street 

Westwood, MA 02090 617»461«0999 


Crafts • Hobbies • Miniatures 

563-569 High St. 
Westwood, MA 02090 

Phone: (617) 326-1305 

Wishing you all a Happy & 
Healthy Future 

PomGlo n. Doyle, RPT 

Physicol Therapist 

Orthopedic • Neurologicoi • Cordio-Pulmonory 


P O Box 991 
Islington. Moss 02090 

6v Appointment 

917 High Street 

Westwood, MA 02090 

Best Wishes 


Mary Anderson 
Tony Anderson 

(617) 329-7414 

Rainbow Fruit 

220 Providence Highway 

Westwood, MA 02090 

(617) 326-5047 


t^ y.*:- 

We Prevent Computer Theft 

Com pu-Locl< 

Richard Sanders 

29 Harwich Circle 
Westwood. MA 02090 

(617] 326-7677 
FAX (6171 326-6534 

LTX Corporation 

LTX Park at University Avenue 
Westwood. MA 02090-2306 









Patterson Insu ranee Agenc^ 


Homeowners • Health • Business • Auto • Life 


190 Washington Street • Westwood 



Good Luck 1994 Graduates 

MIB, Inc. 

160 University Ave. 
Westwood, MA 02090 


82 Wilson Way 
Westwood, MA 02090 
(617) 329-4800 
(800) 348-0024 
(800) 225-4603 

Serving the Medical Community 
for 25 Years 


Hi 1 




Independent Sales Associate 

Tel, (617) 329-4191 Fax (617) 329-6191 
955 High Street, PO Box 248, Westwood, MA 02090 

1 % 


Builders and Developers 

1472 High Street 

Westwood, Massachusetts 02090 

Phillip J. Eramo 
(617)762-6570 President 



259-9484 326-5120 



(617) 524-8300 


[617] 326-9976 



729 HIGH STREET MON-FRl 8:30-5,30 
WESTWOOD, MA 02090 SAT 10:00-4:00 


Westwood Motor jCodge 

JCT RTE 1 & 128 SOUTH EXIT 60-S 




Congratulations Class of 1994 

Auto ♦ Life ♦ Health • Homeowners ♦ Business 

Grich, Vaughn & Yphantes 

Insurance Agency, Inc. 

541 High St. (Rt. 109). Westwood ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ Fashioned, 

But We Still Believe In Service 





Compliments of ~ 

^0k0m ^3[un^ra;I ^txbxce^ ^nc. 

Four Generations of Service to 
Families of All Faitiis 

~ Locations ~ 


617 326 0022 

(617) 326-5717 

New England Golf Corporation 

William J. Harrison 

295 University Avenue 
Westwood, MA 02090 






CLASS 1994 


Mr. and Mrs. Grafton J. Corbett, III 

Paul Toland 

Randy & Michelle Miller 

Frank, Louise and Krissy Tondorf 

Terrence and Joan Earls 

Joseph and Ann Neville 

To the best, best 
friends in the world. 
We've had great times 
and I'll miss you! 
Love, Ellen 
Good Luck!! 



Good Luck, Debbie! 
We're proud of you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

AD ASTRA PER ASPERA. Well done, Elise! 

Much Love, Dad and Mom 

Congratulations, Chris! 
I am very proud of you. 


Congratulations, Jennifer Rose! 
We are so proud of you and wish you happiness and success. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Brian, Linda, Kevin, Michael, Scott and Stephen. 

Congratulations, Bill 

Love, Mom, Dad, Chrissy, Suzy and Katherine 

We'll take good care of Bad Girl!! 
Congratulations and Good Luck. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Jill and Bacchus 

Good Luck Carolyn. 
We're proud of you. 

Love, Dad, Mom, & Katie 

Congratulations, Tina! 
We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad and Phil 

Best Wishes to the Class of *94 

Bob & Carolyn Harrington 

Congratulations, Ian 

Love, Mom, Dad, Nathan, & Andrew 

Best Wishes to Chris and the Class of *94 

Lenore Woodley 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1994 

John, Mary, Jack and Matt LeVangie 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1994 

' Sally & Steve Turk 

Sam, Reach for the Stars! 

Love, Mom, Dad & Kris 






Centre Cleaners 


629 Main Street 

129 Pine Lane 

Walpole MA 02081 

Westwood MA 02090 




Richardson Trident Company 

745 High Street 

35 Harvard Street 

Westwood MA 02090 

Westwood MA 02090 



Dover Interiors 

Security Home Mortgage 



23 Highview Street 

555 High Street 

Westwood MA 02090 

Westwood MA 02090 



Electronic Environments 

Westwood Insurance Agency 


372 University Avenue 
Westwood MA 02090 

555 High Street 

Westwood MA 02090 



Computer Connections 

High St Market 

687 High Street 
Westwood MA 02090 

Rt. 1 Lambert's Rainbow Square 

Westwood MA 02090 




^ J 



Coffee Grinder Resturant 

Plaza Meat Market 

Rainbow Florist 

Century 21-Traylor Real Estate 

Weitzman Design 

Westwood Children's Center Inc. 

Steeves Electric, Inc. 

Bill Morrison Illustration 













^ /^^^^i:^^^^ 



c a y -^